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Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) tried to be ‘just friends’ in No Strings Attached. Jamie (Mila Kunis) and Dylan (Justine Timberlake) also tried the same setup in Friends With Benefits. But both efforts were to no avail. The scenarios are familiar. Some people like to get what they want minus the hassles that ‘attachments’ may bring.

Good news! In real life, crashing out of‘ attachment’ can also mean getting what you want. The Docking Speakers has it. Direct amplification of your device while charging is made easy.

Docking Speakers Hot Picks

Manufacturers have been going wild since Apple released the concept of eliminating cables in connecting iPods to audio systems. Now, users can choose from the thousands of designs for Docking Speakers. Save yourself from the hassle of picking which is which. Check out our detailed tally of the best Docking Speakers!

What We Recommend

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Our Top Pick: Jarre Technologies AeroBull

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We’ve listed the 5 best wireless speakers with Built-In charging docks below.

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How We Picked and Tested

You can discover more about our review method here. We independently study, test, and suggest the finest wireless speaker. Wireless Speaker docks are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and materials these days.

Before settling on the finest charging station for wireless speakers, our experienced team evaluated a number of them. We’ve gathered a selection of trustworthy, knowledgeable evaluations from respectable sources. Customer input was also used to validate the product’s claimed qualities. Any grade we give to any product on our list is always based on honesty.

Who Is It For

If you’re not happy with the sound your smartphone or tablet produces, this is for you. Try plugging it into or pairing it with one of these speaker docks for a better listening experience. You may listen to music from your collection, streaming services like Spotify, or a built-in radio, depending on the model. A Bluetooth speaker dock is a great choice for people who wish to share their music with their friends and family.

1. Jarre Technologies AeroBull

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  • Dock: 8-pin (Lightning)
  • Inputs: 3.5mm, Aux
  • Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Wattage: 240 Watts
  • What We Like: Crazy looks which work, plenty of volumes.
  • What We Don’t: Looks and prices are not for everybody.

You don’t need to be a dog lover to love this. Meet your new best friend, The AeroBull. Don’t get confused with AeroBull’s looks. It’s not wearing sunglasses for anything.

The ultra-portable wireless speaker sits behind those funky shades. And the remote control? You wouldn’t look at bones the same way again.

It has a 2.1 speaker system. This factor means that it has two stereo speakers plus a subwoofer. It also allows 20 Watts of power. Whoa! This bulldog-shaped speaker could excite feisty barking!

You might want to pet it for a job well done. The docking station rests on the AeroBull’s head, and it supports all current-generation iDevices.

If your device only supports the old 30-pin protocol, you should secure a suitable adapter. AeroBull’s Bluetooth spec follows the current trend. It can support high-resolution aptX streaming.

Though AeroBull’s glory is fixed with its sleek wireless capacity, it also welcomes wired audio connections for TV, DVD, and much more. Also, you can maximize its speakers’ capacity by positioning its tail (subwoofer) towards the corner of your room.

The AeroBull may not be able to wag its tail, but it emits enough friendly vibes for your favored iDevices.

2. Parrot Zikmu

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Product Descriptions:

  • Immersive Sound Transmitted at 360°
  • Flat-Panel
  • Compact Bass Casing
  • Flawless Stereo Image
  • The Power of DSP
  • Electronic Architecture
  • The Magic of Wireless
  • Complete Connectivity

This model isn’t some animal, and it’s not your typical caged parrot.

It comes in various colors and supports WiFi and Bluetooth. Although Bluetooth doesn’t support aptX, a codec that helps achieve CD-quality audio, it’s capable of Near Field Communication (NFC). This factor is good news for Android devices. You can place an Android device on the speaker, and poof! It’ll be paired for Bluetooth streaming.

It’s almost true that expensive wireless speakers come with exceptional qualities. But this Parrot speaker missed installing an 8-pin lightning design to this model. It still clings to the old 30-pin. This quality calls for some improvisation.

3. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

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  • Sleek and Beautiful
  • Has Airplay Capability
  • Bluetooth-Enabled
  • It comes with either a 30-pin connector or lightning connector
  • It has a 3.5mm port, USB port, compositive video port
  • Powerful bass


  • Stereo separation could be better
  • Expensive


Powered with 150 Watts, Zeppelin Air promotes richer and music full of life. Packed with a Centre subwoofer, two midrange drivers, and two tweeters, it’s close to being a proper A/V setup.

Its dock is known for its support for all current iPlayers, but it also boasts the capacity to function as an Airplay speaker. Posh wireless streaming at your fingertips.

4. Sony RDP XA900IP

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  • 40 W output (20 W + 20 W) for excellent sound
  • Component speakers with separate tweeters for impact
  • Charges the battery of the iPod or iPhone while it is connected
  • Input voltage: DC 5V output, max. 1 A

Sony can be the King Midas of this electronic age. Almost everything it touches turns into gold. The Sony RDP XA900IP is one of its treasures.

Driven with two main speakers plus two subwoofers, it speaks volumes. It also has Acoustic Ports that produce a better bass response.

Sony uses some of its phase-alignment Digital Signal Processing (DSP) through its S-Master Digital Amplifier.

This factor allows the Sony RDP XA900IP to perform a wide variety of signal operations. Audiophiles may like the Sony RDP XA900IP capacity to support Bluetooth playback and even low-res streaming sites like Sirius, Pandora, etc.

5. Soundfreaq SoundStep

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This model is the list’s only speaker dock that runs on rechargeable batteries. You can take it anywhere it needs to be and enjoy its pleasantly full music for about seven hours of playback time.

Its 2 x 2” main drivers and a 3” bass woofer may qualify as a mini 2.1 speaker system.

Soundreaq allows various connectivity. It has a lightning dock for your iDevices and supports Bluetooth streaming. Also, it allows FM radio with the use of the Soundfreaq app. Inputs from external sources are even allowed through mini-jack.

The Soundfreaq SoundStep comes with remote control. Notably, this model includes USB ports for charging other handhelds, including the remote. It has its spot underneath the base unit. Your remote control doesn’t have to be lost on the couch where it doesn’t belong.

Wireless Speaker Docks Buying Guide

It goes without saying that if you’re searching for the finest speaker docks, you’ll want them to sound nice. The sound that is delivered, on the other hand, is influenced by a variety of elements. Here are some of the characteristics that will aid people in choosing a high-quality speaker dock.

Volume and Sound Quality

The quality of the sound is generally more important than the actual volume. People who like plenty of basses will need a speaker dock that delivers. It provides a full range, crisp and clear sound.

Portability And Bluetooth Connectivity

If you plan to take the speaker on the road with you, make sure that it is lightweight and easy to carry. Having a speaker dock that offers Bluetooth connectivity will be a real bonus. Make sure that the Bluetooth connection is both strong and very stable. If you plan to travel with a portable speaker, check out our guide to find the best one for you.

Compatibility and Versatility

Some speaker docks work with a variety of devices, while others are designed particularly for specific models. So if you want to connect one sort of device, you won’t have to worry about flexibility. Those who own a variety of devices, on the other hand, should ensure that it is compatible with all of them.

The Perfect Fit

Examine the dock’s specs thoroughly. It is critical to ensure that your phone or other electronic gadgets will fit properly. While some ports have a snug fit, you may need to remove your phone case before using them.

Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charging

Even if none of your gadgets now support wireless charging, investing in a charging station that does might be worthwhile. If this is something you’re interested in, look for a model that includes standard charging outlets and a wireless charging pad.


Wattage is an approximate estimate of how loud a speaker can go based on how much power it produces. Speaker docks have lesser ability than, say, normal bookshelf speakers with a few exceptions (the four selections at the top of our list). It is acceptable because docking speakers are not supposed to be reference-grade audiophile systems or to have the same power output. The values for continuous watts offer a good indication of how this will convert into ‘loudness.’

Enhancement Apps

EQ is a great way to fine-tune your A/V receiver’s audio performance. Smarter and EQu are two of the best apps available for iOS devices. Easy to use, easy to find, and simple to set up. It can be very difficult to hear when listening to speakers with boomy bass responses. If you’ve never used an Equalizer, we can give a couple of simple tips. Small changes go a long way! We recommend lowering low bass (far left slider) ever so slightly and the lower mids – normally the (left side) mid-position sliders.

Port Converters and Alternative Connections

This year, we’ve noticed a new trend in docking accessories – an 8 or 30 pin converter doubling as a Bluetooth receiver. These are great for converting a great old docking system into a Bluetooth wireless speaker. The DockLinQ can be used to convert a dock into a wireless streaming device. It’s not the first time we’ve seen issues with converters – but they’re becoming more and more common.

Qi Charging

Wireless power transfer standard Qi (pronounced chee) allows you to charge devices by transmitting a power current over short distances (up to 1.6 inches). The magnetic induction pad – used to replace the docking cradle in older models of the list above – charges the compatible device by simply resting it on the pad. Some furniture retailers, like IKEA, are already selling products with integrated Qi pads! This technology is improving and growing almost every month. Watch this space for more exciting updates coming soon. All other Qi compatible devices can still be charged at regular speed.

Comparison: Wireless Speaker Dock

Docking Audio Quality Vs. AirPlay And Bluetooth Wireless

You’ve heard your options for wireless connections and docking experience. You might be wondering why ‘dock’ when you can go wirelessly. AirPlay, as Apple’s proprietary wireless protocol, is lossless. It allows not only hi-res audio but also video content. You can cling to your iDevice all you want while enjoying your favorite jam. Bluetooth, compared to AirPlay, is a losing bet. In this case, if you can’t stream through AirPlay, you might want to opt for the dock port since it sounds way better than Bluetooth alone.

Android vs. Apple Devices

Apple’s famous, brave design concepts have been emulated by many of the best-selling speaker docks. The original 30-pin i-connector is a legacy protocol not supported by newer products. Since October 2012, Apple has been using the smaller 8-pin lightning port instead. Android device sales outnumber Apple iOS sales several times, but the higher end of the speaker docks market has been historically largely Apple-focused.

Expensive VS. Cheap

Docking speaker manufacturers tend to mainly focus on small to medium designs – starting from the ‘glorified alarm clock’ docking package and stretching up to something still smaller than a regular A/V system. When stretching above the $250 price bracket, you will start seeing higher wattage specs – 100 watts and above – plus larger drivers and the inclusion of integrated subwoofers. These are the main factors for getting more grown-up audio performance – fuller yet tight bass, transparent mid registers and silky top frequency content. Some higher quality speaker docks (above $450) can really sound spectacular, also on account of the audio circuitry and choice of components.

Audio Quality: Docking vs. Wireless

Wireless audio streaming is quickly becoming the preferred template of home hi-fi audio. If you don’t have a wireless speaker, why bother with a dock at all? Apple’s AirPlay feature is often found in (mostly higher-end) speaker docks, and if yours doesn’t have it, you could always consider an Airplay adapter. The company has already announced that version 5.0 will quadruple range coverage and increase the capacity of wireless data broadcasts by eight hundred percent. It would most likely mean death to all cables and ports.

Regular Speakers VS. Docking Speakers

Docking speakers (or speaker docks) are self-powered stereo speaker systems incorporating a docking port station for Apple iDevices. The audio reproduction quality is down to the unit’s power amp capacity, number, size, and wattage of the speaker drivers and a subwoofer driver. Audio spread and room-filling dispersion (in great docking speaker designs) are often aided by strategically placed high rigidity speaker cones minimizing distortion. Cabinet ‘tuning’ is perhaps the most challenging task when designing small speaker enclosures, and this where bass ports save the day.

In Conclusion

There’s always an upgrade in the electronic world. Specific specs will come and go. Your choice of docking speakers depends on your needs and ability to acquire one. If you think these docking speakers are great options, tell us about your experience! We’d be glad to hear from you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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