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Bluetooth 5 and What it Means for Wireless Speakers

It’s upsetting when you try to play your favorite tunes wirelessly but couldn’t go farther. One sad reason is that you start to experience intermittent wireless connection.

Wireless speakers usually have wireless connectivity at a limited operational range. Typically, the previous version, Bluetooth version 4.2 with low energy, only caters up to 33-feet. Going beyond this coverage is a huge concern for most wireless speaker manufacturers which are incorporating Bluetooth technology. Users and manufacturers alike, are hoping for an enhanced wireless connectivity that can go beyond this limitation. The improvements will surely give an optimal audio experience for everybody.

However, technology keeps on improving and has come with a roaring upgrade of its wireless connectivity.

Bluetooth 5 is revolutionizing the experience of Internet of Things (IoT). The technology boasts ubiquity with a faster speed, wider operational range, and more data broadcasting capacity. It expands the usefulness set from its previous Bluetooth versions. With the outstanding upgrades, Bluetooth 5 enables wireless speaker manufacturers to take advantage on interoperability, improvement of the wireless speaker’s performance, and unparalleled wireless connectivity.

Bluetooth 5 is an exceptional enhancement of the wireless technology. Let’s go through the features of Bluetooth 5 and what it means for wireless speakers.

Two Times Faster Speed with Increased Bandwidth

Bluetooth 5 promises twice the speed of connection with the ability to increase its bandwidth to 2 Mbps. It means that wireless speakers with Bluetooth 5 connectivity decrease the time required for data transmission. The faster the speed of connectivity of the wireless speaker, the more responsive and high-performing the device will be when it comes to transmitting and receiving data.

Wider Operational Range

Be amazed by Bluetooth 5’s 400-meter operational range with a 120-meter typical, realistic range. With a decreased bandwidth, the wireless speaker can achieve fourfold wider operational range with low energy. Bluetooth 5 can adapt to a variety of environments and can seamlessly cover an entire home, building or town. This enhancement assures a smooth, undistorted and uninterrupted wireless audio listening from wireless speakers with Bluetooth 5 technology.

More Data Broadcasting Capacity

Bluetooth 5 can broadcast messages up to eight times greater than its previous version Bluetooth 4.2 with low energy. This feature allows wireless speakers to efficiently transmit messages on the increasingly crowded 2.4 GHz band, with less broadcast time required for the completion of tasks. The enhancements also allow developers to build experience-based apps that can connect the physical and virtual worlds. This feature exudes a better entertainment for the users of wireless speakers that have a Bluetooth 5 technology.

What’s amazing with the latest Bluetooth version is that it can perform uncompromised wireless connectivity while maintaining a low power requirement. All these features along with enhanced interoperability and coexistence with different wireless innovations, keep on advancing the Internet of Things (IoT) experience by empowering fast and easy collaborations over the broad scope of connected devices.

These features are significant when considering open spaces and extensive coverage of transmitting and receiving data. You can imagine seamlessly listening to audio at a wider scope wirelessly. Interruptions and distortions are minimized for an optimal audio listening experience.


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