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Are you looking for a wireless speaker that’ll give you good sound quality and incredible features? You should consider trying out Amazon’s Alexa Echo Wireless Speaker!

What is Amazon’s Alexa?

The name ‘Alexa’ was coined from the ancient library of Alexandria in Egypt.

It’s Amazon’s voice-activated assistant that allows you to speak your commands and see them fulfilled in an instant.

Alexa can translate your voice commands so she can play music, turn the lights on, order items on Amazon, and order food in fancy restaurants.

Thanks to Echo’s incredible speakers, Alexa can respond to voice requests from any place inside its hearing distance. You don’t even have to worry because there are no activation buttons to press. It’s very convenient and excellent for you if you’re into smart home devices.

Just say the trigger words like ‘Alexa,’ ‘Echo,’ ‘Amazon,’ or ‘Computer.’ Then voice out your commands to the speaker. It’ll immediately respond to your request as long as everything is set, and you’re using the correct commands.

How Alexa Works

If you deliver a command, you don’t have to say it twice because part of Alexa’s fantastic feature is its seven very sensitive microphones built into the Echo speaker. Alexa is always listening and gives response quickly.

The default word is ‘Alexa, ’ but it can still be changed to ‘Echo,’ ‘Amazon,’ or ‘Computer.’ Your command should always start with these words followed by your request. The speaker may not respond to your requests if the magic words aren’t said first.

If you wish to know the weather for the day, Alexa will automatically answer with the latest weather update of your location. Voice out your favorite music and Alexa will search the Amazon Music Catalog for the music that you requested. But, only those that have an account in Amazon Prime can access to Prime Music. You can also make a ‘to-do list’ using Amazon’s Alexa. This speaker is a convenience for smart-home users out there.

You can only voice out your commands one at a time. Saying “Alexa, turn the lights off and play Perfect by One Direction,” will just confuse the voice assistant and may not carry out the command.

There are also some concerns about the speaker that may need improvements. Alexa may have problems executing your commands because of background noise and overly loud music. The noise cancellation technology may also need an improvement.


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