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Amazon’s newest technology is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) device called Alexa. This versatile AI that works through Amazon Echo speakers is capable of controlling most of your home’s functions with your voice commands.

Like Google Now, and Apple’s Siri, this AI can browse the web, play tracks on Spotify, shop online, get weather reports, create to-do lists, and control other smart-home devices. Alexa’s contextual technology is a giant leap in automation.

Alexa has become one of the trendiest products in the rapidly growing consumer AI market. Many companies are working hard to link their products to this amazing artificial intelligence device.

How We Picked And How We Tested

Choosing speakers that work best with Alexa will never be easy. Simply put, many speakers have great compatibility with Alexa. There are smart devices and smart home devices, and there are also cheap Alexa speakers.

Speakers can have both Alexa and Google Assistant. While Alexa can do pretty much everything, Google Assistant can also assist you with almost anything. Of course, some speakers are compatible with more than one AI assistant.

So what the team did was browse through popular surveys and consumer feedback. A good portable speaker sometimes has both, while there are speakers that only have either Alexa or Google Assistant. So the team checked through the specs, how the AI would play music, how effective the voice assistant is, and the sound quality.

One should never forget to check the sound quality of a portable speaker. Because even when you have the best Alexa speaker, if the sound quality isn’t that superb, you won’t be going anywhere with it.

Know that our team is a group of professionals who do their research well without missing a single detail. So, rest assured that these recommendations–whether it’s a cheap Alexa speaker, a Smart speaker, or one that fits to be part of Smart home devices–are all with good backup research.

Who Is This For

These Alexa devices are best suited for consumers who do almost have not enough time to scroll through their phones to look for a playlist. Alexa can provide so much convenience to its consumers more than we expect.

A smart speaker is a good addition to your smart home devices especially when you’re seeking convenience. Most people prefer to play music while cleaning, cooking, or doing anything else at all. That’s where smart home products come into play. Just connect it to the internet and you’re good to go. Alexa-enabled devices usually have a really good mic that can pick up on your voice wherever you are at home.

Amazon Alexa speakers also have their charm, despite being cheaper than most. The voice assistant still works well, and its Alexa control is quite formidable. An Amazon Alexa speaker will never be pale compared to other smart home devices.

If it’s a portable speaker with room-filling sound and the addition of it being an Alexa speaker, then we have those for you, as well.

What We Recommend

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Our Top Pick: Amazon Tap

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We’ve listed the best wireless speakers that work with alexa below.

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The Best Alexa Compatible Wireless Speakers

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Generation)

The Amazon Echo Show 10’s 3rd Gen is one of the few smart speakers that follow you everywhere. It looks more like an android tablet with a speaker attached to it, but its Alexa works very well. It has a large, responsive touch screen. If security is your concern with Alexa, the Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd Generation has all of that covered.

Although it’s not exactly an ideal sound system for audiophiles, with its sound quality easy to beat, its Alexa works satisfactorily. When you move around, the screen has a sensor and will rotate around the speaker attached to it to reach your direction. When speaking over noise, Alexa still manages to catch your voice. This echo speaker is definitely a catch.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation)

The Amazon Echo Dot’s 4th Generation is, by far, the best Alexa speaker our team of professionals considers to be. Its dimensions, respectively, are 10cm x 10cm x 8.9cm (HWD). So the Amazon Echo Dot is both portable and suitable for choosing Alexa.

The Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation has Zigbee smart hub, Alexa, Bluetooth, and a 3.5mm audio jack that can manually connect. The Echo Dot is one of the portable speakers most would recommend when choosing Alexa.

Amazon Echo (4th Generation)

The Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation and Amazon Echo 4th Generation have similar designs. Both look premium, both round, and have great quality. Both are also smart speakers that are considered the best Alexa speakers.

With its effective microphone and voice pickup, the Amazon Echo manages to bring out the best from its voice assistant. This Echo speaker has a dimension of 14cm x 14cm x 13cm (HWD), definitely a tad bigger than the Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation.

Despite having the best Alexa, the only obvious difference between the two is the price. The Amazon Echo 4th Generation is more affordable than the Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen.

Sonos One

Sonos speakers will always have their place in every list of portable speakers for specific consumers. In this sense, we have the Sonos One, which the team believes to have the most effective Alexa Voice Assistant. Of course, it also has Google Voice Control.

Sonos One’s dimensions are 16.1cm x 11.7cm x 12cm (HWD). The Sonos One can connect through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, promising seamless pairing with little to no latency. Other Sonos speakers also have almost identical features, but the Sonos One is the best pick for Alexa.

Sonos One, with its app, can pair with multiple devices simultaneously. So now Alexa has two devices to choose from for your playlists and other things.

Audio Pro Addon C5A

The Audio Pro Addon C5A is considered a class-leading portable Bluetooth speaker with Amazon’s Alexa support. Most likely an Alexa device.

For music lovers, Audio Pro Addon C5A just might do the trick for their audio content. Its physical design looks more retro than the other speakers. Still, it feels just as premium with a voice assistant that works pretty well.

Its dimensions measure 13cm x 25cm x 15cm. Audio Pro Addon C5A’s Bluetooth Connectivity is 4.0, has Ethernet, 3.5mm output with a 40W digital class D power. This smart speaker only weighs about 2.5kg, so moving it around won’t be too taxing for anyone at home.

Features to Consider

When choosing one of the best Alexa speakers, we have a few features that we would consider doing so.


A smart speaker should have good battery life. This applies especially to Alexa speakers. An Alexa speaker with good battery life is equivalent to its consumer happy and satisfied. It’s always a good thing to be able to continue with your chores or work without worrying whether your speaker can make it through or not.


A smart speaker should function well so Alexa can do what it does best effectively. A Smart speaker must have a good microphone, as well. Since we’re using voice assistants here, a good microphone that can pick up your voice almost from every corner of your house is necessary. Although there’s no specific best Alexa speaker, the ones we have listed below are above average.


These innovative products can seem quite overwhelming to some people. It can be hard to easily know which devices work with Alexa. We can see updates on Amazon’s website, but the difficult interface can be confusing sometimes.

Fortunately, it doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to take advantage of this technology at home.

Like many online technologies, there are many models of portable speakers that work with Alexa. Of course, Amazon loves Amazon products, so the best answer is Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo works along with Alexa and has many uses, from controlling other devices to playing music.

Because Amazon wanted to bring Alexa to as many people as possible, Amazon allowed third parties to develop uses and apps for Alexa.

A question that many consumers will have is how do you link your Echo device to a Bluetooth speaker? First, you have to install the Alexa app that has all the controls and set up for the Echo DOT. The Alexa app is compatible with a smart speaker or two.

The Alexa app is available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you’ve finished downloading the app you can go through a quick setup of the Echo DOT. The first step is to connect your WiFi. With the use of the Alexa App, a Bluetooth speaker can quickly be linked and ready for use.

You can pair all of them with the Amazon Echo dot that has Alexa integration.


Having a smart speaker at home can make everything easier, especially for those who prefer the indoors. The best Alexa speakers are already up there for you to browse through on Amazon. The prices of these Alexa-enabled speakers range from $70 to $400.

An Alexa device would make your audiophile life easier than manually maneuvering your playlist. Some Alexa-enabled speakers have great Alexa skills and voice control. Some of them can pair using Bluetooth; others can pair using Wi-Fi. Some have both pairings embedded in their systems.

Streaming your favorite music won’t be too much of a hassle anymore. Some speakers have motion sensors, Amazon Music, and others can set timers. As long as you feel connected with the speaker you’re looking at, that might be your Alexa device.

On top of that, Alexa speakers can also help you with your privacy concerns, as it is a voice assistant that waits for your command. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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