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The 5 Best Wireless Speakers for DJs

The Best Portable Wireless Speakers for DJs

You can’t have a pumped up party without good sounding speakers. Of course, parties are never alive without a DJ in the house.

So, whether you’re up for an all-night party weekend and be the host for the event, you should gear up to give your party-goers total fun and entertainment.

Wireless speakers for DJing play a vital role for an event. Well, you don’t want to be isolated from the fun. You’ll need gears that’ll give you maximum freedom and flexibility. Buying the best wireless speakers online can be tricky. You’ll have to go through a vast selection of audio devices that’ll only overwhelm you and sometimes, just drown you in confusion.

But, we’re here to keep you away from having a headache! Yes, we’ve hand-picked the best portable wireless speakers for DJs to lessen your scope in choosing the right speaker for your budget. But take note! These portable speakers aren’t slightly easy for the budget. We’re talking about great overall quality build and sound.

Without further ado, let’s go through our very own hand-picked portable wireless speakers with matching music lyrics. If you’re a music lover, you can easily guess the song titles!

What We Recommend

We decided that the best value product for a Soundboks SB2-2.
In case, this choice is no longer in stock, or you want something slightly different, we consider the Mr. Dj PBX5000BT the next best choice.

Our Top Pick: Soundboks SB2-2

We’ve listed the best portable wireless speakers for DJs below.

1. Soundboks SB2-2


The New SOUNDBOKS (3rd Gen) - The Loudest Portable Bluetooth Performance Speaker (126 dB, Wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, Swappable Battery, 40Hr Average Playtime) (1BB)

You can laud on how loud the Soundboks SB2-2 can be! As what the manufacturer claimed, it’s the only portable wireless speaker that’s capable of throwing a real party.

This speaker is everything packed in a sturdy wood and aluminum frame. It features a lightweight but robust design that ensures to deliver the kind of party that the crowd has always wanted. Its weight exudes portability, and you can bring this wicked speaker anywhere as it can survive most environmental conditions.

Of course, you don’t want to kill the party. With the Soundboks SB2-2, you can party all-night long with this speaker! It’s proven to provide 30 hours of continuous music even on a single charge! Moreover, the package comes with two swappable LiFePO4 batteries, so you won’t lose the juice and kill the party.

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2. Mr. Dj PBX5000BT

“Hey Mr. DJ, keep playing that song for me!”

Mr. Dj PBX5000BT Professional 18' Full Portable Range 2 Way Bass Reflex Active Speaker, Max Power 5000 Watts P.M.P.O,Built-in Bluetooth Technology, Mp3, USB, SD Card Reader

Who wouldn’t love to hear compliments from your listeners when you’re hosting an incredibly entertaining event?

You’re sure to get tokens of appreciation with the Mr. Dj PBX5000BT! This portable speaker sells at a price that’s totally worth it. Rattle out of this speaker with its amazingly loud but crisp and clean sound that can beat the sound of Thor striking a thunder and lightning!

This 18-inch woofer delivers the best sound for both indoor and outdoor events. It absolutely does the job for what the price is for. This speaker has a built-in 5 band graphic equalizer, 3-inch voice coil, 1.75-inch compression driver, and a class D amplifier. It pushes out an impressive 5000-watt maximum output to give it a great sounding wireless speaker for DJing.

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3. Rockville BPA15

“I love rock n’ roll so come and take your time and dance with me!”

Rockville Professional Powered Active 800w DJ PA Speaker w Bluetooth, 15 inch (BPA15)

The Rockville BPA15 has superior sound quality and power to get the party rock and rollin’! You won’t regret buying this wireless speaker for your DJing job as it does more than its worth. Rockville made sure that they satisfy their customers by making sure that every part of the speaker is of outstanding quality.

The speaker is lightweight and looks ordinary, but you won’t believe how powerful it is! This ultra-efficient wireless speaker pushes out an incredible 800 watts of maximum output and delivers a massive amount of highs, mids, and bass. Some wireless speakers claim to have a booming bass with a max output greater than 800 watts. But the Rockville BPA15 literally goes 300% louder! Moreover, the 2.5-inch KSV voice coil, 1-inch Titanium-diaphragm compression driver, and 45-degree angled large-format horizontal wave-guide horn provides an incredible sound quality that’s perfect for any occasion.

There may be a few drawbacks for this wireless speaker. Well, in every gadget, pros and cons are always expected. The Rockville BPA15 unfortunately can’t connect two speakers at the same time via Bluetooth but can surely play music wirelessly through paired audio devices. A plus for this wireless speaker is that it doesn’t overheat even when it’s continuously operating for a good 5 hours at maximum volume.

You’ll surely get a bang for your buck with this awesome speaker!

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4. Pyle PPHP1537UB

“Yeah, it’s a party in the USA!”

Powered Bluetooth PA Microphone System - 15' Active Bass Subwoofer Loudspeaker Built-in USB for MP3 Amplifier - DJ Party Portable Sound Stereo Amp Sub Concert Audio or Band Music - Pyle PPHP1537UB

The Pyle PPHP1537UB is professionally designed for use by bands and DJs at any event or gig. This 1,200-watt 2-way wireless speaker is loud enough to cover wide open spaces. It pushes everything smoothly from bass to highs in an audible audio spectrum.

The titanium diaphragm compression drivers, 15-inch woofer, and 1.75-inch tweeter are protected by a metal grill to ensure a secure, clean and crisp sound. Pyle offers its customers the advantage to its additional features like the 3-channel mixer, XLR, and 1/4″ microphone inputs. The built-in 3.5mm aux-in is compatible with all most audio devices. You can also play music using a USB flash drive or SD memory card. Enjoy wireless freedom as this speaker gives you an incredible 100-feet operational range. You can also wirelessly stream seamless music with any paired Bluetooth devices. Pyle provided a remote control for your convenience.

The Pyle PPHP1537UB wireless speaker is surely fit the bill! It has a durable build with a high-end audio performance that raises the roof. There’s nothing else you can ask for!

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5. QFX SBX-412300BTBL

“Hit the lights, let the music move you, lose yourself tonight!”

QFX SBX-412207BTBL Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Amplifier, Blue

The QFX SBX-412300BTBL wireless speaker pushes everything at a 4,000-watt maximum output with its three 12-inch woofers and three 1-inch tweeters. This speaker has dancing lights that go with the beat of the songs played, so you have a total partying experience. The lights pulsate and get more intense with the loudness of the music.

This fantastic speaker doesn’t only stream your favorite upbeat songs wirelessly. It has a wired option of playing your music using a USB flash drive, an SD card, and an FM tuner. An aux-input cable is also provided to connect another speaker and other audio devices.

You can be the house DJ with this awesome wireless speaker as it can do its job indoors or outdoors. The crowd will surely be blown away with its very tight and precise bass with decent mids and highs. Moreover, it has built-in EQ knobs on the top panel of the speaker. Here, you can adjust the bass and treble according to your DJing preference. Play any genre of music, and the QFX SBX-412300BTBL won’t disappoint you. It’s a great DJ buddy to sum it all up!

For more than thirty years, QFX has been the leading manufacturer of pro DJ speakers the market. They flaunt their cost-effective but innovative product designs without compromising their products’ audio performance to value-conscious customers.

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Take total entertainment with you wherever you go with any of our handpicked the best portable wireless speakers for DJs.

Get this party started!

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