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Large screen TVs found their way to home theaters. Having your own home theater system could be a little expensive, but these devices assure you great music and movie experience.

To complete the package, maybe you want to buy an outstanding set of wireless speakers to complement your smart screen TV. Talking about home theaters includes the sound quality, and you want to go a little extra in here, right?

We’ve gathered a set of wireless speakers that could help you achieve the sound quality that you want for your very own home theater system.

1. Klipsch Reference Premiere HD

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This surround sound system is considered to be one of the best speakers for home theaters. The package includes a central hub, two bookshelf speakers, two floor-standing speakers, center channel and powered subwoofer.

Each item is sold separately, but this configuration is recommended for you and who knows, you might save when you purchase this setup.

The Klipsch RP-HUB1 HD Control Center is a wireless transmitter hub and responsible for controlling for Klipsch’s wireless speakers. This control center supports 2-channel stereo and can be expanded up to 7.1 configurations.

Klipsch’s standing wireless speakers and the center channel is powered by 125 watts total built-in amplifier. Connecting to the main source which is the Klipsch’s control center is easy since it comes with a dedicated button for pairing.

The bookshelf speakers are powered by 50 watts total built-in amplifier. A 250-watt integrated amplifier powers the Klipsch Reference Premiere HD’s subwoofer. All four speakers have a bass reflex cabinet design.

A little reminder for you, it’s wireless regarding sending audio signals to each speaker. Each item in this package still needs AC power. But you’ll never regret this combo.

2. Samsung HW-K950 with Dolby Atmos 5.1.4

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This is one of the two Samsung sound bars that are best associated with 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos set up: five surround speakers, one subwoofer and four overhead speakers.

The HW-K950’s primary speakers have two sets of drivers directly facing towards the ceiling and three sets of a forward-firing driver with an individual dedicate tweeter. This setting allows the sound to distribute equally around the room.

This sound bar comes in a rectangular block and has smooth edges. The front and top part are grille covered. There’s also a LED screen in front which is responsible for input display and volume.

A blue-light indicator at the right end part of the soundbar implies it’s connected to the Dolby Atmos.

The two rear speakers are wireless, and like the soundbar, it has a driver on top that faces the ceiling to provide vertical sounds. Since this unit is wireless, just plug the main source, and other parts automatically connect.

Overall, the Samsung HW – K950 is equipped with 15 speakers and divided through a 5.1.4 set up. The speaker is equipped with 500W drivers that produce a decent bass response. Drivers facing the ceiling helps you get this feeling that there’s a speaker somewhere above you.

Controlling the subwoofers isn’t hard because the speaker system comes with a remote control for managing audio. However, the speaker currently doesn’t support DTS Master audio formats when playing Blu-ray movies. But that’s not really an issue if you’re after with the sound quality.

3. Sonos PLAYBAR 5.1

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If your budget is just enough this combo is for you. Regardless of size, Sonos is known for their quality speakers. They even leveled up to provide a wireless speaker for home theaters.

Avail the PLAYBAR 5.1 setup in one complete package. No need for you to look for wireless speakers that would match your Sonos PLAYBAR. The package includes two PLAY:1 surround speakers and one Sonos SUB as the subwoofer.

Sonos PLAYBAR has already built-in amplifiers and another nine built-in speakers which composed of six midrange drivers and three tweeters. PLAYBAR is capable of connecting to your TV and cable box through an optical digital audio cable.

The Sonos PLAYBAR Subwoofer has two noise-canceling woofers which produce deep bass and distortion-free sounds. Sonos SUB also has two digital amplifiers which make a great pair of woofers and acoustic architecture.

Although it’s small, the two PLAY:1 wireless speakers have two built-in amplifiers and speakers which has one midrange driver, and one tweeter included.

4. Axiim Q H.D 7.1

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This 5.1 configuration home theater set is consist of central AV receiver and can be expanded to 7.1 speaker system.

When compared to other units, Axiim Q’s AV receiver is much smaller. The compact size of this device has its own purpose. It’s built with smaller amplifiers, and this makes the AV receiver use less power. There are a total of six HDMI inputs, multiple USB ports, and eSATA port. All of these features are used in connecting external AV sources.

The Axiim Q system is packaged by three types of speakers: center channel, subwoofer and surround speakers.

A center speaker is composed of 1-inch tweeter placed in the center and surrounded by two 4 inch woofers.

The subwoofer has a 10-inch driver and approximately 15.9 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches in size.

Axiim Q H.D 7.1’s surround speakers have small bookshelf type units. It’s composed of a 4-inch mid-range woofer and 1-inch tweeter. When deciding where to put these speakers, it’s not difficult because it can be placed anywhere. This speaker even has a floor stand, but it’s sold separately.

Each speaker is uniquely assigned to a designated channel. Although audio signals are transmitted wirelessly, speakers still require AC power.

5. Enclave CineHome HD 5.1

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Another home theater setup you might want to consider is the 5.1 configuration from Enclave.

The whole setup is controlled by a ‘Smart Center’ that uses WiSA standards. Like any other units, speakers are still connected to AC power. The speaker system has three HDMI inputs and one output allocated to your TV. An optical port and a regular 3.5 mm stereo input is also an included feature.

Center speakers have a bass reflex design. The driver has 120mm tweeter and 280mm mid-range woofers. It’s capable of flanking from 100Hz-20kHz. The two main speakers also have bass reflex designs. Enclave CineHome HD 5.1 speaker’s driver has one 20mm tweeter and 280mm mid-range woofers. The frequency response of both rear speakers and subwoofers can reach up to 20kHz.

With great sound quality, Enclave’s CineHome is surely a cheaper but worthy investment. The CineHome can be a good start in building your very own home theater.

There are lots of pair-ups for completing your home theater system. Just make sure they work well together. Although it’s expensive, watching movies and listening music is surely a different perspective. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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