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It’s that time of the year again! We want to shed our winter clothes, remove our heavy boots and run to the beach! We also want to bring our favorite music with us while we soak up the rays of the sun.

There are plenty of portable speakers to choose from in the market that is easy to carry around with you wherever you go. However, not all Bluetooth speakers are made from durable materials and the protective coating necessary to stop waves, rain, or paddles from messing with the fun you have. Wireless speakers for beach parties are tricky to find.

So rather than put your devices at risk, choose from our list of the best waterproof speakers that can stand pretty much whatever you throw at them. All the choices here in our guide of the best wireless speakers for the beach come with IPX7 waterproof ratings.

We can solve the dilemma of listening to music without worrying about damaging your wireless speaker. So try to read about one of the following products below. We’re sure our in depth reviews will give you all the help you need.

How We Picked and Tested

Our expert team at made sure you get the best deals for your specific wireless speakers for beach needs. The process included reading reviews from other tech publications, sifting through countless consumer reviews, and consulting with industry experts.

During this process, we observed the following testing criteria:

  • Design and durability
  • Sound quality
  • Battery performance
  • Ease of use and available features

The design of a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is important because you’re likely going to use it on the go, as well as share its sound with family and friends. After thorough testing by our professionals, we carefully compared, picked, and came up with a comprehensive list of the best Bluetooth speakers for the beach that you can find in the market.

Finding the best waterproof speaker is a huge necessity, especially for settings like beaches and pools. Having a waterproof speaker around with you whether you’re alone or with a group at the beach will always add fun to it.

The battery life is just as important because, as we all know, parties and alone time can go on for hours and hours. A BlueTooth speaker with a good battery life whether indoors or outdoors will always be an advantage.

Who Is This For

Today’s go-anywhere speakers are ideal companions, not just for the beach but also in the park, patio, pool, or even in the lake. Bluetooth speakers are a huge hit right now because they pair with our portable devices and make it easier for us to listen to our favorite music wherever we go. Perfect for our outdoor activity and getaway with friends. The important thing to remember here is that your wireless speakers should be waterproof and dirt-proof, with great price deals, and, of course, can withstand abuse.

A portable Bluetooth speaker has become part of each household’s necessity with the convenience it offers. It’s portable and has good battery life. Aside from that, having a waterproof bluetooth speaker opens doors for outdoor parties that involve the beach, pools, and waterfalls. A waterproof bluetooth speaker will always be a good companion to have.

What We Recommend

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Our Top Pick: UE ROLL 2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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We narrowed down the list of our top 5 best Bluetooth speakers for the beach.

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Best Wireless Speakers For The Beach

1. UE ROLL 2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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The Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 is louder than its previous model. It’s more open and dynamic. The sound quality is also more reliable and detailed. It doesn’t overdo the bass to make up for how small it is—well organized for a compact wireless speaker. There’s a touch of maturity with this wireless speaker, but it has the same fun quality as the previous Ultimate Ears Roll Bluetooth speaker. The instruments sound distinct from each other.

The Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 has a design that gives it most of its appeal. The large volume buttons are easy to see and use. You can find the power button at the back of the wireless speaker and the function for Bluetooth pairing. You can connect the Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 Bluetooth speaker to your phone and press play on your phone. They’ve hidden the 3.5mm socket under the waterproof flap. The color choices make it very attractive and stylish.

Inside the box, you can find a very handy bungee cord. The battery life can last up to 9 hours between charge at average volumes and 8 hours on higher volumes. Waterproof—IPX7 rated: UE ROLL 2 can be immersed in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

It’s the most beach-friendly wireless speaker that you can find. The shape makes it very convenient, and the size is perfect. It’s also really light, just 330 grams. They have built it so you can use it outdoors and for getting wet. You won’t worry about damaging it since it’s sturdy. It’s waterproof. You can dunk it under the water for almost an hour, and it would still work. Everything on this wireless speaker is big, bold 360 sound made to survive your time at the beach.

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2. JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Speaker

The JBL Charge 3 is a waterproof speaker that is big in size and has great sound. This speaker can crank up your music experience and will fill up your room with its sound. You can experience how good the sound is coming from it within a 20 feet radius. It has powerful bass and is one of the most powerful sounds that you can hear from a portable wireless speaker. The bass will work best if you put the wireless speaker on a flat surface. Keeping it in a horizontal orientation will make the bass work best too.

This JBL Charge Bluetooth speaker can handle every genre very well. And even if you play it at full volume, you should hear very little distortion. You’ll surely be impressed with its sound quality. You might be slightly disappointed with its high frequencies. The sharps are not as detailed as some other models. Maybe they’ve cropped the tops to make them waterproof.

We can see that the JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Speaker is a large wireless speaker with 20-hours battery life. There’s no hiding the fact of how big it is. The measurement of this wireless speaker is 21.3 cm by 8.7 cm by 8.85 cm. It also weighs almost a kilo, so they’re not as portable as some models.

The size has a great advantage. It gives this model a very long battery life. You can use the speaker continuously with its big battery life of 20 hours straight! And it’s waterproof, too. You can submerge it in water for 30 minutes, and it’ll still play fine. You can dunk it into a pool, and it’ll survive. Combining a long battery life and being a waterproof Bluetooth speaker makes this a great wireless speaker for beach use. There are also tech tutorials for this if you’re still skeptical about its waterproof rating.

Whether it’s a beach or a pool party, the JBL Charge 3’s great sound quality will only enhance great music to add to the fun. JBL definitely did its best in manufacturing this speaker model.

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3. FUGOO Sports Waterproof Speaker

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We sometimes hear in advertising words like – “This is a Loud Speaker!”. But do they always deliver? These ads make us skeptical about products. And FUGOO Sports Waterproof Speaker makes a great speaker outdoor. It can produce powerful sound from all angles, provided by two passive radiators installed on the front and back.

The FUGOO Sports Waterproof Speaker may not be the loudest Bluetooth speaker out there, but if you upgrade its firmware to the latest update, you would be able to enjoy it in full mode. You can turn on the resonant mode by holding the Power button and Action at the same time. Do this when the speaker is not connected. You can instantly enjoy the rise in the volume and authority in the sound quality even though the normal mode is already satisfactory.

The FUGOO Sports Waterproof Speaker has a sleek design. And best of all, the sound comes out from all 360 degrees! It weighs more than a half kilo. It’s durable but doesn’t look like an eyesore. It’s also slim. Plus, it’s waterproof and cloaked by a waterproof cloth with rubber trim. You can bring your FUGOO Sports Waterproof Speaker to the beach and not worry about sand and dirt getting inside of it. The FUGOO speaker is great outdoors, especially in beaches.

The FUGOO Sports Waterproof Speaker can also work as an outdoor speakerphone, and your calls will sound clear. Both your voice and the other party will hear the sound clearly without any latency. This Bluetooth speaker supports continuous play for up to 10 hours with a built-in rechargeable battery life and true 360-degree sound. Charge with the included Micro-USB cable.

They’ve installed an omnidirectional microphone that comes with echo cancellation and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that reduces wind and background noise. How good is this combination? A wireless speaker and a speakerphone in one? The FUGOO Sports Waterproof portable speaker could be your outdoor perfect wireless speaker for hitting the beach.

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4. SHARKK ²O Waterproof Speaker

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The SHARKK ²O Waterproof Speaker is an unbelievably powerful and upbeat wireless speaker. It’s a wireless speaker that has a high-quality sounding stereo that comes with a heavy punch. It has a built-in and rechargeable 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery that can last up to 10 hours on a full charge. It automatically turns itself off after you leave it idle for 10 minutes. The automatically turn-off feature can help you preserve your battery life, and you’d be able to use it for a longer period.

The SHARKK ²O Waterproof Speaker has the most extended range for Bluetooth connectivity on the market: up to 60 feet and 4400mAh Battery life. This wireless speaker is also waterproof and dustproof. You can even use it as an MP3 player because it comes with a built-in Micro SD card slot. You can take it to the pool, the jacuzzi, and of course, the beach while leaving your phone on the shore. They’ve also installed a built-in microphone so you can use voice prompts to allow hands-free calling.

They’ve designed it to be super lightweight and compact, giving you an excellent portable music experience and extended playtime for 12 hours of consecutive time on a single charge. No wonder it made its way to this list as one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The company also includes a carrying bag with a Velcro strap to carry it anywhere.

What makes it excellent for the beach is the thick rubber door that protects your ports: USB port, AUX port, and Micro SD slot.

The SHARKK ²O Waterproof Speaker is your perfect pool, jacuzzi, and beach companion Bluetooth speaker! The sound won’t be a concern with the Sharkk Waterproof speaker.

5. JBL Clip 2 Portable Waterproof Speaker

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The JBL Clip 2 Bluetooth speaker is a small wireless speaker that you can clip on quickly, and it’s good for the beach. What a powerful combination, right? You can have both of these features in the JBL Clip 2 Portable Waterproof Speaker. It’s a huge upgrade from the previous version. The lows in the sound are a little too much, the mids have a huge push, and the highs can be faint. But overall, the music is good, better than you would expect.

The JBL Clip 2 Portable Waterproof Speaker measures 5.5 x 3.7 x 1.7 inches. It measures an inch bigger than the first JBL Clip. It’s also heavier, growing from 5.3 ounces to 6.5 ounces, with 8 hours of battery life. Though it’s a little larger than the older model, it’s still a small device and packed with many features.

You can find the volume buttons on the left side and the control they marked with a phone icon. You can use the phone icon to answer calls. You can also use it to pause, play your tracks, and push it twice to skip tracks.

They’ve made the integrated carabiner more flexible than the older model. They’ve made it a regular carabiner, making it easy to adjust and move. It also makes it easier when your hands are wet. It comes in very handy when you’re in and out of the water all day!

It also lasts up to 10 hours, which allows you to play it for a long time. You can listen to the JBL Clip 2 Portable Waterproof Speaker while driving to the beach and on the beach. And if you want to hear it solo while getting a tan, they’ve threaded the headphone jack along the outside. This Bluetooth speaker is your ultra- beach companion.

As always, JBL produces such good sound, which is definitely part of its notable mentions. The speaker’s bass response is good, whether low or high volume. Its IP rating is sufficiently decent, as well. Water-resistant and considered one of the best speakers suitable for beach parties.

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What’s the difference between waterproof and water-resistant speakers?

When hunting down a portable Bluetooth speaker for outdoors or beaches, consider looking for its IP rating. Let’s see how water resistance is categorized. You’ll see that IP marks, followed by two numbers – IP67 rating is most common. Consider this as your great option for waterproofing and one of the options for the best outdoor speakers your money can buy.

Waterproof is better as it carries an IPx67 rating, which can withstand around half-hour duration in the water. While Water-Resistant means it could survive a splash of water, it’s not the kind of thing you’d want to throw in the beach or pool.

It’s not just waterproofing or water-resistant that we are looking for in picking out for this list. We also consider the factors such as sound quality, price, and features of the speakers. All of which helped establish a set of criteria that we could measure. Dust and water resistance usually go hand in hand with protecting the wireless speaker.

What are the Pros and Cons of Waterproof Speakers?

So, what are the benefits of a waterproof speaker? Besides the obvious advantage of not having to worry about water damage, they’re generally durable and often shock-resistant, too. You should do your best to avoid dropping any electronics as parts are subject to loosening at any moment. Manufacturers want to ensure customer loyalty and product longevity, so waterproof speakers are usually tougher than your average speaker.

Another clear advantage is portability. Again, the speakers intended to move around with you. Sure, there are sturdy options out there for those of you who prefer sound quality over portability, but most are small enough to easily toss in a bag on your way out of the house. Worst case, you can always clip the speaker or throw it into your pack’s water bottle holster.

In the case of waterproof speakers, that sacrifice is sound quality. Drivers need to protect themselves from water and dust to varying degrees, which means they don’t sound as clear as their non-waterproof competitors. There are plenty of speakers that sound great, considering they’re waterproof, but few can match comparably priced speakers designed for sound.

Another big con when it comes to waterproof speakers is the cost. Though it isn’t always the case, waterproof speakers will be a bit more costly because of the added feature. That said, if you’re looking for a waterproof speaker, the price of durability is easy to justify.

And as previously stated, dust and water resistance features are a one-package deal. It makes the speaker generally durable with the existence of dust and water resistance technology.


Suppose you’re spending time at the beach or pool, wireless speakers with a water-resistant design keep working even when stray splashes and raindrops hit them. Choose from any of these best wireless speakers for the beach. Pack up a bag with your seaside must-haves, then kick back with a beachy playlist with no worries about damage caused by water.

You can also treat our list as a waterproof speaker list since all of the speakers listed have dust and water resistance. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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