Portable speakers have taken so many shapes and forms that the Sevenaire Saturn 360’s design might not surprise others. It gave us a bit of a shock–in a good way. It’s like having your tripod with a table that has built-in subwoofers to boot. 

That aside, the Sevenaire Saturn 360 is pretty impressive in its way. If you’re looking for a speaker that doesn’t want to stand out and can act as a small coffee table for you, the Sevenaire Saturn 360 is the one for you.

Sevenaire Saturn 360 Table Speaker: DESIGN

From its name, the Sevanaire Saturn 360’s head has a circular shape–like a tabletop–but smaller that you can let it stand next to a side table or a coffee table. The speaker stands with its three wooden legs. The topmost part of the Sevanaire Saturn is also of thick wood, while the entire speaker beneath it is covered with a soft fabric.

The button controls sit humbly on the soft fabric, such as the power button, volume controls, play/pause, and connectivity mode. Beneath those buttons is the company brand embedded just as neatly as the icons for the button controls.

On the bottom of the circular speaker is thick plastic with three holes–these are where you’ll stick the wooden legs in. Since the speaker’s legs are detachable, you have the power to decide whether you want the speaker as is or have it stand for aesthetic purposes and all other reasons.

The table speaker is available in Light Ash Wood and Dark Walnut. We favour the design as it’s unique and looks very comfortable to have at home. The speaker gives you that warm vibe.

Sevenaire Saturn 360 Table Speaker: FEATURES

The Sevenaire Saturn 360 Table Speaker houses six state of the art speakers, four bass radiators, and tweeters. You can also charge your device using the speaker as there’s a wireless charging station on top of the Sevenaire Saturn. While you can also charge through the port on the speaker’s side, you can still opt to mount your phone on top of it and continue streaming music. Mounting your phone on top of a table speaker as it charges looks neater than using a cable.

The Sevenaire Saturn 360 packs a 6600mAh battery, lasting 9 to 10 hours of playtime–lesser if you use the speaker for charging purposes. Although the speaker doesn’t feature an LED Display, unlike other speakers, it will still notify you if the battery is low through an automated voice–which is pretty neat. You can also check the battery life through the blinking lights right next to the charging port on the side. Aside from that, the Sevenaire Saturn needs around 3 to 4 hours to replenish its battery completely.

The Sevenaire Saturn 360, unfortunately, doesn’t have the Voice Assistant feature nor an FM Radio mode. We expected at least one of them to be present, seeing as the speaker is supposed to be a smart appliance. The Voice Assistant feature aside, you can answer calls with the speaker without worrying whether it’ll pick up your voice from afar.

Sevenaire Saturn 360 Table Speaker: SOUND QUALITY

If you’re into bass and love the vibrations, the Sevenaire Saturn 360 won’t scratch the right part of your brain. Even though it houses so many tweeters, the bass still lacks. Especially with rock genres and any songs with heavy bass.

Since the speaker features a 360 design, the audio spreads depending on where you place the speaker. If it’s against a wall, expect some audio parts to be silenced and a bit unpleasant. If you put it right at the centre of a room, you’ll get the full 360-degree audio experience.

There’s no distortion when the speaker’s volume is at its highest, so that’s a plus. Still, it’d feel like something is lacking or that something’s not right because of its lack of meaty bass.

Sevenaire Saturn 360 Table Speaker: PRICE

The Sevenaire Saturn 360 costs ₹24,999.00, which converts to $334 USD, and is available in Amazon. It’s kind of pricey, but the design and features make sense–although some would beg to differ.

Sevanaire Saturn 360 Table Speaker: VERDICT

To bass-holics, the lack of meaty low ends is a huge disappointment–given the speaker’s price. For casual users who don’t intend to use the Sevanaire Saturn 360 for big parties, it’s already a good buy. Although there are better alternatives in the market, using the speaker as a bedside table is already an advantage.