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How Do Wireless Speakers Work

We can bid good riddance to wires with technology’s continuous evolution. You won’t have to worry about pesky wires tangling all over in place with…tadah!! Wireless speakers!

image that shows how wireless speakers workMore and more people are choosing wireless speakers over wired ones nowadays. Why? It’s pretty much easier to carry around because of its Bluetooth connection and compact size. One thing we hate about speakers with wires is the confusion where to plug whatever wire there is.

Even though it’s smaller than the standard speaker systems, it still creates a satisfying audio performance. You can conveniently connect it to audio sources with a Bluetooth connection. Some even have a built-in microphone so you can still accept calls while your smartphone is paired with the speaker.

It’s pretty innovative, but how do wireless speakers work?

Since wireless speakers are equipped with a Bluetooth connection, it’s pretty easy to set it up to transmit music from the audio source wirelessly. Even if you’re not that tech-savvy, you’ll easily find out how to connect them and enjoy music without wires to hold you back.

Bluetooth wireless speakers have a particular wireless operational range wherein the speaker runs perfectly. Wireless speakers may differ, but their pairing with Bluetooth audio sources are relatively the same.

  1. Turn on the wireless speaker.
  2. Some wireless speakers automatically turn on the Bluetooth as it’s powered on. But for wireless speakers with FM radio and other playing modes, you may need to choose the Bluetooth mode with a few presses. Usually, there’ll be a LED that flashes a blue light that indicates the Bluetooth is ready.
  3. Once you’re sure that the Bluetooth is powered on, turn on the Bluetooth connection in your audio source (smartphone, laptop).
  4. Scan for available Bluetooth devices and look up for the wireless speaker’s name.
  5. Choose the wireless speaker’s name. You need to enter a passcode if it’s paired for the first time.
  6. Start streaming music wirelessly.

Since wireless speakers don’t require wires, they come with a rechargeable battery. The battery life depends on the power of the built-in battery. Some offer 10 hours, some 5 hours but just enough to accompany you when you’re traveling, camping and other activities.

Most of the wireless speakers have built-in controls. So you don’t have to constantly get your phone to control the volume, tracks, and other basic functions.

Make sure to buy a wireless speaker that’ll fit your audio needs, so you’ll enjoy music without the disturbance of wires. You can even share it with your friends!