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Montana to Install Wireless Speakers

The largest fundraiser of the Billings Depot came up with a new idea to light up the downtown.

The Billings Outdoor Lighting teamed up with a team of lighting specials from California to embellish five trees with up to 2,000 feet of permanent lights.

Sub-zero temperatures didn’t sway the crews to stop working on Wednesday, wrapping each tree to the top.

This initiative is part of the extensive neighborhood beautification project. The Depot has been putting efforts for this initiative for two years where the trees on Montana Avenue will be wrapped in light paired with wireless speakers.

As part of the realization of Depot’s project, they reached out to Bruce Brenon who’s the owner of Shine Illumination. The company is known as a professional lighting company. It’s based in San Juan Capistrano in the Southern part of California.

Brenon said that lighting is an easy way to add life inexpensively. “A fairly inexpensive way to do it without having to change the facade of the building and things like that,” he pointed out. He said the community of Billings possess varied beauty and elements that remind him of Kansas.

Creating a ‘wow factor’ to the downtown area is the pursuit of the project.

The owner of the Outdoor Lighting, Grant Fagg, said that he loves to see the revitalization going, and the project is just one of the steps they could do. “If we could get the majority of town to light up the trees, it’d be a unifying thing. It would bring people to Billings, and it would bring people to downtown,” Fagg continued.

To further expand the project, both Brenon, and Fagg will donate their time for the project before Saturday’s Taste of Billings Gala.

Brenon also works with Harvey Singh, a Depot Board Member, and an area businessman, to light up the front of his restaurant, the Seva Kitchen on North Broadway. He’s currently available for consultations for other areas that might need lighting solutions to make the establishment more alluring all year round.


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