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It’s no news how smart speakers get better over the years. There’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri. With all these artificial intelligence and all the leading models of smart speakers, there’s no doubt why you landed on this article. Choosing the best wireless smart speakers isn’t an easy-peasy task.

You can play music with smart speakers. Talking to them is also one of the highlights. Among all the top-rated choices, you might be asking yourself what’s the best among them. That’s why we’re here, laying down the best smart speakers based on various criteria.

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Our Top Pick: Sonos One (Gen 2)

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We’ve listed the best wireless smart speakers below.

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This 2nd-generation version of Amazon Echo Dot has an improved listening experience. It’s smaller and more attractive model can be yours at a more competitive price.

Have your model and choose among the texture variants for its outer skin. If all you want is a smart wireless speaker that gives you all, you just found it.



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If you’re placing your bets on the smart speaker with the best value, you can’t go wrong with choosing the Amazon Echo Dot. What does it mean if it’s with the ‘best value?’ It means that you get a supreme performing smart speaker at a reasonable price.

No worries about having a better sounding audio performance. The Amazon Echo Dot goes with Bluetooth and a 3.5mm jack. You have the freedom to connect it with a bigger speaker.

Place the Amazon Echo Dot in places where you’d most likely have Alexa. May it be the kitchen or the living room. Your choice.



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Are you aiming for the supreme sounding smart speaker? It must be the Sonos One that you’re missing.

If you’re familiar with the supremacy of the Play: One in audio performance, this is its smart speaker version. Imagine the bounds Sonos One exceeds.

Like many other Sonos devices, you can link more Sonos devices for a whole new home audio experience. Add more bucks, and you get to enjoy your Sonos One with Spotify!


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4. JBL LINK 20

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Portability is also a big factor in voting for the best smart speakers. This battery-powered smart speaker reaches beyond the limits of wired smart speakers.

If you want to speak with the JBL Link 20 while you’re in the basement, backyard or even the attic (who knows where), you can. Have the assistance that you need wherever you’re in your home. Don’t worry about the sprinklers accidentally wetting your JBL Link 20. It’s water-resistant. Swimming in the water for 30 minutes is safe.


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The moment Google Home entered the arena of smart speakers, its design took the market by storm.

This smart speaker has been bluntly compared to a ‘vase’ or ‘air freshener.’ It may be a frank comparison, but this might have been where the strength in design comes in.

The simple yet classy design of the Google Home lets it fit anywhere you want it to be. Put it on your tabletop, and it won’t clutter the space around it. It easily blends as its color is neutral.

The Google Home also transcends the physical greatness as it performs better than the Echo when it comes to the audio quality. It also comes cheaper than the Echo. You may also control over Chromecast-enabled devices like the TVs. Its strong competitor, Alexa can’t do it.



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Apple’s ace player on this competition of smart speakers also performs well with its audio quality. All thanks to its beamforming technology, this smart speaker does well in adjusting its audio according to the space it’s in.

Siri doesn’t do well compared to its ever smart competitors, Google Assistant and Alexa, but it sure deserves a spot on this list.


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  • Speakers: One 40mm driver
  • Ports: MicroUSB (power)
  • Connections: 802.11ac (2.4/5GHz) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Size: 3.9 (diameter) x 1.7 inches

When it comes to going head to head with smart speakers, Google Home Mini is still in the running for performing well. It’s direct counterpart, the Echo Dot, is the underdog when it comes to superior audio performance.

Take note that the Google Home Mini isn’t built for feeding your audiophile goals. Don’t worry because you may still achieve a better audio experience once you connect this model to Chromecast devices. Enjoy your favorite mix through your TV or bigger speakers with the liberty of speaking to your Google Home Mini.


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Make big way for the grandiose of Google Home Max. Expect impressive sound quality once you use it to play your type of mix. Fill your big living room with the supreme sounding smart speaker.

One Google Home Max may perform as good as two Sonos Ones when playing music. Place your bets well.


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Good news for those who own an Echo Dot. This smart speaker can work well as a great sounding portable speaker once you slip the Dot into the Vaux. How does it work? The Vaux has a battery that can power the Dot for approximately 6 hours. Enjoy loud and crisp treble with the duo’s audio performance.


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Fabriq also has a good reputation when it comes producing good smart speakers. You may choose from a variety of colorful skins. When it comes to its audio performance, good bass for such a small speaker is plausible.

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The game of wireless smart speakers can be tricky. The audio quality, the design, the price and the kind of AI are all important aspects to consider.

If you need a smart speaker that can accompany you on your outdoor agenda, consider the more portable options.

The key to choosing the best brand and model is to know where and how you’ll be using it. Smart speakers are designed to make some tasks easier for you to do. Choose among best wireless smart speakers listed above and see for yourself. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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