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One of the coziest places at home is the backyard. Putting wireless speakers in your backyard is pretty much the best way to enjoy music that you love. Some say that music adds color to your life, so whenever you can incorporate music into your outdoor time it’s always fun and more colorful! It’s also an excellent way to share your favorite music with family and friends.

There are several brands of the best outdoor speakers for the patio. However, we’ve rounded up some of the best outdoor speakers that can sit still in your backyard.

These outdoor speakers excel in audio performance and battery life.

We also checked their outdoor Bluetooth range and other cool features (e.g., waterproof). We’ve also taken into consideration their sizes and designs. Enjoy the random list!

What We Recommend

We decided that the best value product for a BRAVEN BRV-HD.
In case, this choice is no longer in stock, or you want something slightly different, we consider the FUGOO Tough the next best choice.


We’ve listed the best wireless speaker models for the backyard below.


BRAVEN BRV-HD Wireless Bluetooth Speaker [28 Hour Playtime][Water Resistant] Built-in 8800 mAh Power Bank Charger - Black

You can hold any outdoor activities and invite some good old friends to chill with you with Braven’s BRV-HD. With two stereo drivers, you and your friends will enjoy your music picks without a doubt. Opting for hip-hop or R&B songs, this speaker has two passive radiators to give you a booming yet not overpowering bass. It has excellent 28-hour battery life.

You can chill the entire day in your backyard. Pair your devices wirelessly with its Bluetooth connection, or you can plug the 3.5mm cable into its input.

It also has a built-in microphone with a noise-canceling feature for hands-free calls.

With its IPX3 weather proof rating, aircraft-grade aluminum grill, and shockproof interior, this outdoor Bluetooth speaker can withstand the outdoor environment any time of the year.

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2. FUGOO Tough

FUGOO Tough 2.0 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof Outdoor / Indoor Use 360 Degree Sound - Wireless Stereo Pairing, Rich Loud Sound & Deep Bass, Speakerphone, for Home, Camping, Tailgate, Travel

The FUGOO Tough is made to be tougher than the word itself. Don’t mistake its small size for a limited sound because despite its size it delivers big sound. You can host barbecue parties in your backyard or carry them around in other outdoor activities. The design helps spread out the music. It has speakers on all four sides. The separate woofers, passive radiators, and tweeters produce well-proportioned music details with not so overpowering bass. It has a speakerphone for clear hands-free calls. You can also activate Google Now and Siri by holding down the small center button.

If you want to have a long-lasting wireless speaker, then the FUGOO Tough is for you. In an average volume (about 50%), it can last up to 40 hours. It also has a promising durable build. The IPX67 rating shows that this speaker is shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof. In fact, you can conveniently submerge up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. Pair it up with your Bluetooth-enabled devices or use it wired with a 3.5mm stereo cable.

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3. Monster BTW249

Monster BTW249 40W High Performance Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers, Expandable up to 8 Speakers, Water Resistant, and Wall Mountable (Two Speakers Included)

The Monster BTW249 is a wireless speaker perfect for indoors and outdoors. Powered with 40-watt speakers, it’ll give you an explosive music experience. They have filled the outdoor Bluetooth speakers with two 3-inch full-range drivers. You and your friends can enjoy fresh music from every angle with its 360 degrees great sound design. It’s expandable up to 8 speakers via E-Z Play technology. With Bluetooth, NFC, and E-Z Play technologies, you can stream your music free from any Bluetooth-enabled device. In open areas, you can enjoy a 100ft connectivity range between each speaker.

Designed to withstand any weather, the Monster BTW249 is water and moisture resistant but not to be submerged for a longer time. If you want, you can mount them on the wall.

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4. Braven BRV-XXL

BRAVEN BRV-XXL Large Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker [Waterproof][Outdoor] Built-In 15,600mAh Power Bank USB Charger - Black / Titanium

The Braven BRV-XXL is a large wireless speaker that delivers big and loud audio quality. I bet you have to apologize to your neighbors after the backyard gathering. Armed with quadruple HD audio drivers and a powerful subwoofer, the bass can shake the ground. You can personally customize the audio since it has an EQ setting with bass and treble controls. Have a continuous 14-hour playtime with its 15,600mAh battery. It can also serve as a power source for your phones.

Rain or shine, the Braven BRV-XXL is sure to play through. It’s designed to be shock, dust, and sand resistant. The IPX5 waterproof rating resists any sprinkle of water or moisture. You can freely host your parties with this speaker since it has a built-in microphone jack.

Pair your Bluetooth devices with its 33ft-ranged Bluetooth technology. Have a non-Bluetooth device? It has a 3.5mm input where you can plug 3.5mm jack stereo cables from the instrument to the speaker.

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5. Brookstone Big Blue Party Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re thinking of setting up any party in your backyard, the Brookstone Big Blue Party Bluetooth Speaker might be your perfect partner. Its four dynamic angled speaker drivers in different perspectives produce 360 degrees crisp outdoor sound. The subwoofer and passive radiator help create a thundering bass response so that you can enjoy your party music. It’s top-mounted with controls for volume and bass/treble.

The rechargeable battery lasts for 4.5 to 5 hours on a single full charge. Instant wireless pairing is available through Bluetooth and NFC technology. You can connect Bluetooth devices up to 33 feet maximum distance. Connect non-Bluetooth devices through the 3.5mm input and 3.5mm cable. Don’t worry if it gets accidentally spilled with drinks. It’s designed to be water-resistant. The speaker is available in gray and light gray colors.

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6. ION Audio Tailgater Express

Ion Audio Tailgater Express 20W Water-Proof Bluetooth Compact Speaker IPA70 (Black) - (Renewed)

With a four-star rating and a best-seller tag on Amazon, this wireless speaker might be one of the best in the market. For only under $100 price, it’ll be a great addition to your outdoor chilling sessions. Its great sound quality comes from its robust sub-woofer and wide-spreading dome tweeter. You can conveniently stream your music through Bluetooth and NFC connection. There’s a provided 1/8-inch (3.5mm) aux input for non-Bluetooth devices. You can also opt to enjoy music from your local radio stations since it has a built-in AM/FM radio. There’s also a microphone input in case there’s a need to MC or announce anything.

The IPX4 rating ensures that this portable Bluetooth speaker is safe even when sprinkled with water. Enjoy continuous 30 hours of playback time. In case your battery drains, there’s a USB port in the speaker where you can charge it. Boasting 30+ hours of battery life, you’ll surely love non-stop backyard chilling anytime you want.

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7. AR Hatteras Northern Lights Bluetooth Speaker

The Acoustic Research Hatteras Northern Lights is an indoor/outdoor speaker perfect for chill-out times. It delivers authentic stereo sound in a 2-foot tall tower system. The integrated passive radiator and sub-woofer offer a stronger and clearer bass response.

With the Bluetooth connection, you can seamlessly play music from your phone or tablet. The AUX input is for a wired connection between the audio source and the speaker.

If you’re having a party or you enjoy lights, it has six modes of 360-degrees LED light. Choose from Breathe, Pulse, Solid Color, Party, Race, or Dance light modes. It’s weather-resistant and has an included cover to provide extra protection.

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8. ION Audio Rock Speaker (Pair)

ION Audio Sound Stone Wireless Water-Resistant Outdoor Patio Rock Speaker (Single)

This rocking portable Bluetooth speaker can surely rock your backyard. This rock-inspired speaker can effortlessly blend with your garden’s surroundings. It contains a wide-spreading driver that produces digital balanced sound, and its 20-watt amplifier delivers clear audio quality. Enjoy some wireless music time no matter what you’re doing by pairing your audio source and the speaker through Bluetooth. The Bluetooth range is up to 50 feet. It’s a compact speaker that can give a great sound quality with its booming bass. You can even carry it anywhere without worry since they powered these portable Bluetooth speakers with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 48 hours.

The IPX level 4 guarantees it to be waterproof and moisture-proof, making it safer outdoors. With all these features for a portable speaker, it can e your next best outdoor rock-solid pick for a speaker.

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9. Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

SEYOO Headphone for Men,Sky-Blue,210 x 60 x 60 mm / 8.3 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches

The Anker Premium Bluetooth speaker can help you enjoy music outdoors with its astounding stereo sound. They achieved the booming bass with the MaxxBass Technology and dual subwoofers. You can stream your records wirelessly with its Bluetooth 4.0 with up to 33 feet maximum distance. This compact-sized portable Bluetooth speaker lasts up to 8 hours of playback time, but it depends on your volume level and tracks playing. It’s easier to carry around your patio or inside your house since it has a compact size.

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10. ION Audio Keystone (Pair)

ION Audio Insta Rechargeable Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speakers ISP90

If you’re looking for a portable speaker that doesn’t take much of your electricity, the ION Audio Keystone is the one for you. Aside from delivering an incredible audio quality that’ll rock your backyard, it also has an embedded solar panel. When the battery runs out, you can choose to charge it by AC (takes 8 hours) or by the solar panel (takes 120 hours). Bluetooth connectivity is available for wireless streaming.

You can let it stand in your backyard or mount it on a wall. Don’t worry about splashes of water or rain while outdoors, it has an IPX4 waterproof rating.

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Feel free to check more about the listed products’ full specifications. It can help you choose the best wireless speaker for your backyard sessions.

Best Outdoor Backyard Wireless Speakers Buying Guide

Picking a speaker for your backyard is all about knowing what you want. In this review, we’ve included speakers that passed the tests conducted by our expert team. Read on to find out more:

How We Picked

Sound quality is our top consideration. It’s given, and that’s why we chose portable speakers built with the most advanced technology in this area. We know that wireless playtime could make the sound less appealing, and these devices aim to differ.

Durability is our next item on the list to consider. Since we’re talking about backyard playtime, we wanted models that can brave against dust and water. Looking into their IP rating was the key among all others.

Power was also a key feature we duly noted. Having a nonstop backyard party is the goal while your friends and family bask under the sun. That’s why we picked models that can offer up to 20 hours of continuous playback.

How We Tested

To pick the best outdoor speakers, our expert team experienced an ample amount of speakers themselves. We also gathered reliable, professional reviews from well-known publications.

Customer reviews were also part of our process when validating the product’s boasted features. We are consistent in putting honesty in every rate we give to every product on this page.

Who this is for

Suppose you love hosting backyard parties with your family and friends; this one is for you. Having a powerful set of backyard speakers can make the gathering more upbeat and exciting.

For those who love breathing in safe outdoor beauty while relaxing in the backyard, this can also be for you. Soft background music to match your mode can elevate a normal day to a refreshing experience.

Features to Consider

360 degree sound

Since you’re playing audio in an open space, it pays to have a speaker that offers better sound dispersion.

Internal power bank

Being able to charge external devices like tablets is also helpful if you’re playing nonstop music from them. Your phone or tablets can use a power-up when you least expect them.

Shock-absorbent exterior

You can’t know where your portable speaker could be tossed, given all the partying. Having a strongly built speaker with an exterior that matches its audio power is necessary.

Common Questions about the Best Outdoor Speakers

How many watts do I need for my outdoor speaker?

The wattage depends on the power output of your amplifier or receiver. Usually, outdoor speaker wattage tends to range from 60 to 300 watts.

How do I connect my portable outdoor wireless smart speaker to my TV?

You can connect your Bluetooth outdoor speakers to your TV through a Bluetooth Transmitter. You might be able to use a 3.5 mm headphone jack or other options depending on your speaker.

What is the best Bluetooth speaker for the outdoors?

Our expert team found BRAVEN BRV-HD as the best Bluetooth speaker for the backyard/outdoors after thorough research and testing. It checks all the boxes and offers more.

Helpful Tips in Caring for Outdoor Speakers

Best Outdoor Speakers Buying Guide Summary

Looking for the best portable set of outdoor Bluetooth speakers comes easy when you know what you’re looking for. This list narrows down those that offer the best outdoor sound.

BRAVEN BRV-HD wins this category. It sounds great, offers superb Bluetooth range and quality, and comes at an affordable price.

You might have been wondering why you didn’t find Polk Audio Atrium here. While it’s undoubtedly the best in the market for backyard use, these models only offer wired audio listening.

If you’re interested in finding more Bluetooth speakers for various use and price range, feel free to come back anytime.

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