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Watching movies at home isn’t complete unless you have the right soundbar to give that theatrical vibe, especially on Friday nights. Whether it’s a soundbar you can access through Bluetooth or a wired one, there’s no need to worry as long as the sound quality passes the vibe check. 

The Denon Home 550 Sound Bar is one of the soundbars in the market with good feedback and performance overall. The design is sleek and neat, comfortable to place wherever at home, and has good sound quality. But is it worth its price for you? We will break down the features and design of the Denon Home 550 Sound Bar, and you can decide for yourself if you’d like one at home.


Denon Home 550 Sound Bar: DESIGN

The Denon Home 550 Sound Bar has a compact and sleek design, measuring 26 inches wide. Its drivers include four 2.2 inches full-range drivers and two 0.75 inches tweeters. Covering the speaker is a thick material with net-like features that add to the charm of the soundbar. On the back part is where you’ll find most of its controls and even its jacks. The bottom edge of the soundbar has a small LED with a multicolored LED that blinks when the microphone is on. On the top right is where you’ll find buttons for play/pause, next/rewind, on/off, and the volume buttons. These buttons also light up when pressed. 

Now, what you’ll find on the sound bar’s back panel are as follows: an HDMI output, 4k-capable HDMI input, and optical input. You’ll also find the LAN and USB-type ports that support 5.6 MHz DSD files and 24-bit/192 kHz PCM.


Denon Home 550 Sound Bar: FEATURES

The Denon Home 550 Sound Bar comes with a remote to play/pause music, mute it, Quick Select presets, and playback selection mode. For the playback selection modes, you have three ways to choose from: Music, Movie, and Pure.

As the name goes, Music focuses on the music you’re playing and emphasizes the treble and bass for a better listening experience. There’s a good amount of thunder and thump that gives the sound quality better performance. On the other hand, Movie mode gives you audio similar to 3D sound, creating a theater-like vibe when you watch with your family and friends or even alone. It enhances the effects of the movie’s audio and gives the audio a thick, booming sound. As for Pure mode, it only bypasses signal processing and goes ahead and plays songs without focusing on certain features and plays it all as a whole. 


Denon Home 550 Sound Bar: SOUND QUALITY

The dialogues in the movie are crystal-clear from the soundbar. The sound effects, as well, are distributed nicely with enough 3D features that make it feel like a surround-sound cinematic experience. Even when the scene in the movie has explosions or any other destructive sound such as gunfire, the dialogues are still clear, and it’s easy to understand. The bass, too, is good despite the size of the soundbar. You wouldn’t expect the bass to resonate through the surface of the table it is on, and that’s what makes it impressive. 

Since the soundbar features Alexa, you can easily connect to Spotify and command the AI to play songs or any of your playlists. Note that when playing music with two vocals, you’ll notice that their voices spread across the entire soundbar, making you feel like their voices are going beyond the soundbar. It is quite an amazing feat. 

On the bottom line, the sound bar’s sound quality is rich and thick and worth the buy.


Denon Home 550 Sound Bar: PRICE and VERDICT

The Denon Home 550 Sound Bar will cost you $599. Considering the features of the soundbar and how good the sound quality is, one can say it is worth spending that much. Especially since a few more soundbars cost a bit more than the Denon Home 550 Sound Bar but can’t perform well.


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