McIntosh’s RS150 replaces their RS100 and is said to perform better than its predecessor. The RS150 has a compact design that gives the user ease of use plus good sound quality. Although the design is a little on the retro side and not as modern as anyone would expect, it still proves to be attractive to those who like those kinds of vibes from their devices. 

The RS150 is good for passively listening to music while you’re whipping up recipes in the kitchen or watching a movie. Since the RS150 is the successor of the RS100, it’s a given that it performs better with upgraded features. Either way, whether it suits your tastes or not depends on what you think after reading this review. Please see the review below.

McIntosh RS150 Wireless Speaker: DESIGN

The McIntosh RS150’s design leans more on the classy side designed to stand out. It’s a rectangular box with knobs on each side that you’ll find on the bottom part, and it’s as big as a coffee maker machine. The knob on the right is responsible for adjusting volume. You can press it, as well, to turn the speaker on/off. The knob on the left, on the other hand, is responsible for Bluetooth pairing. Push this knob to activate the speaker’s Bluetooth Mode so you can pair your devices.

In between the knobs is an LED screen indicator of your audio output level. The levels are: -40dB, -30dB, -20dB, -10dB, and 0. Under the LED screen indicator is the McIntosh brand embedded in a Monster font. The brand name blinks green when the speaker is on, as well. These controls are on the front glass panel of the speaker. It’s almost ¼ of the entire device.

Above the glass panel is a grille that you can easily remove, so you’ll see the woofer and tweeters beneath it. It’s also okay to keep the woofer and tweeter exposed as long as you don’t get splashes of water on it.

On the lower back portion of the speaker is where you’ll find ports for an ethernet connection (if you please) and other Wi-Fi protocols.

McIntosh RS150 Wireless Speaker: FEATURES

The McIntosh RS150 Wireless Speaker supports AirPlay 2 connection. While it does, the speaker will need a wireless router to make the pairing possible. The only downside is that the router does not come with purchasing the said speaker. It’s also possible to use voice command on the speaker through Google Assistant, but that also needs a wireless router sold separately. If these aren’t a cause for concern for you, then you’ll be satisfied with the upgraded Bluetooth Connectivity of 5.0. The McIntosh RS150 can also connect to your Spotify account, so it’s easier to stream music with it. The RS150’s frequency response ranges from 48Hz to 20kHz with a crossover frequency of over 2,000Hz.

One thing you have to know about the RS150 is that the device goes to sleep after an hour of inactivity. So this means that it won’t be discoverable on any devices. An easy fix would be to tap the speaker on, wait for it to buffer and then be a little patient with your phone scanning for the device for reconnection. You can disable the Sleep Mode for your RS150 through the Settings, by the way.

McIntosh RS150 Wireless Speaker: SOUND QUALITY

The RS150’s sound quality is top-tier. If you’re a Tidal Hi-Fi subscriber, the RS150 is highly compatible with tracks that have high resolutions. If it’s just shaking your house with big bass and thick, loud music, RS150 can easily deliver. That aside, if you need to change the bass’ power, you can do that through the speaker’s Settings that you can find on your device upon pairing.

The RS150 observes proper balance with every music genre it streams and enhances the right elements of the song. You won’t need to worry about the vocals or the instruments drowning in one another because RS150 is fair in upscaling those. There is a good amount of treble and bass enough to throw a party at home or even outside. The RS150’s max volume stretches out to a wide diameter that could reach your neighbour’s ears.

McIntosh RS150 Wireless Speaker: PRICE

McIntosh has always been releasing speakers that cost an arm and a leg, and fairly enough, the RS150 is considered their most affordable speaker in the market. The RS150 costs about $1,200 both in physical and online stores.

McIntosh RS150 Wireless Speaker: VERDICT

The McIntosh RS150 is truly a beast both with its price and sound quality. If you’re looking for a high-end speaker, McIntosh’s RS150 is the perfect fit for you. It doesn’t blend into your home, but it stands out and is loud enough to get you dancing.