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You may prefer having a theater experience in the comfort of your home. If you plan on bringing the movie theater into your own living room, you’d need a huge TV to pair it with an impressive audio system to imitate a real movie theater experience.

Wireless floor standing speakers aren’t like ordinary tower speakers. These wireless speakers give you absolute freedom from cumbersome wires.

Floor standing speakers give you the comfort of having a surround sound quality on either side of your TV.

For full surround sound, customers love adding a center speaker and a pair of bookshelf speakers to place on both sides of the viewing area. Adding a subwoofer to your system gives you floor-rumbling bass that speakers can’t provide on their own. All these audio components are powered by and connected to an AV receiver.

To get an incredible movie theater experience, you may need to choose wireless tower speakers that have an impressive sound quality in songs and movies. Other essential speaker specifications such as frequency response, impedance, sensitivity, and extended battery life can help you give the best movie experience at home.

With the numerous wireless tower speakers available on the market, finding the right speaker for you may be a tough cookie. You may need to choose the best wireless floor standing speakers to get the most out of your favorite movies and playlists.

Well, we don’t want you to be miserable in your hopes of choosing the best tower speakers. So, we have our picks of the best floor-standing speakers with wireless technology.

Klipsch RP-440WF

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With Klipsch’s 70 years of remarkable acoustic technology, you’re not only buying a floor-standing speaker. You’re choosing a magnificent piece of American audio history.

The Klipsch RP-440WF provides superior audio performance. This tower speaker brings unbelievably lifelike sound to your music and movies especially when you pair it with other Reference wireless speakers. The RP-440WF floor-standing speaker also uses wireless technology to the HD Control Center. This tower speaker is the perfect choice for anyone who is serious about their movies and music.

The Klipsch RP-440WF floor standing speakers have an attractive and sturdy cabinet design. Their top-notch features and clear, smooth audio reproduction makes it easy to give these Klipsch towers a big thumbs up!

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Sykik Pro TSME38BT

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Large and easy-to-read control panels, huge subwoofers, and up to 100W of music for your pleasure – that’s the SYKIK Pro TSME38BT.

This floor-standing speaker also uses wireless technology to any audio source using its seamless Bluetooth connectivity. It also comes with a remote control so you can manage audio settings while relaxing on your comfy sofa. Now you can catch up on your favorite TV shows with the best audio component.

Located on the top of the speaker is a docking station for your tablet or smartphone. The SD memory card slot and USB port are on the sides of the control panel. Having this incredible feature gives you the freedom to enjoy music and movies from other audio sources.

The Sykik Pro TSME38BT has a designer base to protect the tower, as well as a beautiful wood composite that could fit any room design. This tower speaker may not impress an audiophile, but its sound quality and power are incredibly better than you expected.

Frisby FS-6600BT

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The Frisby FS-6600BT may be a wired home theater system, but this amazing audio device has numerous audio features in one package. This audio system has Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity that provides clear, seamless sound transmission from all satellite speakers and audio sources from up to 30 feet distance.

The FS-6600BT subwoofer features an LCD screen, front panel audio control buttons, and remote control. Wired connectivity is possible with this home theater system via a 3.5mm auxiliary input port. The FS-6600BT’s incredible tower speakers offer additional audio conveniences like USB and SD card ports so you can enjoy your favorite tunes from these audio sources.

All speakers and the subwoofer of the Frisby FS-6600BT have a magnetic shield to protect against image distortion from other electronic sources. You’ll have an immersive audio listening experience with the Frisby FS-6600BT as this speaker system can fill your room with lifelike surround sounds.

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Craig CHT917BT

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The Craig CHT917BT tower speaker system provides high-quality audio and super easy wireless technology with your Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad. This speaker is also compatible with other audio sources. And if you want to go old school, it has a built-in digital FM radio if you prefer listening to audio streams.

This tower speaker has a built-in subwoofer and four high-powered speaker systems. Another additional feature with this incredible tower speaker is a docking station for your devices, aux ports, and remote control so you can go through your audio settings easily. You can connect it to any wireless device and watch your favorite TV shows or listen to your favorite audio snack.

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BeFree Sound BFS-TP100W

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Enjoy an ultimate surround sound audio listening experience at the comfort of your home with the beFree Sound BFS-TP100W’s 2.1 channel Bluetooth tower speaker system. This speaker system has a touch of class with its sleek design and smooth sound.

These tower speakers will give justice to your favorite tunes as they will fill your room with decent sound. With the BeFree Sound BFS-TP100W, you can have other listening options for your entertainment. Just play songs through a USB drive, an SD card, or with its integrated digital FM radio.

There’s our pick of the best wireless Bluetooth floor standing speakers. Try checking them out and have an ultimate movie theater audio experience at your own home… And don’t forget your popcorn!

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Wireless Floor Standing Speakers Buying Guide

How We Picked

In picking a floor-standing speaker, we looked for the following qualities:

Floorstanding Speaker Sound Quality

Floorstanding speakers are heavy and large, and they tend to cost more than other types of speakers. But people still settle for them because of their sound quality. In the world of wireless speakers, the best-sounding ones are often floor standing. We know not all of these speakers are built the same. So our team made sure that we’re picking speakers that deliver rich and powerful sound.

Floorstanding Speaker Size

We considered the sizes of the floor-standing speaker too. Our team considered speakers if they fit in a larger or smaller room. If a room is about 250sq ft, then we picked smaller speakers fit for them. But if a room measures more than that, then there’s no limit. We’ve bumped into speakers that stand up to 10 ft tall. But we know that it’s not how big a speaker is, but how it offers a good volume.

Two Way vs. Three-Way Floorstanding Speakers

Since a floor-standing speaker can compile all sound in various frequencies, we considered picking speakers that can handle these best. Each product on this list can dramatically improve sound quality since they have two or more drivers. That’s because when there’s more driver, there are lots of them that can share the load. One driver will focus on the highs, while the rest can focus on the lows and mids.


Since a Bluetooth floor standing speaker is powerful and big with bass, people might expect that it would cost hundreds of dollars. But with our search for the best product, we found ones that come at reasonable prices. We caution against going too low since we don’t want poorly made speakers.

Cabinets and Vibration

As towers can get too loud with bass, it’s expected that there would be lots of vibrations on their outer housing or the cabinet. This means that if a speaker has flimsy cabinets, it will rattle, which can’t be good in the long run. So in choosing the best towers, we looked for those that can power through loud volumes for a long period.

How We Tested 

To make sure that our team only picks the same, we made sure to test each of the items on this list properly. Our professionals took notes of how their parts play an integral role in the sound quality, durability, and overall speaker power and performance. Our team made sure that these Bluetooth speakers can play for longer periods without compromising their audio quality especially the bass. We played them in rooms with different sizes to see if they are truly what they are as advertised.

Who this is for

Bluetooth floor standing speakers are a favorite among those who want speakers with high adaptability and capacity. They can manage without being put on a table or a stand at home. They are for music lovers who enjoy dialogue and vocals in middle ranges since they allow higher frequency responses and ranges.

Features to Consider 

  1. Easy set up (No need for AV receiver or any speaker wires)
  2. Modular design (Towers can be built or integrated over time)
  3. Wired connections (USB, aux, SD)

Common Questions about a floor-standing speaker

Are tower speakers worth it?

Tower speakers are generally better. Big boxes can offer better sound since they can handle bass or low-frequency responses better.

Do I need a subwoofer with floor-standing speakers?

No. You don’t need a subwoofer for your towers. They can function well without them. But you need a subwoofer if you want a fuller listening session with powerful deep bass.

How far apart should floor-standing speakers be?

Ideally, your towers should stand about 8 feet from each other. If your speakers stand too close, their sounds will blend and can get muddy. But if they stand too far apart, there will be an unnecessary gap between the two halves of their stereo image.

Are floor standing speakers better than bookshelf?

No. Floorstanding speakers have their set of strengths and power. They offer a more dynamic bass and soundstage. Their design and build quality are tailored to cater to these qualities. Meanwhile, bookshelf speakers provide better imaging, coherency, and integration.

Helpful Tips

  1. Try not to put the Bluetooth speakers directly on the floor. Get a short stand to protect the tech from any unexpected flood.
  2. Recognize your floor surface attenuation. Since heavily carpeted floors tend to absorb some of the speaker sounds, see if you can lessen this from happening.
  3. Avoid using speaker spikes. Yes, they can help reduce the vibration, but they might scratch your wood floors and even leave holes in your carpet.


Most music enthusiasts would swear by two-channel systems. They would gladly invest in a Bluetooth floor-standing speaker because they know that they can get a full range of sound frequencies. Tower speakers are about power and amazing bass reflex.

Our list offers you the right choices for floor-standing speakers. They’re in different price ranges so that you can pick depending on your budget. We made sure that you can still enjoy the convenience these techs offer wherever you fall in the budget spectrum. You can connect wirelessly or use a USB drive to get your music listening session started.

Did you find what you’re looking for on this list? Are you ready to add more to your cart or you want more options?

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