How To Connect A Turntable Record Player To A Wireless Speaker

Turntable Record Player

Some people like to preserve retro trends. With vinyl records and record players still available on the market, you can have a nostalgic music experience. When you go to a club, you’ll notice that DJs usually use turntables for their setup to produce music.

If you have a wireless speaker that you want to connect with your record player and want to experience the same enjoyment, you can, and it’s very easy.

You have two possible options for connecting your wireless speakers to your turntable:

  • Using the right cables
  • Wireless streaming turntable

Using the Right Cables

Most old model turntables don’t have a built-in pre-amp. So what you need to do is purchase a pre-amp component. But if you already have one, there’s no need to buy.

Typically pre-amps are available for $100 and are sold separately. Simply connect the record player to the pre-amp. Then connect the pre-amp component to the wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Some modern wireless Bluetooth speakers don’t have RCA inputs. You can utilize the 3.5mm AUX input from the wireless speaker.

What you need is to own the right cables to connect the two audio devices. Today an RCA to 3.5mm cable is already sold in the market at a very low price. Just make sure to buy a quality cable to avoid short circuits.

Plug in the necessary wires to their respective ports and switch your record player on. Now, you can play your favorite records with better sound quality through your wireless Bluetooth speaker. Remember also to set your wireless speaker into AUX mode.

You might be wondering why this option isn’t entirely ‘wireless?’
This is because you connect your turntable to your wireless speaker using an RCA or 3.5mm AUX cable. That’s why the next option offers you that total ‘wireless’ connectivity.

Wireless streaming turntable

To make this happen, you need to purchase a wireless streaming turntable that’s compatible with your wireless Bluetooth speaker.

A great example of this is the Ion’s Air LP which streams records wirelessly to any wireless Bluetooth speaker. This turntable costs only $84.99. Amazing, isn’t it? And it you are converting speakers to wireless, then you may want to use a record player to enjoy the amazing sounds of wireless speakers.

To wirelessly connect the speaker and the record player, simply turn on both devices and set it to pairing mode. The audio device will automatically be detected. You’ll notice a steady blue light from the turntable which indicates that turntable is connected to the wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Who says you can’t combine the good old stuff with new ones? Now, it’s up to you to decide which of these two options you prefer to use.

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