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Getting a Wireless Speaker

Portable speakers have become very popular nowadays that it seems as if every single household feels the need to have at least one. These portable speakers are Bluetooth-enabled and have a high battery capacity to cater to the needs of a binge-watcher, a music enthusiast, and a gamer, as well. Companies keep massively producing wireless speakers one after another, each newer model better than its predecessors. At times, though, the only change you’ll notice is the design while the features remain the same.

So, with you wanting a wireless speaker of your own, whether it’s for your family or yourself, it gets a little overwhelming when you dive right into picking one. Because there are far too many brands with good speakers, choosing one is challenging.

Here at WirelessSpeaker.com, we’ll drop the top five features you should look for when choosing a speaker, whether in a physical or online store.

Five Features to Look for When Choosing a Wireless Speaker

1. Battery Life

This is, by far, the most important—especially if you want to use it for parties and other social gathering outdoors. A wireless speaker’s battery life is crucial even though you can still use it while plugged into an outlet. Some wireless speakers have huge battery lives, such as SONY, Soundboks, and ION. It is best to keep in mind, though, that several factors can lessen the speaker’s battery life. These factors include the features such as Digital Surround Sound technology, AI Assistant (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SIRI), and LED lights that the speaker may or may not have.

2. Sound Quality

Like getting new headphones and earbuds, you’ll have to keep in mind that you need to check the sound quality of the device you’re getting—especially when it’s a wireless speaker. Speakers have bigger chances of thinning out their bass and treble when the volume is higher than normal. Sometimes, you’ll hear that faint distortion and the audio cracking when the speaker gets too loud—which is a huge NO when getting a wireless speaker. A great way to check the speaker’s frequency before buying it is to play old songs. The older generation didn’t have technologies to help their songs sound better or compress the frequency—they’re as natural as they can get. And many experts in the technology and music industry recommend that you use old songs to test the full potential of a speaker’s frequency and sound quality.

3. Audio Power

This one is important for occasions. Some speakers are loud even when you set them in a low volume—and that’s an impressive feat. Another thing is that loud wireless speakers have lesser chances of thinning out their bass and treble in maximum volume. The louder your speaker is, the bigger the possibility that the bass is thick and the treble is well-balanced enough to resonate through the room’s walls. Audio power adds more flavor to the movies you’re watching, as well. It also adds more hype to songs that make you want to dance!

4. Bluetooth Connectivity

A wireless speaker’s Bluetooth Connectivity is important because your audio quality depends. If the speaker’s Bluetooth connectivity is old, there’s a possibility of audio delay, and you won’t enjoy your movies or music as much as you expect. This feature also opens doors to your speaker pairing with another speaker to give you twice the sound you’re getting from a single one. A wireless speaker’s ability to pair with another speaker or multiple devices gives you more freedom to be creative with your music-playing and get a cinema-like feeling when watching movies. Bluetooth Connectivity also assures you that your speaker is not an old model or outdated.

5. Size

A speaker’s size completely depends on how much space you want to save. A Sound Bar, for example, saves so much space because you can just set it under your TV or mount it on the wall. There are also speakers big enough to blow your party away! You also must consider that the bigger the speaker is, the heavier it gets. You can always look for speakers that have wheels, almost like a trolley, but that is completely dependent on what you want a big or small wireless speaker for.

You need to look out for other features, but those are fully dependent on your reasons for getting a wireless speaker. In short, they’re not broad and are more on a specific target audience. Either way, hopefully, the features above will help you determine the kind of speaker you want!


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