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The Edifier D12 is a good-looking bargain–or so the market and experts alike claim. It isn’t such a baseless claim because we in WirelessSpeakers.com did our research and testing of the product firsthand. The Edifier D12 is a tabletop speaker that will function for its purpose and add to the hype of the room. Here is a short review if you plan to purchase one or are simply curious about the Edifier D12.

Edifier D12: DESIGN

The Edifier D12 has a measurement of 6 x 14 x 8 inches–these numbers include the speaker’s rubber feet. The end caps are of woodgrain, whereas you’ll find a black finish on top of the speaker. There is also a removable soft grill on top, making anyone assume it will cost an arm and a leg or something close.

The ports and cords are on the backside of the speaker. The ports include a captive AC cord, stereo RCA inputs, and the 3.5mm auxiliary input and stereo line out. It is where you’ll also find the power switch.

Going back to the speaker’s top, there are knobs for volume and EQ settings. The EQ settings are limited to adjusting the bass and treble only. Either way, it’s still a good deal.

The Edifier D12 has two woofers measuring 4 inches–each receives an amplification of 20 watts RMS. The twin-tweeters measuring 0.75 get 15 watts RMS.

All in all, Edifier D12’s design doesn’t look outdated, nor does it stick out like a sore thumb anywhere in your house, which is a pretty difficult feat to pull, especially with portable speakers. The Edifier D12 looks handsome, sleek, and quite classy to the eyes–even to the touch.

Edifier D12: FEATURES

The Edifier D12, like most portable speakers brands release one after another, is compatible with Bluetooth v5. Bluetooth v5 promises seamless pairing plus close to no audio delay at all. Such connectivity makes it possible for users to enjoy their party or solemnity in their rooms. Aside from the up-to-date Bluetooth Connectivity version, you also get a remote for the speaker. The remote allows you to control the speaker’s volume, EQ settings, and power.

While there isn’t a port for HDMI connectivity, the speaker has a 3.5mm audio stereo input that will allow you to connect the device to your TV manually. Of course, this is optional for those with Smart TVs. Then again, not everyone has that feature with their TVs, so it is a pretty good port.

Edifier D12: SOUND

Edifier D12’s sound quality is not the best among all the speakers worldwide but, it does its job well. While the maximum volume of the speaker isn’t exactly “ear-defeaning” (which we highly doubt would be anyone’s main interest in getting a speaker like Edifier D12), there’s still a good amount of power that the speaker blasts with. Still, it is best to note that the treble of the Edifier D12 is not as impressive as one would expect–especially when you’re quite particular with your music. There’s not enough detail and clarity with the Edifier D12’s treble that it makes it feel like something is missing with the song that’s playing.

Even with the treble’s unimpressive performance, the bass carries the entire game. The bass response is robust for its price, and it’s quite pleasing to the ears. We believe that the Edifier D12 is a good option for those who want to add life to their rooms or living rooms and casually play songs in the background while doing chores.

Edifier D12: PRICE

The Edifier D12 is available on Amazon for $129.99. Of course, there are better speakers within the same price range, but the Edifier D12 is a speaker of its own.

Edifier D12: VERDICT

The Edifier D12 has an elegant feel and doesn’t look out of place wherever at home. The sound quality may not be impressive for others, but it’s more than good enough for those who want to listen to their favourite songs while keeping themselves busy. The price is reasonable, especially with the design and features the Edifier D12 offers. Either way, if you want a budget-friendly speaker that has plenty of connectivity options and is handsome to boot, you might want to give the Edifier D12 a shot.


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