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The war between home speakers is at hand. Google just released their home speakers. Introducing, the Google Home Mini, a fair competition with Amazon’s Echo Dot. What’s with these two home speakers? Let’s make a comparison of two of the best home speakers on the market today. For us to judge the right way, we’ll look into these categories to be able to understand which is the better home speaker.

  • Main Features
  • Other Cool Features
  • Price

Amazon Echo Dot

1. Main Features

Amazon’s Echo Dot is as small as a hockey puck. You can stream with all major streaming sites like YouTube and Spotify Premium.

The Amazon Echo Dot isn’t only a Bluetooth speaker. It also contains a 3.5 mm audio output jack that enables users to connect to any speaker. Then, the Echo Dot converts the paired speaker into an Alexa-enabled device. Much more like a casting device but more intelligent. The Echo Dot has long range, far-field voice capability. It means that if you’re in the kitchen, the Echo Dot can hear as long as you’re in the line-of-sight, or if you speak a bit louder. A drawback for this speaker is that its audio quality is quite muffled.

The Echo Dot, like its big brother, is also a hands-free activated device. No need to go and turn the device on because it has a wake word like “Alexa,” “Echo” or “Amazon.” This feature gives you an Tony Stark feeling there.

2. Other Cool Features

Well, aside from having a cool assistant like Alexa, you can also order your favorite pizza through Alexa. Wait there’s more! You can monitor your health through Fitbit, and grab an Uber car.

3. Price.

You can grab your own Amazon Echo Dot for only $50.

Google Home Mini

Image of Google Home Mini


1. Main Features

Like the Echo Dot, the Home Mini is as small as a hockey puck and has a unique fabric-covered aesthetic. This smart speaker has touch controls on the top panel for volume, and a switch that mutes the microphone. The Home Mini, is a device supported with Bluetooth. You can connect any gadgets and control the speaker with your voice.

2. Other Cool features

You can connect other Google gadgets with the Home Mini. Play music directly from Google Play or stream with Spotify Premium and other streaming networks. Since the Home Mini is a product of Google, its very own Google Assistant can navigate your way through the device. Expect intelligent answers and maybe cheesy jokes in the end.

3. Price

You can have the Google Home Mini for only $50.

The verdict on who’s the best?

Both the Home Mini and the Echo Dot are good when it comes to its prices. However, judging on the categories stated, the Google Home Mini has an advantage over the Echo Dot. Not only that the Home Mini is practical, portable and intelligent, the smart speaker actually helps you in tons of ways since it’s tied to Google’s database. The Home Mini provides flexibility which what we all need.

Think we made the right verdict? Let us know what you think.


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