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With the rise of brands releasing new wireless speakers one after another, Bose remains unfazed by such events. The company continues to promote one of its best wireless speakers, which is the Bose Soundlink Flex. It is versatile and has quite a convenient size. Many consumers may say that it doesn’t come close with other popular brands and although there is some truth to that, Bose Soundlink Flex still packs enough power and features to flex with.

With a seamless pairing connection plus the ability to withstand almost all elements, Bose Soundlink Flex will make it worth your while.

Bose Soundlink Flex: The Design 

The Bose Soundlink Flex measures about 3.6H x 7.9W x 2.1D in inches–weighing at least 1.3lbs, making it easy to carry around wherever you go. Although the Bose Soundlink Flex’s app can’t adjust the sound settings, you’ll find the quality is already good enough, and what’s more–the speaker floats! Bose Soundlink has three colors available for you to choose from: the standard black color, cream or off-white, and almost grayish-blue.

A large grille covers the entire length of the speaker’s panel with the logo of Bose on the front of the speaker. The 60mm transducer is located under the large grille with two passive radiators to deliver audio with a better bass–enhancement at its best. There’s no information about the Bose Soundlink Flex’s wattage and frequency range, but according to the tests, Bose Soundlink Flex is a small but powerful speaker.

There’s a rubber material covering the rest of the speaker with small little stands that we treat as the speaker’s feet, so you can set it to stand anywhere. On the back, you’ll find a much smaller grille covering the passive radiator. There’s also a built-in loop made of thick rubber that will allow you to hang the speaker if you want it hooked. It means you can carry it with you to the shower for some good music accompaniment with a little concert of your own.

The speaker’s controls are on the top panel. There, you’ll locate the power button, volume buttons, rewind, and next buttons, and the pause and play buttons. Although you can easily pause or play a song from your phone upon pairing it with the speaker, these buttons are still necessary at some point. Bose also has a USB cable for charging or power supply on the speaker’s left panel. 

Bose Soundlink Flex: Features

One thing to note is that the Bose Soundlink Flex is waterproof and dustproof. The speaker has a water resistance level of IP67, resists water splashes, sprinkles and can survive after submerging in water for 10 to 15 minutes. As for the speaker’s playtime, the battery can last up to 12 hours in moderate use and may vary depending on how heavy you plan on using it. 

Bose Soundlink Flex does not have Alexa or any voice command features. Rather, it has PositionIQ technology that allows the speaker to sound the same whether it’s facing up, down, or on the side. It is possible through the speaker’s internal IMU sensor that pays close attention to what position the speaker is in. Then it adjusts the sound, filling up gaps, ensuring it doesn’t miss a single beat. This kind of feature, which is greatly convenient, is true upon testing the product. Yes, the IMU sensor works quite well. Please do note, though, that these sensors the speaker has can’t tell whether the Flex is facing you or the wall–which means it can only determine the speaker’s position and not its surroundings. So then, the EQ curves more or less give out its best guess on how to improve the sound quality despite the speaker’s position.

With that in mind, the speaker still sounds relatively good despite the position and environment the speaker is in. So you can rest assured the speaker’s sound quality will still be at its best whether it’s hanging upside down or against the wall.

Bose Soundlink Flex has an app that is compatible with both Android and iOS. It allows you to update Soundlink Flex’s firmware and access the user manual. The speaker runs with a 4.2 Bluetooth and doesn’t give freedom to move around separately from the device it’s paired with. Still, pairing is seamless with the Bose Soundlink Flex. The speaker’s app can also enable you to pair with two of the same speakers simultaneously for a much louder and bigger sound.

Bose Soundlink Flex: The Sound and Price

Bose Soundlink Flex with JBL Flip 5 side by side is easily on par with its rival. There’s a distinct thick bass coming from the Soundlink Flex that is difficult to ignore. But you’ll have to keep in mind the size of this speaker as it is too small for it to produce deep rumbles, unlike the JBL Flip 5. Still, the sub-bass is sufficient enough to make it worth your while.

As for the speaker’s mic, it picks up on your voice clearly without any noticeable delay. You can answer calls with the speaker as long as you’re nearby so the person in the call can hear you. We also decided to check how the mic is when recording your voice. Although there are some small buzzing noises for Bluetooth-connected devices when recording, it shouldn’t be a problem, especially when you’re sitting close to the speaker. Suffice to say, every single word was clear and easy to understand with the speaker’s mic.

The Bose Soundlink Flex is definitely worth its price, $150, considering its build and features. The JBL, on the other hand, costs $180 and is a good alternative considering the size and almost alike features. You can find the Soundlink Flex on Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart in their respective websites and physical stores. 

Bose Soundlink Flex: Conclusion 

When it comes to small, easy to carry around wireless speakers, Bose Soundlink Flex easily crawls up the list. Although not the first spot, Bose is still a great choice, especially for outdoor activities. With the 12-hour long battery life, the speaker will surely survive for as long as you need it, whether outdoors or indoors! 

But if you prefer wireless speakers that are a bit bigger with a louder, thicker bass and resonating treble, then Bose Soundlink Flex won’t be able to satisfy that craving. You can go for JBL Flip 5 for this or even try the Sony wireless Bluetooth speaker. 


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