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Transparent is a new company that is already making a name for itself with its speakers with unique designs. The Transparent is a Stockholm-based brand, easily launching an actual transparent speaker that takes the form of lanterns. Other than exceptional, the design is also pleasing to the eyes–almost magical. You can take your camping to a higher level with these lantern-like products that Transparent is releasing for everyone to enjoy.

As if we thought it couldn’t get more magical than that, the speaker’s light also flickers along with the music it plays. The company claims it was a meticulous creation since they aim to make the speaker’s light look like actual flames, flickering and swaying idly.

The Light Speaker is Transparent’s first portable speaker to launch to the public, garnering quite positive attention due to its magical appearance. Of course, with the growing number of consumers who most likely prefer aesthetically pleasing items for their rooms, Transparent is tapping right onto the doors of their reality.

Light Speaker by Transparent: The Design

The entire speaker is a combination of borosilicate glass and black aluminum casing. It gives off such a magical vibe with the small LED lights in the mirror, functioning as the speaker’s flame, flickering to the mercy of the music. Although not all genres of music are compatible with the hypnotic vibe of the speaker’s LED lights, there’s still a good number of songs that could bring out the little dancing flame, flickering and swaying to the melody.

Of course, the design gives medieval fans quite an alluring feel, especially with the material used in crafting the speaker.

It’s good to know that the company, Transparent, exerted its effort in creating this speaker. It conducted several types of research to find the best LED lights that will work the way they envision it to within the glass frame of the speaker. The result of their maximum efforts is definitely worth applauding. Witnessing the LED lights taking the form of the flame within the glass is no problem in dark rooms or at night when out camping with a couple of your friends. Still, the speaker gives a comforting kind of solemnity when in your room at night–especially when accompanied by slow music.

Light Speaker by Transparent: Features and Sound

The highlight of this speaker, aside from its appearance, is the LED lights. The fact that they function as an artificial flame to complete the look of the Light Speaker is already amenable in itself. You can shift the light’s color from the usual orange shade to soft yellows and stark white to add to its charm. Such stains can get bright enough that you can substitute them for your phone’s torchlight.

In this Light Speaker, Alexa does not exist. Unlike the other speakers, the Light Speaker doesn’t require any app, nor is the company planning to create one. So no, you can’t adjust the EQ settings of the speaker, nor does it have voice controls. You only have your phone to maneuver around with the songs. If you’re not the type to rely on Alexa most of the time and prefer shifting songs on your own, you won’t have any problems with the Light Speaker.

Aside from the lack of a voice command feature, unlike most speakers, the Light Speaker has a 5.0 Bluetooth Connectivity that allows seamless pairing with other devices. Although the speaker is behind with the times, like the voice command feature, it didn’t fail to catch up to Bluetooth Connectivity. The speaker also has a small resilience to water, with its rate falling on IPX2. Granted, it’s not much resilience present, but it still works, especially when accidents occur, such as sprinkles of water or small splashes of rain through the window. Either way, the speaker is still quite durable with utmost care.

As for the sound quality of the Light Speaker, we can confidently say that it’s above average compared to most Bluetooth speakers within its price range. Even though you can’t customize the EQ settings to suit your preferences, the speaker produces enough warmth and clarity with every music genre. The appearance of the speaker screams for slow music, though, instead of loud genres. That aside, compared to the first generation of UE Megaboom, the Light Speaker felt more comfortable to the ears despite not enhancing much on the bass. Yes, you can hear the bass in the songs, but it’s not overpowering, unlike in other speakers–it’s just enough to satisfy your need for some deep thumping bass. The Light Speaker is quite gentle in all of its aspects. But we don’t recommend setting the speaker’s volume higher than usual because the sound tends to get a little bit thinner to the point of hearing faint static noises. Such a downside denotes how casual users fit the speaker more than music enthusiasts who prefer loud, domineering speakers.

Light Speaker by Transparent: Price

There is this expectation that a speaker with no distinct features, unlike other speakers, would be cheap with a budget-friendly price. That is where this expectation is wrong. Despite its lack of voice command feature, the Light Speaker, the low water resilience rate, unadjustable EQ settings, and thin sound quality in max volume, the speaker costs $350. The price alone makes consumers think of all the other speakers out there that are available and affordable with much more features to offer than the Light Speaker.

And no one is to blame for thinking that way. The price is indeed too high for such a small and vulnerable speaker. Still, for consumers who are not too picky on their music’s audio and prefer the appearance’s quality, we’re sure the speaker would still make its way up the popularity poll. Because although it lacks the features most speakers have, the breathtaking design of the speaker is enough that it will make you think twice about not buying it. It is beautiful, that’s a fact. The sound quality isn’t so bad, either. So what if it doesn’t have a voice command? It’s much more enjoyable to scroll through your phone and pick the songs, especially when you’re paying attention to the lyrics?

Light Speaker by Transparent: Conclusion

On the bottom line, the Light Speaker is the favorite choice of consumers who like that quiet solemnity and medieval air around the lantern-like speaker. It’s like bringing your fairytale into your room enclosed in a small glass with the artificial flame flickering around.


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