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Buying Wireless Speakers

A wise buyer should always know what to look for in buying a particular thing, especially electronic devices! One of the most sought out gadgets on the market nowadays is wireless speakers. Yes, we love wireless speakers. It’s got to be the most convenient way to listen to your favorite music and share it with your friends.

You can buy a wireless speaker for your home or one that’s ready when you’re out and about.

Wireless speakers come in various sizes, forms, performance, and features. But in this article, we’re giving you five tips that’ll help you buy a wireless speaker that you’ll never regret.

1. Budget

One important tip before buying a wireless speaker is your budget. How much are you willing to spend for a wireless speaker? That’ll lessen down your scope of the vast selection of wireless speakers on the market. Knowing what you can afford keeps you in the budget.

If you want a wireless speaker with features beyond the basic ones, set a realistic budget since it may come pricey.

2. Size, Shape and Construction

Before dwelling on the technical features of a wireless speaker, make sure you know where you’d frequently use it. So, our next tip focuses on your desired size and shape of the wireless. This will depend on where you’ll use it. You should consider where and what’s the purpose of purchasing a wireless speaker. Is it a wireless speaker suitable for home use or portable enough to fit in your pocket? Another great point to make is that converting wired speakers to wireless is quite easy to do. All you need is a wireless adapter kit.

Why do you need to consider it? Wireless speakers differ in size and shape. You can go for the furniture-sized ones or just large pieces if you plan to use it in your living room. Go out for a barbecue at your backyard with the right speaker to use. However, if you want a wireless speaker that you can bring anywhere with you, opt for small wireless speakers. If you want a wireless speaker to carry with you while biking, there are also wireless speakers that are designed for your bicycle handlebars.

Size and shape will be nothing if the speaker’s construction is poor. Feel the outer part if it feels cheap. You can opt for the metal-made speakers if you want it durable. Also, make sure they don’t dance on the platform when you’re playing heavy bass songs.

3. Performance: Sound Quality and Connectivity

Another tip when you buy a wireless speaker is by reviewing and researching about its performance. What’s the purpose of your wireless speaker if it won’t satisfy you with its sound production? That would be useless.

Make sure to check a wireless speaker with a distortion factor not exceeding 5%. Take note of the frequency range to avoid interference from other devices. Devices of excellent quality have a frequency range of 50 and 20,000 Hz.

Sometimes, it’s not enough to know the amplifier’s power and wattage. At certain times, it’s better if you can check the wireless speaker personally so you’ll how it’ll sound on a maximum volume level.

Regarding connectivity, the majority of wireless speakers these days have a Bluetooth connection. This is because most smartphones have Bluetooth connectivity. Most wireless speakers have a standard 33 ft. (10m) range. But if you have a device that supports NFC, you may want to check on a wireless speaker with an added NFC connection. The operational range should be longer with an easy pairing to other devices. Make sure that the connection won’t be disrupted at a near range.

4. Battery Life

A built-in battery power most of the Bluetooth speakers and they differ from their milliamp hour (mAh) that helps determine their battery life. If you want to bring your wireless speaker from one room to the other, you’ll definitely need a speaker that runs on a battery.

If you’re mostly out all the time or travel often, find a speaker that has a longer battery life. Some wireless speakers can power up to 15 hours and more. But if you feel like you’re not out for a long time, you can settle for speakers that have a battery life of up to 8 hours or more. Make sure they’re fast charging as well.

5. Features: Waterproof/IP Rating, Speakerphone, Controls and More

In an innovative world like ours, there’s always a new thing to add in our wireless extras. A tip for those often engaged in outdoor activities. Opt for the one that has water-resistant and other resilient features. So it’ll be safe from harmful objects.

You can choose a wireless speaker with a built-in speakerphone if you don’t mind accepting calls around a crowd while streaming audio.

A wireless speaker should have easy controls, even just the basic ones. So you don’t have to rely on your audio source’s settings. Just push those buttons on the speaker. As much as possible, it’s better if they’re labeled right. An auxiliary port and an FM radio station may come in handy as well!

So, hey, those are our basic tips to guide you to buy the best wireless speaker according to your preference. Good luck on finding the right one for you! Sure there’s got to be one meant for you.


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