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Portable speakers are always a fun addition to your household equipment—especially when you’re one to celebrate occasions or vibe with some music playing in the background. Companies have been manufacturing speakers—each a clear upgrade from their predecessors. We’ll introduce to you in this article speakers that you can bring along. No, we’re not talking about the typical portable speakers that you either sling across your body or carry around in your hand. We’re talking about speakers that have wheels that people can most likely mistake as a trolley bag. Some of these speakers have handles that stretch up enough so you can drag the speaker around like a trolley.
While such a kind of speaker isn’t exactly commonly known, speakers with rolling wheels are very popular in some countries, especially among people who love to share their music as they stroll along the streets.

Who this is for

These wireless speakers with rolling wheels are for those music enthusiasts who want to take their music on a whole different level. If you love to go to beaches or gatherings with your friends and you like bringing portable speakers that’ll contribute to the night’s ambiance, then these speakers are for you. Or, if you prefer staying at home blasting good music but prefer to move your speaker around without exerting too much effort, a speaker with rolling wheels will fit the bill. No need to worry because we promise that these speakers we’ll recommend to you have good sound quality.
Some of these speakers have a microphone attached to them, so you can sing anytime you like in front of a crowd!

How we picked and how we tested

The experts here at are meticulous people. We test each product that has high remarks and positive feedback. Every nook and cranny of these wireless speakers need checking to see if they’re true to their advertisements. With that said, please see the list below for the following wireless speakers with rolling wheels.

Five Top Portable Speakers with Wheels

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus

The Ion Audio Block Rocker Plus is quite big. But that’s okay because it has a handle you can click and pull up to make it easier for you to pull along. The speaker also has a microphone that you can see is attached to the side with the wire long enough for you to carry the mic and sing as you drag the speaker. The Block Rocker Plus costs $139.99 on Amazon and is currently available in only one color—black.
The woofer measures 8 inches with a 100 watts peak power. The speaker packs a battery life of 50 hours, depending on how you use it. One of its fun features is the USB port you’ll find on the side of the speaker, where you can easily charge any of your devices while the speaker blasts music for you. If you cannot use Bluetooth to connect to the speaker, that’s not a problem because Block Rocker Plus has a 3.5mm audio jack. The speakers also have an FM radio.


The QFX PBX-61081BT is available in three colors: blue, red, and silver. The QFX’s price ranges from $84.99 to $94.99. The price solely depends on the color of the speaker. Like the ION Audio Block Rocker Plus, the QFX measures 8 inches, and although it doesn’t have a mic, you can accept calls through the speaker. The only downside to this, and probably the reason for its deliberately low price, is that the battery can only last for 5 to 6 hours. The battery life is quite a disappointment, especially with the size of the speaker. It’s not exactly for outdoors or traveling due to its battery’s relatively short life. The speaker is more of a house appliance that you can set in your room or the living room.
QFX PBX-61081BT features a remote control, making it easier to toggle with your pause/play, rewind/next, and on/off buttons. Aside from its Bluetooth feature, you can also connect any device through the speaker’s 3.5mm audio jack or use an SD Card with music to play songs.

ION Audio Raptor

The ION Audio Raptor has a retro design. It’s cubic, and its controls are present on the top front of the speaker. Volume controls are on each side with a knob design. You can also see the speaker’s battery life through the small LED screen at the center of all these controls. There are also options for pause/play, next/rewind, and the power button. Like the previous speakers above, the Audio Raptor allows you to play songs from devices without using Bluetooth through its 3.5mm audio jack.
What’s more, the speaker can last up to 75 hours. There’s no need to worry about taking the speaker to the pool because the Audio Raptor has a water resistance level of IPX4. Splashes of water are okay if you don’t submerge the speaker underwater.
You can find the ION Audio Raptor on Amazon for $399.95. It’s available in only one color, and that is black.

Pyle PSBT125A

The Pyle PSBT125A model has some wonderful features. The speaker’s subwoofer stands at 12 inches with a battery indicating LED lights. It’s also an SD card reader and is pretty compatible with MP3. Yes, MP3s don’t have Bluetooth, but the speaker’s 3.5mm audio jack will make a connection between the two devices possible. The speaker has a rechargeable battery that you need to buy from stores.
If you like singing aside from passively listening to music, Pyle can help you with that. The speaker has a wireless microphone that is effortless to pair. What’s more, you can record audio with the speaker! It is useful for consumers who like to make song covers or participate in singing contests. A good way to practice is by recording your voice and listening to it afterward—which Pyle PSBT125A can do easily. Please note that the speaker’s Bluetooth connectivity is the 4.2 version. You can find the speaker on Amazon for $148.99, as it’s 11% less. The original price is $166.99.

Fisher FBX818

Lightweight and easy to drag around, Fisher FBX818 has a pretty solid build. It has colorful changing lights that blink to the beat of the song that you’re playing, plus a remote control for your volume and power needs. Its subwoofer measures 8.1 inches, with its handle at the back that you can extend long enough to make it easier to pull. On the back portion of the Fisher FBX818 is where you’ll find its ports, audio jack, charging cord, and EQ settings. You can only adjust the echo and the microphone input for the EQ settings. You can also find the light switch on the back when you want to turn the LED lights on or off.

The Fisher FBX818 can also play FM radio stations, read SD cards and connect with non-Bluetooth devices through the help of its 3.5mm audio jack. Though, it is best to note that there are feedbacks on this speaker that they were only able to use it for an hour before it died. There is good feedback and bad feedback alike.


Here are some questions with answers that we can provide as best as possible.
Are the wireless speakers with wheels waterproof?
Some of the wireless speakers have sufficient water resistance levels, but so far, none of them can survive the damage when underwater. It is best to read the speaker’s features, and if you’re unsure, a little research will do the job.
Is it okay to get a speaker with a 4.2 Bluetooth version?
We believe it’s okay as long as you aren’t too picky about being updated all the time with all the features and the software—especially for casual use.


Wireless speakers with wheels are convenient for people who like to move around without carrying their speakers in their bags. Although it’s not entirely ideal to be dragging a speaker around when traveling (there’s the size and weight to consider), using it at home or bringing it with you to a close destination isn’t too bad. Either way, as long as the features meet your needs then, it’s worth a shot.


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