There’s been an ongoing small debate about which one is better: Bluetooth speakers or WiFi connectivity. There is still a good minority of speakers that feature both connectivities.

There’s one obvious difference between the two–their portability. Bluetooth speakers are more portable and easier to carry around, plus they have compact designs. WiFi speakers need a power source to work and are most likely not as convenient to carry around. But of course, we need to understand these devices further and why one is better than the other.

WiFi vs Bluetooth Signals

Bluetooth Signal

Wireless speakers that feature Bluetooth connectivity have versions ranging from 4.2 to 5.1. These Bluetooth connectivity versions determine whether you’ll have compressed audio, latency, and distance problems. Version 4.2, although it still works, you have limited freedom equivalent to about 30ft of distance. Latency problems will also occur. Unless you purchase a speaker with Bluetooth connectivity of 5.1, then you won’t have to worry about any of those. Speakers with up-to-date features won’t fall short in giving you freedom for movement. Of course, you also have to make sure that both devices are compatible with one another’s Bluetooth connectivity.

WiFi Signal

WiFi speakers are a bit easier to use. There isn’t a necessary qualification for you to have smooth pairing and close to no audio delay.

Although Bluetooth speakers have specs that enhance their audio quality, they can’t completely overthrow WiFi speakers. But put them next to each other, play the same songs, and you’ll notice that their audio is different. The speaker’s specs come into play, especially its Subwoofers, tweeters and Frequency Response. You really can’t deny how great the WiFi speaker’s audio is.

Other than that, you can also walk around without worrying about the distance because you can connect through WiFi. As long as your device is active, there’s no problem wherever you go in your house or backyard. There’s just so much freedom. The only downside to this is that WiFi speakers need a power source.

Price Differences

Bluetooth Speakers and WiFi Speakers differ in terms of prices. According to our research, WiFi speakers cost more than Bluetooth speakers. WiFi speakers are pricier because these devices are typically for a larger scale–like home theatre systems, for example. In comparison, Bluetooth speakers are usually ideal for outdoor activities. These Bluetooth speakers must be portable enough to maximize the purpose of their Bluetooth connectivity. If you can’t use WiFi in all parts of the mountain when you’re out camping, Bluetooth saves the day.

Bluetooth or WiFi Speaker?

Bluetooth is for portable uses, and WiFi is for better audio quality with a larger audio reach. If you’re into outdoor activities and your earbuds aren’t enough, Bluetooth speakers will assist you with that. Get one with good battery life and great specs that can blow people away!

But, if you want the best home theatre system, there are WiFi speakers ready for you. There are also single speakers with designs akin to Bluetooth speakers, and those can also work. Either way, it all depends on your preferences and the reason for buying.