Are Wireless Smart Speakers the Future for Everything Audio?

Wireless Smart Speakers

Are Wireless Smart Speakers the Future for Everything Audio?

Wireless audio has conquered every household. Furthermore, the introduction of smart speakers had made a positive attention to its users. During the recent RAIN Podcast Business Summit, smart speakers were the eye-catchers of the event. Who wouldn’t be flabbergasted by wireless audio devices that feature voice-activated assistants? Well, that’s what you call entertainment!

According to the data presented by Edison Research, 67 million people listen to podcasts every month.

The summit was focused on the rising demand of smart speakers, considering that one out of 20 million people (7% of Americans) possess no less than one smart speaker. Smart speaker users say that these speakers very convenient and engaging. The smart speaker enhances the user experience in the Internet of Things. It allows its users to engage with voice assistants to manage audio and probably a few household tasks. What’s amazing with these speakers is that the user can wirelessly take control of the device without going through the touch interface.

Smart speakers are relatively new in the market. In 2014, Amazon introduced its first smart speaker, the Amazon Echo. Since then, Amazon dominated the smart speaker industry, controlling over 70% of the smart speaker sector. Many people were also looking for ways to convert speakers to wireless and found it easy to do with wireless adaptor kids. In November 2016, Google joins the competition with their Google Home. Since its release, Google has reached 24% of its sales. In December, Apple will be releasing their very own smart speaker, the Apple HomePod, which had been a top pick for iOS users.

Smart speakers are also catching the eyes of media companies. There’s a possibility for these companies to take advantage of these smart audio devices. They’re putting an optimistic view that a lot of people will avail smart speakers despite their price. What the smart speakers offer to their users matters the most.

Jack Myers, the founder of Media Village, said, “It’s 2017, and a new revolution is happening in advertising. Smart speakers, combined with the plethora of audio content, are about to change media and marketing.”

The future of everything audio is upon us, don’t you think?

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