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Wireless speakers are one of the most useful technologies created to date. They remove the hassle of cumbersome wires.

These speakers add more entertainment sense and ease in accessibility.

What else can add to the comfort and convenience a wireless speaker can give? Well, how about a remote to control your wireless speaker? Interesting, right? So, here are our picks of the best wireless speakers that come with remote controls.

What We Recommend

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Our Top Pick: MEGACRA S7020 Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Home Audio

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We’ve listed the 4 best wireless speakers that come with remote controls below.

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1. MEGACRA S7020 Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Home Audio

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This wireless speaker has both a wired and wireless capability. You can connect to any device using an audio jack or through a Bluetooth device. The MEGACRA Sound Bar has 4 high-quality speakers and two bass reflex tubes. These powerful features deliver incredible room-filling sound for all your movies, television shows, video games, and music. The MEGACRA S7020 Sound Bar might come in a brand that may be new to you. But it is filled with the right features like its DSP Technology. This means that this speaker has fantastic clarity and precision that brings you an upgrading experience. Plus, the wireless speaker’s remote control offers extra convenience. It’s a portable speaker that lets you see the best for your home entertainment setup.

2. Chialstar Portable Sound Bar 21 Inch Mini Wireless Soundbar Stereo

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The Chialstar Soundbar has a built-in subwoofer for high-quality sound. This wireless speaker is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 stereo music, 4x6W speakers, and two passive radiators. The Chialstar Soundbar can play up to 10-12 hours after 4 hours of a full battery. This incredible wireless speaker also works as a power bank to charge your phone.

3. Photive DK-1 Hi-Fi Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

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The Photive DK-1 is a Bluetooth speaker packed with two 25-Watt subwoofers for a bass-rich, pulsating sound quality. This speaker’s sound production is crystal clear across high and low frequencies. The Photive DK-1 has advanced Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless technology. Wireless sound transmission can reach a 33-foot reach. Plus, it’s that wireless speaker with remote control that you can use to control your music tracks and volume from afar.

4. Edifier R1850DB Active Bookshelf Speakers

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For those who aren’t a fan of portable speakers, the Edifier R1850DB is the one for you. This speaker has an RCA/Aux for PC, turntables, other compatible devices. It also has Bluetooth v4.0 technology for seamless wireless connectivity. The Edifier R1850DB also has a built-in rear panel where you can adjust the bass, treble, volume, and toggle inputs. You can also add another subwoofer if you feel like you aren’t getting enough sound. This Bluetooth speaker with remote control lets you access your input selection, volume adjustment, and track control.

Bluetooth Speaker with Remote Buying Guide

How We Picked

To address your need for a reliable Bluetooth speaker with a remote, our team of experts in wireless speaker technology made sure only to pick speakers that offer the following qualities:

Superior Sound Quality

We tried to search for wireless speakers with a built-in sub-woofer for that unmatched audio experience. This feature lets you level up your experience in watching sports programs, movies, and games. Your audio becomes fuller, filling your room with superb audio.

Wireless Remote Control

With this detailed buying guide, we wanted our readers to enjoy the freedom of wireless technology further. Aside from these items are wireless speakers, they also come with remote controls for volume adjustments, input selections, and track controls.

Wide Set of Applications

Our team also ensured that your speaker with remote is compatible with many other techs like computer laptops, TVs, and PSP/MP3/MP4. We also wanted you to have the added value of listening to FM Radio or loading music from your micro SD card.

Lasting Battery Life

This list only has products that can function for more than 10 hours of playback time. We also noted those items that work for a longer period, even with only minimal charging time. This feature lets you enjoy outdoor parties, yoga, and meetings.

Built-in Microphone

Our team wanted to find items that feature built-in microphones so you can answer calls through the speaker.


We believe that customer satisfaction comes first in every purchase. Our top recommended item on this list comes with not only a microphone and more bunch of reliable qualities but also a warranty.

How We Tested

Our team of experienced wireless speaker enthusiasts used the products multiple times for a couple of weeks. They used them in-home and outdoor setup. We also played different music genres like country, jazz, and pop.

With enough usage time, they can test the reliability of the remote control and the speaker’s wireless connectivity to their preferred devices.

Who this is for

You need to get a Bluetooth speaker with a remote if you love audio listening. It doesn’t matter if you’re an outdoor person and a couch potato. Everybody could optimize their music listening and movie watching with the right wireless audio equipment.

Features to Consider

Bluetooth V4 0

We only picked wireless devices with advanced Bluetooth connections. Our team understands that not all wireless devices are made equal. This list has items that come in reliable connectivity without breaking the bank.

Treble/Bass Control Sub-Line Out

Aside from volume control, we also considered this feature to give you freedom in controlling how you like your audio experience. Some of us need a little oomph which only we can identify by playing with the controls.


Is it possible to link Bluetooth speakers to Google Assistant?

Yes, it’s possible if you use Bluetooth connectivity.

What’s the right cable to use in connecting a wireless speaker to a subwoofer through the sub out?

With our top pick on this list, you can use a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable. You can figure out if the sub has a 3.5mm input or RCA inputs in the manual. If you want to address issues of incompatibility, you may contact the manufacturer for more reliable instructions.

Is it okay to use the wireless speaker while it’s recharging?

In most of the items on this list, the manufacturers suggest that it’s best to unplug them when using. This measure may help you preserve the life span of the device.

What is the advisable distance of the speakers for outdoor movie quality?

If you wish to use the Bluetooth speaker with a remote for outdoor movie watching, you should allow a 10-15-meter distance between the speakers. This setup may let you optimize the power of your speakers without compromising their sound quality.

Bluetooth Speaker with Remote Summary

Our team is proud to offer wireless techs with superb sound quality paired with strict buying considerations from brand names you can trust. We want only the best items on this list based on their price range, reliable wireless access, and sleek look.

We understand that shopping for a Bluetooth speaker with a remote may get confusing with the many related items in the market today. But we see this problem as a chance to help you search and find the best brand for you. We hope this list helped you find the best wireless speaker for your next audio listening session.

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