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Carrying a stereo on your shoulders may sound ‘old school.’ But Bose has come up with a revolutionary wearable technology that offers an incredibly convenient audio experience – hands-free and ears-free!

The new SoundWear Companion wireless speaker is Bose’s latest audio development which is perfectly designed for everyone’s enjoyment. This wireless speaker is a great music buddy that offers the best of both worlds – connection and convenience. Music junkies don’t need to keep their ears occupied with a pair of headphones, and completely muffle themselves away from their surroundings.

The innovative neckband design rests comfortably around the neck giving comfort and better audio experience for everyone.

Every part of the SoundWear Companion wireless speaker is carefully engineered for better sound transmission. The flexible, weather-resistant wireless speaker is made with the finest and lightweight materials, like a bend-and-stay steel wire enclosed in medical-grade silicone that has enough low-spring torsion to stay securely around your neck. It’s so comfortable to wear. You might forget you’re wearing it the entire day.

The SoundWear Companion wireless speaker doesn’t compromise its sound quality with its fashionable design. With Bose’s incredible waveguide technology, this wireless speaker produces full and clear sounds to your ears yet minimizes the sound for others.

This wireless speaker is music experience at its best. The SoundWear Companion speaker’s wireless connectivity is capable of having a relatively stable operating range of up to 30 feet (9 meters) without obstruction. It also can maintain a relatively secure connection to two devices simultaneously.

The SoundWear Companion speaker has a built-in microphone for taking calls when connected to a smartphone that supports the Bluetooth® HFP profile. In addition to regular calls, the speaker seamlessly works with many Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications, such as Skype or FaceTime.

Immerse yourself in an all-day music engagement with the wireless speaker’s 12-hour battery life. Walk around and do your tasks with ease while listening to your favorite tunes. Virtual assistant Siri can assist you through your preferred audio settings without the need of adjusting the sound manually. Voice prompts give cues on Bluetooth pairing with other devices while haptic alerts (vibration notifications) indicate incoming calls.

The SoundWear Companion wireless speaker is the latest audio development from Bose which is selling at a reasonable price of $299.95 (MSRP). This wireless speaker includes a black cover with other trendy colors available, such as gray, blue and purple.


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