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Over the years, audio technology becomes advanced, not only for the prices for portable speakers but also for improving the product quality. But regardless of the cost, we’re still pleased with the sound quality that comes with the change.

Wireless speakers are always handy. You can take them out on the beach, for camping, or just put them in your house. In the market today, there are far too many wireless speakers manufactured by different companies.

With this fact, it would not be easy to choose which wireless Bluetooth speakers would suit best for you as there are different types of Bluetooth speakers that are out on the market today.

In this article, it’ll solely focus on the best cup holder wireless speakers. So, we picked the best ones for you to try out.

What We Recommend

We decided that the best value product for a Scosche BoomBottle.
In case, this choice is no longer in stock, or you want something slightly different, we consider the Treblab HD55 the next best choice.

Our Top Pick: Scosche BoomBottle

We’ve listed below the best cup holder wireless speakers, a great companion for your cell phone.

How We Picked and Tested

WirelessSpeakers.com aims to help consumers find the best deals with great product reviews for their best cup holder Bluetooth speakers.

Sound Quality

Sound quality shouldn’t fade just because you pick the wrong side of the speakers. A speaker should be flexible on how you’ll listen. Even when played with high volumes, the sound quality should be competitive. That’s why our list offers powerful sound quality.


No matter how great the sound quality, the Bluetooth connection should be good. Connectivity should maintain even in the longest yard as possible. Our lists make a great choice.

Battery Life

Aside from sound quality and Bluetooth connection, the battery should last long. Our lists provide good battery usage, that’s why it’s a great choice for outdoor.

After thorough testing by our professionals, we always make sure to remain a top priority for our information. We make sure to test the speakers to their limit. Since every speaker has a unique ability and preferences, it’s best to see how well Bluetooth speakers are.

Who Is This For

Wireless speakers for cupholders are perfect for people who want to have a party speaker in their cup holder waiting for them. Whether you’re hanging out with friends at home, beach, park, and mountain, it is convenient and portable to bring with you. Never miss the fun it could get by just conveniently placing it in your car’s cup holder!

Best Cup Holder Bluetooth Speaker

1. iCreation SpeeCup Bluetooth Speaker


The iCreation SpeeCup, unlike any other wireless speaker, is designed to fit your cup holder. The good thing is that this wireless speaker allows you to be entirely mobile with its gesture controls. You can control your music and answer phone calls with just a wave of your hand. This wireless speaker also gives you access to Siri and S voice commands on paired phones. Sound quality is also good for a single speaker.

Overall, quality sound features and performance will amaze you.

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2. Scosche BoomBottle Bluetooth Speaker

SCOSCHE BTMSC1 BoomBottle Rugged Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Integrated MagicMount for Mobile and Music Devices, Black


Without losing the portability of your phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth devices.A cylindrical speaker design for cyclists, why not? The Scosche BoomBottle design allows it to fit in cup and bottle holders in cars, bikes, backpacks, coolers, and more. When it comes to controls, multi-function buttons are easily accessible and primarily act as pause/play. You may also double-press to play the next track and triple-press to play the previous. The volume buttons are also easy to find by feel while keeping your eyes on the road and are easy to operate even in winter gloves. Also, it is perfect for a wireless solution with Bluetooth compatible device.

You can use this perfect Bluetooth speaker for action-packed adventures that awaits you.

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3. Treblab HD55 Bluetooth Speaker

TREBLAB HD55 - Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker - Impeccable 360° HD Surround Sound & Best Bass, Great For Office, Travel & Beach Parties, Waterproof IPX4, Loud 24W Stereo, Portable Wireless Blue Tooth w/ Mic


The Treblab HD55 is one of the most innovative wireless speakers in the market despite being the first one ever created by Treblab. Aside from having a built-in 24W dual-driver stereo, the speaker also emits a 360 degree sound. The sounds coming out from the speaker has clear highs and a deep bass that surrounds you. Plus, the Treblab HD55 has easy access buttons that you can smoothly operate, and even a 5-year-old could do too. Another good thing is that the speaker fits in most cup holders, a party and work together. You can play anything with this buddy!

The main qualities to know why TREBLAB HD55 Portable Wireless Speaker can be one of your choices

So, whatever you were looking for, a portable Bluetooth speaker, you found TREBLAB HD55.

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4. Tronsmart Element T6 Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, Tronsmart T6 Plus Outdoor Speakers with 40W Stereo Sound, True Wireless Stereo Pairing, Tri-Bass Effects, 15H Playtime, IPX6 Waterproof, Micro SD/TF Card, Built-in Mic


Tronsmart Element T6 is a price value wireless speaker that you must not miss. It may also look basic but don’t let that fool you. The Element T6 features a powerful sound despite its size producing big and great-sounding music. This wireless speaker is built-in with bass, even without the use of an equalizer. With its round shape and dual sound driver, it can easily fill the room with music.

Another thing to admire about this wireless speaker is its buttons and how it can easily pair with your phone. Plus, you can bring it anywhere you’d like to go. Whether you’re going to the beach or going camping, the Tronsmart Element T6 is your ideal partner.

Choose Tronsmart Element T6 Bluetooth Speaker and let the music never stop.

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5. House of Marley: Chant Sport

House of Marley No Bounds Sport: Waterproof Speaker with Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity, 12 Hours of Indoor/Outdoor Playtime, and Sustainable Materials, Black


Hats off to House of Marley Chant Sport for being low key awesome when it comes to playing great music. The design for their new wireless speaker: Chant Sport, is not particularly eye-catching to the user, nor does it have a super impressive bass. What Chant Sport offers is a pure solid value and more than just face value which makes it the best buy. Play anything in this cupholder speaker and you’re in for good music time.

The Chant Sport is quite loud despite its size. It has a water-resistant design and a built-in speakerphone—the speaker design to float. The audio also gives out a crisp, clear sound. It also gives out a solid amount of richness in the low-mids. Although, the Chant Sport can’t deliver a bombastic bass as you’ve expected. You have to spend more on that. But this wireless speaker gives you the right amount of balance in sound.

As always, the House of Marley never fails to build a product that could consider our natural world.

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6. iHOME iDM9GC Portable Cupholder Bluetooth Speaker

Cupholder Bluetooth Speaker


Are you a big fan of golf or road trips? Then the iHOME iDM9GC is the best wireless speaker for you. The iDM9GC fits perfectly in a standard cup holder. This rechargeable mono speaker with Bluetooth and speakerphone capability looks and sounds great anywhere.

The speaker also provides excellent sound suitable for your music, games, or apps. The iHome has a built-in mic, ATI SoundClear, and clear voice echo cancellation features built into its system. It also has an answer and end controls. It can even easily fill up the space of your car.

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Q: Will it play from a USB Flash Memory?

None of the speakers mentioned above lets you play on a USB drive. In this case, you can only use devices that have Bluetooth or AUX to play audio from them. But you may be in luck in finding products that allow you to play music from a USB Flash Memory.

Q: What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor settings?

The difference between the two is that indoor had better sounding bass to perform, while outdoor focus more on projecting the music outward, so there is less bass to perform.

Q: How can we protect our speakers from the splash of water or rain?

Most of our list in this article is designed to handle water exposure. Those speakers who are lower on IPX rating use weatherproof bags or covers to keep moisture out.

Q: Can we accept phone calls from the list of speakers we have?

You can answer and talk on the phone; you can do that by TREBLAB HD55 speaker. Touch the home button of the speaker when someone’s calling and touch again to hang up.

Extra key features to look for in speakers:

Shockproof Body

It is one of the features to consider in a speaker for damage protection. This feature will be perfect for any activities without worrying about any damages when falling on the ground.

Built-in mic

Some of our lists have a built-in mic, which is perfect for hands-free calling.

Dual Stereo Pairing

For this feature, Scosche BoomBottle Speaker can do the pairing. With an immersive experience, you can create true stereo sound and stream music from up to 30ft apart.

Price Point

Anyone on any budget can find cup holder speakers suitable within the price range of what they can spend.

Our Verdict

So those were 6 of the best options you can check if you’re looking for a cup holder wireless speakers that you need to try out. Remember that no one should come between you and your music. So don’t wait a little longer. Try out one of these speakers and have an amazing audio experience.

We hope our brief information about buying cup holder wireless speakers can help you select the suitable model for your needs.

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