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It’s 2021, and the virtual world can’t stop getting too real.

If you’re an audiophile, non-stop audio streaming via a smart speaker might be the best news you’ve encountered.

But to others who value affinity and simplicity, opt for other minimal options. Talk about CDs and the feeling of hoarding songs of your favorite artists in a box. If you belong to the minority who prefer the tangible aspect of your music collection, our tally of the top 5 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers with CD functionality is for you!

How We Picked

The seemingly unlimited choices of wireless speakers today make it harder to pick one.

That’s why we had to stick to a specific set of criteria in picking brands to include on this list. We at take these matters seriously. So we conducted tests to do substantial research on these products.

We looked into the following factors:


You cannot save on an electronic device with a coupon code every day. So in this guide, we considered only reasonably priced items. A wireless speaker with CD functionality can range from $50 to thousands of dollars. But we chose to consider products with $200 as the ceiling price.

We looked out for classic brands in this category, but we also considered upcoming names in the industry.

Playback controls:

You can control your wireless speaker, like a tablet or phone, from your source device.

But we made sure to include items here with playback control since it’s a convenience you can’t miss.

Not all people are tech savvy but still want to enjoy their records. We take this consideration seriously.

Special features:

Beyond the ability to play audio wirelessly or CD playback, it’s also important that the item you pick offers qualities more than its main selling points.

  • The extra features we looked into are included the following:
  • Speakerphone Capability
  • Built-In Lighting

After the results, we have proven that our picks deserve more consideration. We value your trust and intend to remain trustworthy in this field. To read more about how we tested each product on this list.

How We Tested

To make sure we sort everything on this accordingly, we tested them based on the following factors:

Ease of use

Testing the ease of use of the devices tells us how difficult or easy a user can take advantage of its features. We check the following factors:

  • The setup process of the wireless connectivity
  • Receiving incoming phone calls while the music plays
  • Physical controls on the wireless speakers
  • Compatibility of each brand with IOS and Android

Sound Quality

Since the sound quality should be one of a wireless speaker’s main selling points, we tested this factor.

We scored each brand depending on how they played different music genres, especially pop and rock.

To ensure that each speaker offers a holistic sound design, we adjusted the listener’s distance from the speaker.

Additional Features

We also carried out a range of tests. It’s to see which smart speaker drops its audio quality.

To do this, we placed the products in identical positions to see at which point the wireless signal was lost. We also checked at which point the audio quality failed to deliver optimum performance.

We did the test in two different setups.

One is an unobstructed connection between the wireless speaker and the source device. The second is a test with a brick wall between the speaker and the source device

Who Is This Is For

Some people love sticking to their classics no matter how far in the future we’ve reached.

Getting a wireless speaker with CD functionality is ideal for those who can’t let their CDs go.

You can get the best of both worlds without compromising any entertainment opportunity.

What We Recommend

We decided that the best value product for a No products found..
In case, this choice is no longer in stock, or you want something slightly different, we consider the No products found. the next best choice.

Our Top Pick: iLive iHB603B

No products found.

No products found.

We’ve listed the top 5 wireless speakers with CD player functionality below.

1. iLive iHB603B

(Product is not available at the moment)
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This wireless speaker has a vertical-loading CD player. It can play CD, CD-R/RW with programmable disc playback.

But there’s more! ILive iHB603B allows various options for your listening experience. It comes with Bluetooth technology and grants a seamless connection with your Bluetooth-enabled devices. For non-Bluetooth-enabled devices, an audio line input is available.

Also, you can choose FM radio listening with its built-in antennas. The FM radio functionality is an added feature that better elevates this fundamental component with a fresh mix of retro and brand new.

It has a Dynamic Bass Boost System (DBBS) and a 2-channel stereo system. These qualities allow you to enjoy great sound in your home or high definition audio experience with your favorite TV shows.

2. Toshiba TY-CWU500

(Product is not available at the moment)
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Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker: Portable CD Boom Box with FM Radio, Remote & LED Lights

This portable boombox allows wireless streaming for Apple and Android devices.

It’s a speaker that can function as a PA system and amplifier. Also, it has two passive speakers that increase the bass sound effect. You can plug 6.3mm connectors for guitars and microphones.

The Toshiba TY-CWU500 can also maximize your listening experience with its EQ function. Its

EQ Function works as a filter that allows you to adjust the frequency within an audio signal.

You can modify your favorite rock, jazz, country, classical or pop music according to how you like it.

Its player supports CD-R/RW, CD, and MP3 formats and allows MP3 playback from USB memory sticks.

Like iLive iHB603B, the Toshiba TY-CWU500 also allows AM/FM radio listening.

Its wireless capability allows you to stream wireless music, podcasts, and internet radio.

In any way you want to start the party, this whole package is ready for you.

3. Victrola Nostalgic Aviator

(Product is not available at the moment)
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Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center, Built-in Stereo

Speakers – Turntable, Wireless Music Streaming | Espresso

This modern wireless speaker is a blast from the past!

Take out your Beatles’ Revolver! This speaker doesn’t only play your hoarded CDs of your favorite artists but also allows you to listen to your favorite vinyl records. Yes, you’ve read it right—vinyl records in this day and age.

This speaker can also let you record directly from CD, Vinyl, and cassette straight to your USB. There’s no computer needed!

This wireless speaker displays a thoughtful design. It’s made with gorgeous real wood material. It’s ideal for people who value the original quality of vinyl and enjoy the advanced audio performance. It comes in Black, White, Espresso, Oak, and Mahogany.

4. Jensen JBS-350

(Product is not available at the moment)
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Jensen Jobs-350 Bluetooth[r] Wall-mountable Music System With Cd Player

Your counter or shelf doesn’t have to make way for this wireless speaker! It can manage to function by the wall.

Imagine how sleek this wall-mountable music stereo system can be. It’s perfect for your kitchen, bedroom, or living room!

Its Bluetooth connectivity with Near-Field Communication (NFC) allows your devices an easy pairing. It also has a USB port for storing audio files on flash disks.

Also, its front-loading CD player allows standard CDs and MP3 CDs made on your personal computer.

5. Tenswall Portable CD Player with Bluetooth

Are you into portable wireless devices? Then this affordable option is for you.

The Tenswall is a portable CD player with Bluetooth that offers the convenience of a lightweight device.

With its small build, you can transfer it around without worries. But don’t be deceived

with its ultra-lightweight body. It’s equipped with all the superior features you want in your CD player.

It has two superior performance speakers and a built-in HII microchip. Together they bring

smooth and natural sound to your place. You can also set the mood depending on your activity. It can be gym or dance studio, bedtime, and even party. So pop in your favorite CD and enjoy the spirit. It supports CD RW.

You can use its USB flash drive reading capability to enjoy your downloaded music through its wired connections. It also got the standard 3.5 mm aux and headphone jack. You can enjoy this even if you don’t have Bluetooth headphones.

Take advantage of its multiple installation options. Mount it on the wall or let it stand on the table. You can also choose to place it under your cabinet flat. You can easily manipulate it using its remote control equipped with a rechargeable battery.

Since it’s the most portable option on this list, it’s ideal for intimate usage like language learning for kids, prenatal education, and language learning.

Wireless Speaker With CD Functionality Buying Guide

Not all CD players are created equal. Some players belong to the future; luckily, the end is here.

So in this section, we’ll walk you through how we came up with this list and why you need to consider it. All the products on this list have been tested thoroughly, so you don’t have to.

So let’s set things in order.

Features to Consider

Bluetooth Range:

In picking any Bluetooth device, ensuring an updated Bluetooth connectivity version is of maximum relevance. That’s because older versions might offer a shorter connectivity range.

Wired inputs:

Many older devices don’t have Bluetooth connectivity, but they shouldn’t be rendered useless in playing music. Making sure you’re picking a wireless speaker with wired inputs is also highly relevant.

Recording capability

Being able to record your files from CDs to your hard drive is also a feature to note in a wireless speaker. Not all of the electronic products on this list have this capability, making the Victrola Nostalgic Aviator a great pick.

Common Questions about Bluetooth Speakers with CD functionality

Why is my CD drive not reading discs?

Either the CD is too damaged, or it needs cleaning. Try swapping out discs to see if it isn’t a hardware issue. If it’s a hardware problem, contact the seller immediately if it’s within the warranty period.

Why do some CD players keep jumping?

A CD or DVD usually skips or fails to play properly because it’s dirty. Dust, fingerprint, and hair can stop the laser from reading the disc properly. Clean all the disc parts carefully and try again.

Can you plug a turntable into a Bluetooth wireless speaker with CD functionality?

Not all the models on this list allow this, but iLive iHB603B lets you do so. Do it with the correct cable. While most turntables use RCA outputs, this one doesn’t have RCA inputs.

But it has a 3.5mm/mini audio-in plug, and RCA to mini cables is possible.

Can I connect a CD player to a Bluetooth wireless speaker?

It’s a common concern among those who want to amplify their music from their CDs. But the best part is that the items listed in this review offer the advantage of a wireless speaker and CD player.

What is the best Bluetooth CD player?

According to our testing results, the best Bluetooth CD player is the iLive iHB603B.

How do I connect wireless speakers to my CD player?

If your CD player has wireless capability, turn on its Bluetooth feature. Another way is to use an auxiliary jack to connect the two electronics.

Are there Bluetooth CD players?

Yes, there are, and all the items listed in this review are Bluetooth CD players.

Does the remote require AA batteries?

Some of the speakers above come with rechargeable batteries like the Toshiba wireless speakers.

Helpful Tips

  1. Only use a lint-free or non-scratch piece of wiping cloth when cleaning the CD player.
  2. Be sure to be in a dry environment when using the CD player. Even a droplet of water penetrating the wrong electrical part of the component can cause permanent damage.
  3. Never handle or clean the CD player when connected to a power source. It can result in irreparable damage.
  4. When disassembling the CD parts for cleaning, write the order and position of screws on a paper sheet. It helps avoid further confusion when putting everything back together.

Best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with CD player Functionality Summary

Picking a Bluetooth wireless speaker with CD functionality can be challenging with all the market models.

We are proud to stand by our first pick, iLive iHB603B. It checks all the boxes, especially for those looking for an affordable yet powerful speaker. But we hope this buying guide steered you in the right direction.

If you want a classic and functional look for your component, check out Victrola Nostalgic Aviator. Aside from offering key features, it comes with extra ones that can get handy if you want to level up your listening experience.

For those who have the bucks to spare for an amazing product, Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker is worth a second look.

Either way, these brands listed above would give you what you paid for.

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