When you think the companies have unleashed their new products in the market, Philips Sound is here to spring up a surprise right in front of us. The Philips Sound Sports Series have its newest S7807 and S4807. In this article, we’ll tell you what we know about the S7807 to help satisfy your curiosity about their latest product.

Philips Sound Sport Series 2022: S7807 DESIGN

The Philips Sound Sport Series’ S7807 has the same rectangular shape as some speakers on the market. The S7807 measures 104mm x 104mm x 280mm with a tweeter measuring 20mm and has two mid/bass woofers measuring 70mm plus a passive radiator.

Since the speaker is rectangular, both sides have those typical designs for speakers where you know the woofers are located. On top is where you’ll find the controls for power, connectivity mode, volume, and changing tracks. There’s also a small distance by the edge of the said rubber where a cylindrical metal is in-between. That space is where you can try and hook the speaker somewhere at home or in the shower with you.

The S7807 has a double-layered rugged rubber finish with a detachable lanyard.

Philips Sound Sport Series 2022: S7807 FEATURES

The S7807 features an output power of 20W, giving you 24 hours of playtime. Aside from that, it has a Bluetooth Connectivity of 5.2 for seamless pairing! The S7807 is also waterproof and dustproof. The speaker has a pretty durable build.

The S7807 also features Voice Assistant Activation, allowing you to command either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa at your convenience. You can also pair two S7807 speakers simultaneously and answer calls with it, too.

Philips Sound Sport Series 2022: S7807 SOUND QUALITY AND PRICE

As of the moment, we don’t have enough information about Philips Sound Sport Series’ S7807. We have the details on the design and some of its features. The speaker’s release date will be sometime this year. So, make sure to stay updated!