Bose has been releasing their versions of portable speakers. Suffice to say; these speakers have been very pleasant both to the eyes and ears. Aside from that, they have quite a neat design. If you want something small but powerful for your bedroom or the living room, the Bose Smart Speaker might be the one you’re looking for.

Let’s look at its features, design, audio quality, and price. By the end of this review, we hope you’ll be able to decide on whether the Bose Smart Speaker is the one you’re looking for.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker: DESIGN

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker has a small frame. The speaker’s body is akin to a canned soft drink where the bottom curves down. About half of the speaker is made of silicone and plastic, while the lower half has an aluminium grille covering it all around. You can also find a handle just by the side of the speaker where it curves up to the other side–letting you hang the speaker wherever you deem necessary. Or you can just let the speaker sit on a table and do its job.

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker doesn’t have RGB Lights, though. You won’t get any flashes or flickers of light to dance to the beat of your song. Still, if that isn’t a cause of concern for you, disregard this information.

Although the speaker doesn’t have RGB Lights, a ring light on top indicates both the battery and volume level. The same light blinks in response when you use the voice assistant feature.

You can find the speaker’s controls on the top of the speaker, such as its volume buttons, power button, connectivity mode, mic, and play/pause button. These buttons flicker when you press them.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker: FEATURES

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker can withstand sprinkles of water with its waterproof rating of IPX4. It’s not recommended to take it anywhere near water, as bigger splashes can potentially cause harm to the device. Bose Smart Speaker also features the Voice Assistant Technology. You can command Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to stream songs connected to your Spotify or tell you the weather. As far as the Voice Assistant feature goes, it is satisfactory. Whether you’re far away or in a noisy room, the speaker is still able to pick up your voice and put your command into action. You can mute the mic anytime you want–which the button is on the top of the speaker.

While the speaker’s Voice Assistant feature is impressive, we find the battery a bit of a disadvantage when pinning the speaker against other brands. The Bose Portable Smart Speaker’s battery lasts for only 5 hours and even lesser when the volume is cranked up high. You also have to wait half of its hours of playtime for the speaker’s battery to be completely replenished. The brand claims that the Bose Portable Smart Speaker can last up to 12 hours in advertisements. Perhaps we cranked up the volume too high? Either way, it only means that its battery life is completely dependent on its audio’s volume. Note that the speaker automatically goes into standby mode when not used for 20 minutes.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker: SOUND QUALITY

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker’s sound quality is decent. The elements of the music are balanced, presenting clear vocals and enhancing the lead instruments. However, the speaker has trouble producing thick, thumping bass that resonates through the surface. If you’re a huge fan of big, thumping bass, the Bose Portable Smart Speaker won’t be able to satisfy you in that field.

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker also comes with an app that you can use to toggle with the EQ settings–such as its treble and bass. Of course, it’s already a given by then that you can adjust the bass response of your speaker but that somehow still might not be effective enough. If you compare the Bose Portable Smart Speaker app with the Sonos Roam, you realize that the latter has the upper hand in its correction room feature.

EDM or Hip-Hop genres won’t shine at their best with the Bose Portable Smart Speaker. But if you’re not that picky with your bass and you’re fine with a decent one, then the Bose Portable Smart Speaker won’t give you that much trouble.

As for answering calls with the speaker, you don’t need to worry. The caller’s voice is clear, and they can also listen to you just as clearly, even when you’re afar.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker: PRICE

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker is available on Amazon for $399.99. The speaker is public in two colours: Triple Black and Luxe Silver.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker: VERDICT

Looking at its price and feature, you can tell that it does the wallet justice. The only downside to that is the battery life. But if you don’t mind that and are okay with plugging the speaker into an outlet so you can continue using it for more than 5 hours, then perhaps you’ll be fine with the Bose Smart Speaker. But then that’s when the cheaper and better alternatives enter the picture. You can get a portable speaker with better battery life than the Bose’s and better audio quality, as well. As always, it will all depend on your preferences.