Kakkoii Qb Pantone Speaker Review

Kakkoii Qb Pantone Speaker Reviewa
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Entertain yourself with good music and bright colors with the Kakkoii Qb Pantone speaker. It’s a handy wireless speaker that comes in different vibrant colors and a unique design. KAKKOii worked together with Pantone Universe to create this small but powerful wireless speaker. It depicts art, quality, and design, all in one wireless speaker.

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The KAKKOii Qb Pantone wireless speaker has a cube shape and comes in 6 vibrant color variations. Choose from Blue Aster, Flame Scarlet, Caviar, Ceramic, Sunkist Coral and Spectra Yellow. Choose whatever color that best suits your youthful and fun personality. They all have a young and funky design.

It may come in a cube design, but it has a flat edge in one corner with a KAKKOii label. With this unique design, you can place this wireless speaker with that edge on the platform.

The design makes the cube-shaped speaker stand diagonally.

A silicone material covers the lower part of the wireless speaker. The audio production happens in the top panel of the speaker in the plastic speaker grill. If positioned like a cube, you can find a round button at the bottom that functions as power and play/pause button.

Sound Quality

Inside the Kakkoii Qb Pantone is a 3-watt speaker that pumps up its volume production and audio quality. It’s small and lightweight, but it produces an excellent audio performance. Enjoy the Kakkoii Qb Pantone speaker’s audio performance clutter-free with the Bluetooth connection. For this to happen, you can just turn on the speaker and turn on the Bluetooth on your audio device. Pair them together and start streaming music without wire interruptions.

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This different wireless speaker is easy to bring from places to places. Aside from its light weight and Bluetooth connection, it’s powered by a rechargeable battery.


The rechargeable battery runs up to 3-4 hours depending on the volume level when you’re using it. Charging time for this speaker takes approximately 1.5 hours before it’s fully charged.

Feast your ears and eyes with the KAKKOii Qb Pantone wireless speaker. The young and vibrant design will help you relax and enjoy your music sessions even more.


The KAKKOii Qb Pantone wireless speaker is pretty portable. I can bring it anywhere and enjoy the music everywhere I go. I got mine in Flame Scarlet and it’s so cool.

Product Comparison


  • Kakkoii Qb Pantone Speaker

  • DimensionDimension
  • WeightWeight
  • BatteryBattery
  • Battery LifeBattery Life
  • CableCable
  • Charging TimeCharging Time
  • ManufacturerManufacturer
  • OriginOrigin
  • PricePrice

  • Dimension2.1 x 1.9 x 2.1 Inches
  • Weight3 Ounces
  • BatteryRechargeable Battery
  • Battery LifeOn use: 3 – 4 hours
  • CableIncluded
  • Charging TimeApproximately 1.5 hours
  • ManufacturerKakkoii
  • OriginChina
  • Price$$

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