About the Brand

The AddOn Technology is a Taiwanese company now but was founded by Professor Hartmut Esslinger in Germany way back in 1991. Since the beginning, the company has strived hard to unite innovative and modern technology with an appealing design. The master behind the brand, Esslinger, once helped Steve Jobs define the original Apple design DNA. So, there’s no need to question about the quality of the AddOn Technology products.

The company offers wireless speakers, MFi accessories, multi-room audio speakers, vacuum tubes hybrid amplifier, and others. They made sure that every product is made of exceptional quality. Through the combination of multi-culture aesthetics with modern technology and smart features, AddOn creates harmony in every product.

The AddOn Technology has won several awards through their remarkable innovations. Their latest awards are way back in 2016. They won the Computex IF awards and Golden PIN awards in Taiwan.

Product Reviews