Montana to Install Wireless Speakers

Billings, Montana to Install Wireless Speakers Throughout Downtown

The largest fundraiser of the Billings Depot came up with a new idea to light up the downtown. The Billings Outdoor Lighting…

Powersoft DEVA

Long Beach Convention Upgrades to Wireless Speakers

The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center is more than just a space for events. This 572,387 sq ft is beautifully set in the…

Image of Beats Pill+ speaker and UNDEFEATED BeatsX Earphones

Apple/Undefeated do a Co-Op Wireless Beats Speaker

Beats by Dre teams up with UNDEFEATED to bring a series of products. The fierce vibe of tiger camouflage is the banner design that…

image of Apple Homepod Speaker

Apple to Release Homepod Speaker on February 9

Apple, a household name in the technology area, has recently announced that it’ll be releasing its very own HomePod on February 9, 2018. They’re…

Image of Bose SoundLink Mini and Sonos Play1

Bose SoundLink Mini vs Sonos Play:1

If you’re thinking about buying a whole home audio system this season with the right supreme audio quality, and you don’t mind spending for…

image of Beats By Dre Pill and JBL Flip 4

Beats by Dre Pill vs JBL Flip 4

Wireless speakers available in the market give you a variety of options. You usually choose to buy a speaker that suits your personal preferences….

Image of How Do Wireless Speakers Connect To Receiver

How Do Wireless Speakers Connect To Receiver

Wireless technologies also have enabled audio to be transmitted from an audio source to speakers without cables seamlessly. However, some of us may wonder…


X-Box joins the Wireless Speaker Audio Association

Xbox is a household name, one that can compete with the gaming and entertainment industry. It has developed, housed and partnered with the best…

Wireless Speakers

The History of Wireless Speakers

Table of Contents: Record Players Radios Hi-Fidelity Receivers 8-Track Home Decks Component Stereos Cassette Decks

Turntable Record Player

How To Connect A Turntable Record Player To A Wireless Speaker

Some people like to preserve retro trends. With vinyl records and record players still available on the market, you can have a nostalgic music…