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With the rise of wireless speakers packing impressive features, Google can’t help but manufacture one to send it as their entry, as well. Of course, the Google Home Mini has Google Assistant and its version of Amazon’s Echo Dot. Since the Google Home Mini Wireless Speaker has been available for quite some time, you can rest assured that the price won’t be as high as you might expect it to be.

That said, Google Home Mini Wireless Speaker needs a little bit more than just looking at its design. As there’s also the price to talk about, let’s examine the speaker piece by piece and see if you’ll find it worth buying. Either way, you can still opt for other brands or give this speaker a shot.

Google Home Mini Wireless Speaker: DESIGN

As cute as it sounds, the Google Home Mini Wireless Speaker resembles a macaron. Although it’s not necessarily as small, the shape and the design give that sort of vibe. The speaker’s top has soft fabric protecting it from dust, while the bottom is matte plastic. This speaker from Google is a palm-top type, its size making it convenient to carry around in your hand or put away in your bag.

Whenever you navigate the speaker by touching or voice command, LED lights at the center of your speaker will indicate that the action is well-received. On the lower half of the Mini Wireless Speaker is where you’ll find the USB port and microphone switch. The microphone switch allows you to turn off active listening—which results in tapping the speaker to interact with it instead of purely using voice commands.

The Google Home Mini Wireless Speaker is available in charcoal black, chalk gray, and coral peach. If you want to have more fun with the speaker, you can put it next to a donut. You’ll find they’re quite close in size.

Google Home Mini Wireless Speaker: FEATURES

The Google Home Mini Wireless Speaker supports Android devices 4.2 and higher, whereas, for iOS, it’s version 9.1 and higher. The speaker also works with Google Assistant and features Far-Field Voice Recognition Technology. So you can give voice commands from afar without worrying whether it’ll reach the speaker or not.

The speaker has tapping features that make using it fun. If you tap the speaker’s top once, it will pause or play music. If you tap the speaker’s right side, you can increase the volume, and tapping the left side will decrease the volume. LED lights will also appear on the top center of the speaker to indicate the registration of your action.

The speaker can also pair with another speaker as long as it’s a product of Google with the Google Home app.

Google Home Mini Wireless Speaker: Sound Quality

The speaker blasts a pretty formidable sound for something so small. Although it can do better, the size itself is a given explanation. You can also answer calls while using the speaker, and you can be sure that there won’t be any audio disruptions. Your voice on the other line will sound clear while the person’s voice in the call is just as clear—as long as, of course, they aren’t in a place where their voice is drowning in the crowd noise.

The Google Home Mini Wireless Speaker already produces great audio, phone calls, and music, so it’s not too far off from other portable speakers from different brands.

Google Home Mini Wireless Speaker: PRICE and VERDICT

You can find the Google Home Mini Wireless Speaker on Newegg for $27.99! It’s already quite a good deal for a speaker of its size, design, and features. There’s also the fact that it’s from Google plus the Google Assistant. With the Far-Field Voice Recognition Technology, you can give voice commands even when you’re 10 feet away from the speaker, and the AI will catch your words clearly and concisely. Although there’ll be a little problem if your environment is too noisy, then again, no one would want to shout at their speaker lying 10 feet away from them in the middle of the party, right? That aside, Google Home Mini Wireless Speaker is formidable in its way, especially if you like cute-looking speakers or are going for something aesthetically pleasing.


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