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The best solutions can sometimes be the easiest ones to make. When it comes to finding an affordable wireless speaker, you can find good ones without paying a high price.

If you’re looking for the best wireless speakers under $20, then read on to find out more:

Lenrue A2 Bluetooth Speaker

Lenrue A2 comes with an SD card slot and charging dock. Made with metallic material with an overall dense and durable build, this wireless speaker stands out in this price range. With its shiny, eye-catching finish, you’ll love bringing this around mini gathering by the beach or camp.

This speaker is surrounded by a rubber ring and has five buttons. With it, you can adjust its volume, switch it on, and receive calls. You can also know the button response control of the speaker through its LED lights.

Its sound quality doesn’t come near to premium expensive wireless speakers. But it offers decent music, and it can connect to several Bluetooth and wired devices. It can last up to 6 hours at its medium volume as it delivers quality inbuilt bass.

HUSSAR Bluetooth Speaker

The Hussar Bluetooth speaker has two drivers and subwoofers, which make it produce a loud quality sound. It comes with a portable anti-vibration stylish build and a 16watt power output. Since it has loud output, you can use this for outdoor and indoor activities.

Also, the Hussar Bluetooth speaker is dust and waterproof with an IPX-5 rate. You can operate this device using the panel of buttons on top of it. It comes with the latest V4.2 Bluetooth technology. Aside from wireless devices, you can also connect wired devices through the designated AUX port.

This wireless speaker’s main advantage under $20 is that it can last up to 12 hours. You can manipulate the bass level output without distorting the sound quality. You can also use this speaker as a microphone during phone calls.

ZoeeTree S1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

With a sleek design with unique curves, the ZoeTree S1 is also a great affordable wireless speaker. On top of it are the operating buttons for a call, mode, forward, and power. They are simplified, which makes them easy to use.

At the speaker’s back are several inputs such as an AUX input, SD card, and the charging port. It also has a USB port and a power switch.

For wireless connectivity, use the Bluetooth mode to connect your Android, Windows, or iPhone. If you’re a fan of radio listening, then tune in to the FM mode. With its 10 hours of battery life, you can enjoy deep bass and loud sound as you wish.

SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

SHAVA 7 is another portable wireless speaker with a stylish look. It features an SD card port, Aux input for wired devices, and Bluetooth connection. It’s an easy speaker to connect several devices with. The Bluetooth feature allows 33ft range with an instant response.

The speaker comes with an inbuilt microphone and has good sound quality. You can attend to your phone calls with it too. It’s rechargeable, and it can keep on running while the charger is connected.

Among all its qualities, the SHAVA 7 Bluetooth speaker stands out with its multi-use capability. You can use this speaker as a table lamp stand and as a speaker itself. You can tap the speaker mesh to adjust the level of its brightness. It has 5 LED color themes that flash with the beat.

Asyoren Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

The ASYOREN speaker is a small and portable speaker with a metal mesh top covering. Its control panel is at the bottom, and it’s covered with a rubber ring for protection.

It’s water-resistant with an IPX-5 rating. You can fill a medium room with good sound quality with this one. The bass isn’t as distorted at long range. You can play with it via Bluetooth, the TF card, or AUX.

You can enjoy 10 hours of battery life when you play it at ¾ full of its maximum volume. When it’s not in use, it switches off automatically. It’s best for both indoor and outdoor use and offers excellent value for only $20.


Picking among the best wireless speakers under $20 listed above can be an easy choice. After all, they all fall under the same price point, which is affordable enough. If you want the best sounding option, then the Lenrue A2 Bluetooth Speaker. But if you want one that offers the most extended battery life, then the HUSSAR Bluetooth Speaker is for you.

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