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Imagine speeding up your motorcycle and feeling the adrenaline rush as well as the air gushing in your face, it’s a very good time. But it’ll be perfect with your favorite playlist accompanying you in the background. It’s the perfect bundle especially at night while you’re driving on long roads. There’s just something special about this combination especially for adventurers like you. But how?

What bikers and music lovers like you need is a wireless speaker that goes perfectly with your motorcycle.

In this article, we’ll feature the best wireless speakers for motorcycles. But first, here are few things to check before buying wireless motorcycle speakers:

These wireless speakers for motorcycles will make your next ride the best one you’ll ever have.

What We Recommend

We decided that the best value product for a Boss MC420B Motorcycle and ATV 600W Sound System.
In case, this choice is no longer in stock, or you want something slightly different, we consider the Pyle PLMCA31BT 400-Watt Motorcycle Sound System the next best choice.

Our Top Pick: Boss MC420B Motorcycle and ATV 600W Sound System

We’ve listed the 5 best wireless speakers for motorcycle riding below.

How We Picked and Tested?

Our expert team at WirelessSpeakers.com made sure you get the best deals for your specific audio needs. Finding the best audio systems for your motorcycle can mean considering a lot of options. We researched each customer review, brand, price, and features. Price range is also one of the factors considered. We browsed through top reviewed, impressive sound quality, and top-featured products with the best in mind.

After thorough testing by our professionals, they carefully compared, picked, and came up with a comprehensive list of the BEST motorcycle audio system you can find in the market.

Who is this for?

This list is specially made for music lovers who want to bring their music with them even on their motorcycle rides and even sharing it with others! We agree that you can never go wrong with good music and a great motorcycle ride. Browse through our list of Bluetooth-enabled motorcycle audio systems. Each speaker system comes in a different price range.

1. Boss MC420B Motorcycle and ATV 600W Sound System

BOSS Audio Systems MC420B Motorcycle Speaker System – Class D Compact Amplifier, 3 Inch Weatherproof Speakers, Volume Control, Great for ATVs, Motorcycles and All 12 Volt Vehicles

When it comes to bikers/music lovers, this motorcycle speaker from Boss audio comes in first. Enjoy quality music with the Boss MC420B wireless motorcycle speakers while driving through roads and trails. It features a 600 wattage power where it plays music flawlessly with enough power even you’re on a noisy street.

The sound system comes with a pair of 3-inch weatherproof speakers that can withstand any weather without compromising its sound quality. It also comes with two handlebar mounts and an amplifier to enhance your music experience. It has an in-line volume control that you can easily reach. This provides you with the utmost convenience and safe from distractions while on the road.

Stream your music without being distracted by wires with a Bluetooth connection while speeding up with your vehicle. You can listen to Spotify or Pandora at any time. If you want to stream music from devices without Bluetooth, there’s an available auxiliary input.

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2. Pyle PLMCA31BT 400-Watt Motorcycle Sound System

Pyle PLMCA31BT 400-Watt Motorcycle Weatherproof Bluetooth Sound System with Speakers, Amplifier and 3.5mm iPod Input

Another great wireless motorcycle speaker is the Pyle PLMCA31BT 400-Watt Motorcycle Sound System. This sound system includes a pair of 2.25-inch weatherproof speakers that’ll survive any weather. So you can go on and enjoy a good motorbike ride with background music playing. Its power is really loud with its 200 wattage power. An amplifier is also included to enhance your music time while riding your motorcycle.

You can easily connect any audio source with the Pyle PLMCA31BT 400-Watt Motorcycle Sound System with your two-wheeled vehicle. Just use its Bluetooth version 3.0 technology to stream from your smartphone. Don’t fret if your device doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature since you can connect them using the 3.5mm stereo input jack.

Easily mount this speaker to your motorcycle with its easy chrome stainless mounting brackets. It includes an in-line volume control so you can quickly adjust the volume level without distracting your driving.

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3. BOSS Audio MC470B Bluetooth Motorcycle Sound System

BOSS Audio Systems MC470B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System - Class D Compact Amplifier, 3 Inch Weatherproof Speakers, Volume Control, Great for Use With ATVs and 12 Volt Vehicles

Boss audio systems have been offering great speakers in the market for some time now. The Boss Audio MC470B Bluetooth Motorcycle Sound System can be a great music company while you’re speeding up on the road with your favorite vehicle. You can either choose a black or silver design. The sound system comes with two pairs of 3-inch full-range speakers and a 1000-watt power amplifier. These two go hand in hand to provide an amazing music experience while you’re on the road.

What makes this wireless speaker great for motorcycles? It has a Bluetooth connection that has the power to stream your favorite tunes without the need for wires! It can also play tunes from audio systems that don’t have Bluetooth since it has 3.5mm auxiliary input.

The package comes with high-quality speaker mounts in four pieces and a wired remote control that you can accessibly use to regulate the volume level. You won’t have a hard time reaching for the right button to manage the volume level. The speakers are made weatherproof so you can go through the day with just your motorcycle and favorite music playing.

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4. Familyus New Style Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Motorcycle Scooter Bike ATV Jet Ski Stereo Sound System Radio Handlebar Mount FM Radio MP3 Player (Gold)

The Familyus New Style Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Speaker is a specially designed waterproof speaker for motorcycles with a universal fit. It uses metal aluminum, double horn hollow out, and machine stripe design that becomes a great accessory for your motorcycle. It features an IP4 water-resistant rating which means it can resist splashes of water while playing music on the road.

To play music with this wireless speaker for motorcycles, you can use the Bluetooth connection to stream from your smartphone and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can also play music while in your vehicle through devices with its 3.5mm input, and it also includes a clear FM radio!

The speaker includes a mounting bracket on the side, a data cable, and two speakers. In the middle of a tube-shaped speaker is a digital display that shows the radio station you’re listening to. Below its display are the six buttons for volume, power, and mode.

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5. GoldenHawk USA Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

GoldenHawk 3in. Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Motorcycle Stereo Speakers 7/8 in. Handlebar Mount MP3 Music Player Sound Audio Amp System Scooter ATV UTV w/ USB 2.0, FM Radio, Chrome

Our last on this list of motorcycle speakers is the GoldenHawk USA Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers that are available in black and chrome colors. Because of its design, features, and performance, it makes a good music accessory that you can mount on your motorcycle. It’s packaged with a waterproof solid case. You’ll be sure it’s safe for any mood of ride you’re on.

The sound system can offer to blast audio with its two LED speakers with an effective frequency range of 165Hz to 12kHz that plays your favorite songs so well that makes your ride worthwhile. It supports a Bluetooth connection for wireless playing with an operational range of up to 15 meters. An SD card slot and USB hub are available so you can play music from memory cards and flash drives. You can also listen to music with the local FM radio stations.

You can check your vehicle info but we can assure you that this thing can be easily installed on your motorcycle with its set of installation accessories. It also comes with a functional clock with a digital display. Along with the display are buttons to manage your tracks and volume. You can also find the power and mode button there.

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Common Questions When Choosing the Best Audio System Speakers for Motorcycle Riding


The best motorcycle speaker can mean a lot of things. If you’re searching manually in your search query, it can be a task. There are many buying choices you can think of for your bikes’ speakers. No matter what budget you have in mind or searching for handlebar speakers or not, something right for you is waiting out there. But here are some brief items you can look out for in considering what makes a wireless speaker the best.

Sound Quality

Even if audio system brands claim that they offer the best sounding wireless speakers, only you can determine if it’s the best for you. This is especially true if you listen to different genres of music while on long bike rides. The golden rule in choosing the best value motorcycle speakers is making sure it features a high-quality subwoofer and tweeter. You want speaker pods that will handle all-terrain you’ll ride on without rattling loose.

Speaker Size

You should also consider the thickness and overall size of the motorcycle speaker. Choose motorcycle audio systems that will not look funny on your bike due to a disproportionate appearance. Also, make sure it will not affect your chance to ride the bike comfortably. The diameter and depth of the Bluetooth speaker will have a direct effect on the frequency range and the sound quality.

Wireless Connectivity

The audio output and speaker size will be useless if their compatibility is limited to your devices and your bike. It needs to have Bluetooth technology since most devices are Bluetooth-enabled. The Bluetooth receiver should have enough wireless range. Too many cables in speakers may be uncomfortable for riding a motorcycle.

Speaker Type

Motorcycle audio systems usually come in different types. There are helmet speakers, handlebar speakers, and Bluetooth speakers. In making a decision, your sound system tastes should be your guide. A weatherproof motorcycle handlebar speakers, for all rain rides, are also a real plus point. You want to get a speaker that fits your bike fits well and has the features you want.

Waterproof Features

Don’t make the mistake of your motorcycle picking standard, “indoor” speakers or even car audio speakers. Unless they are waterproof, the odds are that the rain and humidity will damage them. In the electrical parts, moisture will settle, allowing the speakers to short-out. Thankfully, there are different styles of waterproof speakers that offer waterproof type.

Battery Life

Another no-brainer factor in choosing your speakers is battery life. If you’re someone who only uses their audio systems to travel around town, battery life won’t be a deal-breaker. But if you’re looking for a selection of speakers that you can use while riding around the country or for a few hours at a time, then it’s certainly going to matter. But expect that longer battery life may come with a higher price, but if you’re someone who’s going to use your speakers for several hours a day, it’s worth the higher price tag.


Maybe you’ve been riding a bike for years and you can’t see the point of having speakers since you ride to get away from it all and enjoy the freedom and the sound of your own engine roaring in your ears. You may not have thought of it, but you may not know you need it. We list some items as to why you need one.

Reasons why you should get one:


Of course, there’ll be times when you should turn your Bluetooth-enabled speaker off and pay close attention to the road. But if you’ve spent many years riding around, then the odds are you’re probably pretty comfortable with your vehicle and how to use it.

Before choosing the device for your bike, make sure it features easy to control volume for certain situations.


So are these speakers legal to use in your state? Unfortunately, there are some states or countries that don’t allow such devices on your bike. Because of this, it’s important that you review your state regulations and rules before you buy to make sure that it’s legal to use speakers on the road.

Best Bluetooth Speaker Sound System for Motorcycle Riding Summary

So there you go! These are the best finds of motorcycle stereo speakers. Feel free to search for the products listed yourself. You can order some of the products online via Amazon and have them safely delivered to your delivery address.

We hope you enjoy this buyer’s guide, in addition to our experts’ reviews has helped you determine the right speakers for you, how wireless speakers can enhance your riding experience, which features to look for, and which type of speakers will work the best for you and your budget.

Feel the air gushing through your skin with our buying choices. Speed up through roads and trails while jamming with your favorite music with wireless motorcycle speakers!

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