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Wireless speakers don’t need any further introduction about their amazing high-tech features. They dominate today’s audio accessories and proves how the world needs no cord at all to enjoy music. These type of gadget deserves no less than the best compartments for better protection. It’s why we’re introducing the best wireless speaker bags in the market today. Choose among these bags made with scratch free materials for your all-important wireless speakers.

What We Recommend

We decided that the best value product for a Gator Cases GPA-TOTE15 Heavy-Duty Speaker Tote Bag for Compact 15.
In case, this choice is no longer in stock, or you want something slightly different, we consider the JBL Bags EON615-CVR Deluxe Padded Cover for EON615 the next best choice.

Our Top Pick: Gator Cases GPA-TOTE15 Heavy-Duty Speaker Tote Bag for Compact 15

We’ve listed the best wireless speaker bags below.

1. Gator Cases GPA-TOTE15 Heavy-Duty Speaker Tote Bag for Compact 15″ Cabinets

Gator Cases Heavy-Duty Speaker Tote Bag for Compact 15' Speaker Cabinets; Fits QSC K15, Yamaha DXR15 and more (GPA-TOTE15) , Black

Are you looking for a lightweight speaker tote bag? This bag is designed to fit the hottest 15″ speaker cabinets. Speakers like QSC K15, iQ15, and Yamaha DXR15 can snuggle in this design. It is made of rugged water resistant polyester construction. The interior has pads and soft lining that’s built to offer a delicate cushion to your speakers.

This bag supports easy loading and unloading with the help of its heavy-duty dual zipper design. It opens the entire top, giving you the liberty to lift your speaker with ease.

More of its qualities in the list below:

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2. JBL Bags EON615-CVR Deluxe Padded Cover for EON615

JBL Bags Deluxe Padded Nylon Speaker Cover with Handle Access Points Fits EON615 (EON615-CVR)

If you’re a fan of loudspeaker like EON615, this one is for you. JBL offers you the ultimate protection for your speaker. It’s made of durable 600-D Nylon to keep out dust and dirt from getting to your speakers. There’s extra padding that helps prevent dents and dings as you transport your appliance around. Its interior also has pads. 5 mm thick foam also coats bag throughout to add a protective layer for your speaker. Easy repositioning of the speaker is also possible with handle access points without having to remove the cover.

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3. QSC K12TOTE K-Series Tote Speaker Bags and Covers

QSC K12TOTE K-Series Tote Speaker Bags and Covers

QSC K- series fans can avail the high-quality bag specially made for QSC K Series K8, K10, and K12 speakers. These bags have soft pads plus weather-resistant features for optimum protection for your appliance. This bag is made of heavy-duty nylon or Cordura material. It’s designed for dependable speaker protection at its finest.

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4. Case Skin Cover for Bose Soundlink Mini I and Mini II Bluetooth Speaker Red

Hard Case Fits for Bose SoundLink Mini/Mini 2 Bluetooth Speaker with Soft Silicone Cover Mesh Pocket for Accessories, Black

This bag has TPU cover that fits your Bose Soundlink Mini (1 or 2) correctly. It can protect the aluminum body of the speaker from wear and scratches. This cover has openings on the top and sides for easy access on the buttons and connections of the high-tech speaker. It also comes with a mesh pocket for easy docking/charging and storage of your charger.

Another amazing feature of this bag is the wrist strap. It offers extra carrying comfort and security as you transfer your speaker from one place to another. More features of this bag in the list below:

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5. PU Carry Travel Protective Speaker Cover Case Pouch Bag For JBL Charge 3 Charge3 Extra Space for Plug & Cables (Orange)

Carry Travel Protective Pouch Bag Cover Case for JBL Charge 3 Charge3 Extra Space for Plug & Cables (with Belt)

JBL speakers have another bag correctly made for them. This bag features a comfortable rubberized handle that lets you carry your JBL Charge 3 easily. Y The dimensions of this bag is 11.05″ x 4.33″ x 4.33″ inch. It’s compact design lets you enjoy your tunes anywhere, on the go.

Impacts or splashes are also away from your JBL Charge3 because this hard case can protect it ultimately. The case is shockproof and semi-waterproof. Its durability proves how it’s a perfect pair for your speakers.

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6. Gator Cases GPA-715 Rolling Speaker Bag for 15″ Loudspeakers

Gator Cases Rolling Speaker Bag for Standard Format 15' Loudspeakers with Retractable Pull Handle (GPA-715)

Gator offers this bag that can fit Mackie Thump TH-15A. It can also fit 15″ loudspeakers and protect them with its superior quality materials. An easy hold of this speaker is possible with its dual zipper design. The bottom of the bag has structured foam to cradle your speakers with ease. The plus side of this bag is the rugged pull-out handles and wheels that add extra comfortability as you transport your speakers.

More of its features below:

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7. JBL Bags EON-ONE-PRO-TRANSPORTER Rolling Transport Case

JBL Bags Lightweight Rolling Transport Bag for EON ONE PA System with Swivel Casters and Integrated Pull Strap; (EON-ONE-TRANSPORTER) , Black

This bag offers superior protection for your favorite JBL EON-ONE-PRO Speaker System. You can carry your wireless speakers easily with the rolling transport of this bag. The integrated caster board lets you roll in and out of your events quickly and efficiently. It also makes set up easy.

Its cover is made of nylon with thick protective padding for good cushion system. Soft tricot interior also adds care to your speakers as you travel from place to another. There are a durable hook and loop to get you going while you transfer your speaker. Pockets are also there for secure storage of your cables, mics and more.

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8. Odyssey BRLSPKLHW Series Speaker Trolley Bag

Odyssey BRLSPKLHW Series Speaker Trolley Bag with Pullout Handle and Wheels, Red

This trolly bag fits lots of large size 15″ molded speakers. It has a top buckle for easy handling as you transport your speakers. The plus factor of this bag is its pull out handle and wheels. Convenient transport of your wireless speakers is at hand with this bag.

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9. Citronic Generic 15″ Padded Speaker Transit Bags

Padded Transit Bag for 10' Speaker Cabinet

This bag fits speakers with 15″ molded speakers. It has velcro-attached flaps for easy handling as you transport your speakers. Its durable quality lets your speaker free from bumps with the padded fabric inside of this bag. The good news is that you can use your speakers without pulling them out of this bag. Keep the music playing without compromising the protection your speakers deserve.

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Your wireless speakers give your party the hype and vibe like the best in town. Compromising the safety of this appliance should not be on the list. Have one of the best wireless speaker bags. Carry your speakers like a pro with only the most trusted bags in the business.

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