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Anker Wireless Speakers Reviews

About the Brand

Anker is owned by Hunan Haoyi E-Commerce Co., Ltd., a Chinese technology company. It was founded by Steven Yang, a former Software Engineer at Google. Their headquarters is based at Shenzhen, China. But they directly sell their products to Western countries through online shops like Amazon Marketplace. The company’s name was taken from the German word ‘anker’ which means anchor.

Anker is committed to providing high-quality accessories at a reasonable price. They want to offer what a real mobile power is. Since the day it started, it has been one of the leading brands in producing mobile accessories that take you into a limitless journey. The brand aims to create the world where there’s no reason to hold you back from doing what you love to do.

Anker’s products range from quality power banks, audio and charging cables. They also produce protective cases, wireless speakers, headphones and other accessories. They’re all made with the passion for bringing out the best to your mobile devices.

Enjoy the freedom of life’s adventures with Anker.

Product Reviews

Anker Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Table of Contents: Features Highlights Product Comparison Today most of our devices such as computers, laptops, and smartphones have found various uses for people. The technology that was designed to make job easier have gradually entered the entertainment sector. There’s much music, audio, game, and video devices available for amusement and education. The design of […]

Anker Classic Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Review

Table of Contents: Design Sound Quality Transmission Battery Highlights Product Comparison Design The Anker Classic Portable is a 3-inch cube speaker that comes in white, blue and black colors. It may be in a little package, but it’s overflowing with amazing features and performance. You can see the speaker grill on the top panel. The […]

Anker SoundCore Mini Speaker Review

Table of Contents: Design Sound Quality Transmission Highlights Product Comparison Most wireless speakers are good because they’re packed with features. Some speakers offer functions and features that you can play with. Some will give you a spectacular audio quality that you will find desirable. Some will shock you with an unbelievable low price. Check Today’s […]

Anker SoundCore Speaker Review

Table of Contents: Design Sound Quality Transmission Battery Highlights Product Comparison When we think of quality speakers, expensive speakers will most likely be the first ones that come to mind. What most people forget though is that quality doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d need to shell out more money. The Anker SoundCore speaker can prove […]

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