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Watching movies is always best for Apple TV users when it is FHD, and the audio is clear with heavy bass. Having a movie marathon would make you forget the time when you not only have snacks but the best amplifiers, too. Even better when it is wireless!

Wireless Speakers are convenient and easy to install, and affordable. They’re always the best option if you’re the type who doesn’t want to see too many wires attached to your television and want it simple. So listed below are the Best Wireless Speakers for Apple TV to help you narrow down your choices. Get the best experience with movies by purchasing the best speakers to amplify them. 


How we tested it

Experts in agreed it would be best to test out popular speakers compatible with the Apple TV. Starting with a survey, the majority of Apple TV users asked what would be the best speakers that are durable and convenient. One that they didn’t have to worry about the wires getting gnawed at by their pets or tangled cables. Hence, the search for Wireless Speakers compatible with Apple TV. 

The team searched high and low for the best of the best for Apple TV users. Suffice to say, the team was able to pick at least five that we believe are worth a shot.


Who is this for

These wireless speakers are for those looking for the best sound quality that is compatible with their Apple TV. And even for those who want the speakers’ function to be all-around. 


5 Best Wireless Speakers for Apple TV

Sonos Beam

If you want to utilize your space with your Apple TV mounted on the wall but have great surround sound quality, then Sonos Beam is what you need. Sonos Beam is a soundbar that you can easily find on Amazon. With the dimensions 25.6 x 2.7 x 3.9 inches, it’s sure to fit well right under the television without taking up too much space. The soundbar weighs 6.35 pounds, so installing it won’t be a problem. Despite its appearance, the volume can get loud and solid with a good bass enough to fill an entire room. Compact but loud. 

Aside from that, another feature that you’ll find appealing is its easy control feature. Commonly, speakers have their buttons embedded on them and a designated remote to match them. With Sonos Beam, you can program it to recognize your voice and commands. Now you won’t have to get up looking for the remote or manually control the soundbar. 


Bose Solo 5 TV

Highly recommended for television use, Bose SoundBar Solo 5 TV comes with a universal remote and consists of a single soundbar. The dimensions for the soundbar are 2.6H x 21.6W x 3.4D, so there’s no need to worry about the space it will consume. If you want it mounted on your wall, that is also possible. The soundbar is also easy to use as it only weighs 3.37lbs, so carrying it around won’t be such a big problem. The remote control is just as convenient, fitting well in the palm of our hands without slipping off. 

Bose Solo 5 TV needs 2 AA batteries for it to function and has an optical audio input. The bass level is also adjustable, as seen on the remote. So if you want to enjoy louder music that would vibrate through your walls down to the floor, Bose Solo 5 TV can do that for you. It can give you a theater-like experience. You just might not want to go to the theaters anymore. 


August MS515 – Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

If you want one that’s portable with a convenient size, August MS515 measures 4.21 x 2.91 x 2.72 inches and weighs 1.15 pounds. With v5.0 Bluetooth, pairing it with any of your devices, especially your Apple TV, won’t take too much effort. Despite the small and compact size usually seen on desktop setups, the sound it produces is easily on par with the soundbars of its generation. The speakers have a total of 6 hours battery life and a standby time of 30 days. If the speakers run out of battery, the 3.5mm audio cable that comes with it allows it to connect to an audio jack of the device. With this, you can continue watching your movies without worries.

August MS515 has a sleek and wonderful design in the shape of a triangle, making it easier to hold both speakers if you wish to reposition it somewhere else or carry it with you. The speakers are conveniently placed on both sides of the Apple TV or beneath if the television is mounted. 


Samsung HW-R450

Yes, it is a Samsung brand but hear us out. Samsung HW-R450 is a soundbar that comes with a subwoofer for better viewing and listening experience. Not only does it give you a full theater experience, but the speakers will also amplify all aspects of sound and make it as crisp and clear as possible. These are a great choice, especially for pairing with televisions. 

If you are a gamer and tend to use your Apple TV, the speakers have a “Game Mode” that boosts the audio effects. This way, you get a better experience in gaming and immerse yourself in the world that it creates. 

Another convenient feature for everyone is the “Smart Sound Mode,” wherein the speakers automatically match the sound setting to give you a better sound quality depending on the content it has analyzed. 

One bonus that comes with the package is the free Alphasonik Earbuds. You not only get a soundbar with a subwoofer but earbuds for your phone, too.


Vizio SB3821 – C6

Just like the Samsung HW-R450, Vizio SB3821-C6 is a soundbar that comes with a subwoofer and its very own remote. With a matching v5.0 Bluetooth connectivity, installing it is a walk in the park. It delivers clear audio quality with a Dolby Digital surround sound for a better viewing experience. The sound from the speakers can fill an entire room up to the roof. Going to the theaters wouldn’t seem to be the best option anymore.

Vizio SB3821-C6 needs 2 AAA batteries in the package for longer life. Even though it has a subwoofer, the soundbar can easily fit itself on the table or be mounted however you please. With a slim and sleek design plus a clear sound with a small percentage of distortion, Vizio is sure to provide you with a better viewing and music experience.



Apple is a brand that many like with its durability and sleek design. Apple’s products have always looked classy and clean, whether it’s a phone, a pad, or a television. And we all want to match that with accessories that would bring out the best in these devices. Here are common questions related to finding the right wireless speakers for an Apple TV. 


Are Wireless Speakers for Apple TV expensive?

That depends on the brand and the quality you need. You can find many on Amazon that would fit your needs for one.


Should I get an Apple brand for Apple TV? 

It is not exactly mandatory to do so. Apple TV also has a Bluetooth function that allows it to pair with other Bluetooth devices. You can opt for other brands, especially when you want to save money. 



Having a television isn’t nearly enough for movie enthusiasts or gamers. Speakers are necessary to amplify the sound and bring out the best audio quality, whether it’s a music video or a movie. We want to enjoy watching it with our family or even friends, and I’m sure you do, too. We just hope that we were able to help you with your choices. 



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