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Image of Beats Pill+ speaker and UNDEFEATED BeatsX Earphones

Beats by Dre teams up with UNDEFEATED to bring a series of products. The fierce vibe of tiger camouflage is the banner design that comes in shades of green, black, and white.

The collaboration of the two top teams includes a new set of a new Beats Pill+ speaker and UNDEFEATED BeatsX Earphones. Both of the products can be purchased in a unique colorway from the Apple online store.

‘Stay Undefeated’

The story behind UNDEFEATED is a part of the wider history of camouflage.Multi-levels of music, fashion, culture, and counterculture are transcended by this design. Across genres and generations, camo proves itself to belong in style.

It’s considered as a badge of honor by UNDEFEATED. This ‘badge’ is worn by people whose lives are according to their terms.

Beats’ Pill+ Speaker comes with the camouflage design for its speaker mesh. The model has a black middle section which allows the user to control it. This button features the well-known UNDEFEATED branding. The product comes with an olive green carrying case. This case isn’t usually included with a Beats Pill+ speaker.

For the third collaboration of UNDEFEATED and Beats by Dre, the first Beats Pill is also born. The product comes with a custom styled grill along with the first-ever customized BeatsX.

This limited edition collection gives out premium acoustics with the attitude and style of a streetwear’s convincing brand.

Apple’s Beats brand usually collaborates with celebrities, designers, and other companies to create special edition products. Apple has collaborated with Third Man, LINE FRIENDS, Balmain, Alexander Wang, MCM, and many more famous brands. The team-ups resulted in plausible products that the Apple fans had been enjoying.


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