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Everybody who’s a fan of the movie Neighbours (2014) didn’t escape Zac Efron and Dave Franco’s deadly combo. They’re the alpha males of the Delta Psi Fraternity. Their characters in the movie mainly evolved on pulling off successful all-night house parties almost every night.

While watching the film, you might think that their dazzling smiles and perfectly sculpted abs are the keys to their parties’ success. But if you look closely, or in this case, listen carefully, you’ll notice how the musical score rocked the entire party scenes.

While zooming into the party scenes, you might be wondering if it’s possible to pull off those kinds of parties in real life. If yes, how?

If you’re up for testing the waters and want to try pulling off a party the Delta Psi way, you’ll need to get the basic yet the most vital aspect. You need to have the best party speaker! Whether you’re partying at home, on the beach, these

A good set of party speakers can turn around a boring party into a party that your friends don’t want to miss. Get ready to spice up your life with these speakers!

How We Picked and Tested

The expert team at held our own party using different speakers to come up with this list! Can you imagine the fun we have to go through? We tested different wireless speakers marketed for blasting parties. Considering the volume, sound quality, portability, price, customer reviews, and size, our professional team came up with the list of best wireless party speakers!

Who Is This For

Wireless party speakers are for those who want to bring the party with them all the time! The rechargeable battery of this specific type of Bluetooth speaker will definitely level up your party listening experience. Browse through our comprehensive list and find the speakers that’ll rock every party you’ll ever host! Blow the minds of every guest in your party with good music, too!


What We Recommend

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Our Top Pick: Ion Audio Party Rocker Max

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We’ve listed the 5 best wireless party speakers for 2018 below.

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The list of factors in choosing the right kind of party speaker is quite a list, right? But if you want a quick guide in selecting a cost-effective party speaker, check out our top-rated choices listed below!

1. Ion Audio Party Rocker Max

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Open the gates and welcome your guests. Jumpstart the party vibe with this powerful speaker that has vibrant spinning lights. The light dome fills the room with 6 animating colors: Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Orange, White.

If you have a friend who wants to imitate Snoop Dog in his superb vocal party scene in Old School (2003), worry no more! Ion Audio Party Rocker Max provides a professional-sounding Karaoke for the singers and singers-wanna-be.

With a whopping 1” tweeter and 6.5” woofer, this party speaker does its best job. It fills the party with ear-banging but smooth-sounding jams. With 50 watts of dynamic power to energize your party, your guests won’t have enough room for rocking the night! Plus, the colorful lights will set up the party vibe just right.

Portability isn’t an issue for the Ion Audio Party Rocker Max. You can carry it around like your regular suitcase, only with excellent sound quality around.

Didn’t we mention that this is a list of the best ‘wireless’ speakers? Yes, wireless! Gone are days when you have to use cords before you can enjoy your jams. The Ion Audio Party Rocker Max is Bluetooth-enabled, which means you can connect it to your computer, mobile phone, tablet, iPod and stream your music wirelessly.

Also, you don’t have to worry about having to charge it in the middle of the heat of the party. The Ion Audio Party Rocker Max has a superb built-in rechargeable battery that provides hours of battery life for uninterrupted fun. Sounds amusing, right?

The Ion Audio Party Rocker Max is number one on this list for a strong reason. Its cost-affectivity is no joke. Now this calls for a celebration!

2. Sharper Image SBT1008

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Let’s get it straight. We all want the cheapest of the best kind of wireless party speaker. Surprise! We got it sorted out for you.

Surprisingly economical, it comes with amazing qualities that are suited for your party speakers’ needs and a bass boost you never thought you needed.

The speaker has multiple functions which include a guitar jack, mic-in port, volume, and echo controls. The speaker also has equalizers for customizing sound. Now you can play as a DJ with your user-friendly buttons.

With its retractable handle and wheels at the base, its portability is beyond surprising. But this is just above the iceberg when it comes to its excellent qualities. You can check it out at

3. Pyle Street Blaster

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It’s written in history that the movie Animal House is one of the best party-themed movies in the US. Now, you can remake an all-time favorite scene from this 70s hit movie the new millennium way.

All thanks to the Pyle Street Blaster Wireless Bluetooth Boom Box Speaker, your party can have enhanced quality for your bass guitar. It has a full-range stereo sound reproduction that can give your party a well-funded audio vibe.

Also, it gives you 2 wireless audio streaming options. It’s Bluetooth with NFC technology-enabled. It also comes with an aux input connector so you can have the liberty to connect your devices whenever you wish.

With its 100 Watt MAX Power, surely the house will go wild!

4. Proreck Party Speakers

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If your priority in choosing a party speaker is portability and great sound, then the Proreck party speaker is for you!

Boasting its 2000-Watt max capacity, the Proreck party speaker won’t let you down. If you have this at your party, even Selena Gomez might rob a bank just to get in! (At least in the movie Spring breakers surely she will.)


This 2-way powered PA System combo set throws a show-stopping quality of sound. Equipped with a 15″ woofer and compression driver that has a 1.35″ Titanium diaphragm, you can get high with ‘eargasm.’

The Proreck party speaker provides multi-functional input options. It allows Bluetooth, USB/SD Card Reader, and FM Radio functions.

No worries about this model’s cost-efficiency. It’s packed with various qualities that ensure every penny you spend is worth it.

5. Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

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Although it has the word ‘Big’ in its name, its portability is a great deal. It’s designed with grip handles and measures 6.3″w x 6.3″d x 15.8″h. It means you can hand-carry it around anywhere you want.

You can also enjoy the freedom of playing your favorite jam with its superb Bluetooth technology. It allows Bluetooth connectivity over a range as far as 33 feet. Sounds downright hassle-free, right?

This Big Blue Party Speaker brags its 4-full range speaker drivers that can deliver 360° sound. Its aural inclusivity commands your friends to dance ‘til they can’t feel their feet!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we classify a good party speaker?


Finding a low-cost party speaker is easy. Finding a ‘cost-effective’ party speaker is a different story. Cost-effective means you don’t have to compromise the quality for a low price. If your budget is limited, finding a ‘cost-effective’ party speaker can be tricky.

Sound quality

We’re talking about party speakers that could attract a huge crowd. Sound quality should be a top priority in acquiring a good set of party speakers. You have to know the factors that tell you its capacity to produce an incredible audio performance. Some sound parameters that may need to be considered are the watts, decibels, audio range levels, speaker size, and a number of speakers. Check the features below to ensure great audio quality in your speakers.

  • Watts 

    tells you how much power a party speaker can foster to provide an HD sound quality. The higher the Watts, the better the sound quality.

  • Audio range 

    tells you the capacity of your speaker to cover a specified distance. If you’re aiming for a night full of party animals, get yourself a speaker that produces powerful audio ranges of about 100-328 meters.

  • Decibels 

    show the potency of the speaker to use the power from the amplifier. To avoid sound distortions when the DJ says “Drop the bass!”, make sure to secure a party speaker that has high decibel ratings.

  • Speaker size 

    party speakers have a general rule. The larger the model the higher its capacity to have a greater frequency level. Also, the higher the frequency levels, the wider the transmission range of sound of the party speaker.

  • Number of speakers 

    it’s an excellent factor to know the number of speakers within the system before choosing which model to buy. The typical range is between 3.1-7.1. If a system goes with the number 3.1, it’ll have 3 speakers. Choosing the number of speakers mainly depends on the purpose of the speaker.

How do you know how powerful a speaker is?

The easiest way to say how strong a speaker is is to consider how many watts the speaker has. If you’re only listening for fun and need something to fill the space, 50 watts will be enough. If you play music professionally or want something more powerful, 200 watts is said to be a lot of power coming out of the amplifier.

To calculate how many watts your speaker has, if you don’t have a manual, you should be able to look at the back of the speaker case. When flipped over, there should be a plate or sticker on your speaker that states the frequency, voltage, and amperage.

Can specific sounds damage speakers?

Yeah, definitely. Playing music through speakers that are too noisy will destroy the speakers very easily. When you’re overpowering low-frequency speakers, it’s the fastest way to permanently affect them.

Very quite often the damage happens over time, and it can be impossible to say if your speakers will be permanently changed before it’s too late. To take care of your speakers, make sure that the frequency is at the right level and that the frequencies are not too overpowering to potentially destroy the speaker.

What’s the ideal wattage power for my speakers?

It can be true that the higher the watts the better for your speakers. Watts helps to make the sound clearer and better, no matter which speaker you select. However, in some instances, 50 watts should be more than enough to enjoy listening to your speakers both recreationally and professionally. From there, the minor changes in power do not allow a major improvement in the quality of the voice. You’d have to go up to 100 watts per channel before you could even say a significant difference.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to party, now? Add to cart and order online your chosen party speakers or visit a local store in your country! We’re sure you and your guests will have a great time celebrating with great, festive music in the background. Have fun! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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