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We consider the Audio Pro A36 a stylish addition to your household appliances. The Audio Pro A36 consists of wireless system speakers with a main speaker and subwoofers. Although this may not give off the kind of perfection everyone expects, the speaker and its subwoofers will look flawless to the right consumers meant for it. Considering that, you’ll have to expect that the price won’t be as budget-friendly as other speakers as this one is top-tier with just the right features and good sound quality.

Watching movies and streaming songs won’t be the same with these speakers as they bring out the best in the audio. Let’s check the Audio Pro A36 piece by piece and whether the speakers will be your ideal home stereo.

Audio Pro A36: DESIGN and FEATURES

The Audio Pro A36 has a compact and decorative cabinet with multiple controls with endless possibilities. An app is also available, allowing access to the speakers’ EQ settings for you to customize to your liking. You also have many connectivity options with these speakers.

The Audio Pro A36 are floor standers measuring 832mm x 190 mm x 210mm (HWD). The speakers have black and white finishes available, as well. Its design made to stand makes it easier to find a spot for the speakers without worrying if they’ll fall off the wall mount. With the speakers just standing still while blasting music, it’s sure to give off a much better vibe than the typical soundbars in the market. Both of the speakers have textile dome tweeters measuring 25mm. There’s also a pair of 114mm bass drivers just beneath the dome tweeters. Their frequency response ranges from 35Hz to 25kHz. To connect both speakers, you must locate the speaker-cable binding post on the rear panel.

The best of it all is the app Audio Pro Control, where you have limitless access and endless options to improve your viewing and listening experience. You can link your Spotify to said app for your playlist and create a multi-room system. You can select your source, adjust the treble response, and even set the alarm. If we put Audio Pro Control and Sonos app side by side, you can spot the huge difference between the two, with the Sonos app leaving Audio Pro Control app in the dust. But the Audio Pro Control App still does the job.

You can also opt for the remote control that comes with purchasing the Audio Pro A36 speakers. While you can use voice commands with Amazon Alexa, the same options and rules are available when using the remote control. In addition, there’s the app Audio Pro Control. The Audio Pro A36 gives multiple choices for consumers to use and toggle with.


The Audio Pro A36 gives an energetic presentation that is forceful and overwhelming, especially at a high volume. Still, the communicative range of the speakers is impressive, and there’s little to no audio delay when streaming movies. Instead of the speakers working alone, you can connect them to the TV to get a better audio result. The Audio Pro A36 floor standing speakers are quite formidable during our observation, especially when playing some music. While the speakers give really good audio and crystal-clear dialogues during movies, music hits differently with the speakers.

The speakers control the maximum frequency a little bit too well that it’s almost overwhelming. It has a good balance and still observes proper distribution of its equalizer regardless of the volume. It is best to keep in mind not to back the speakers up against a wall or squeeze them in a corner. There’s a high chance of the audio sounding weird and unnatural when against the wall. The sound frequency will bounce off against the walls and then back to the speaker, which results in muffled audio.

You can easily adjust the EQ settings through the Audio Pro Control app, so there’s no need to worry about whether something is too much or not.

Audio Pro A36: PRICE and VERDICT

The Audio Pro A36 costs $900 on Amazon and is available in two colors: black and white. It’s ideal for people who prefer minimalist designs to purchase the Audio Pro A36, as not only do they keep the place neat from wires, they’re also easy to install at home. They’re sleek, standing tall and firm, and with great sound quality. The Audio Pro A36 isn’t as expensive as other brands with almost the same features and sound quality. If it’s something that’s a bang for the buck, plus pleasant to look at, Audio Pro A36 might be the one for you.


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