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Sonos has been making its name in the Wireless Speakers department—which isn’t a surprise seeing how formidable their products are. Sonos’ wireless speakers target not only home buddies but adventurous souls, as well. There are portable speakers available in the market with the Sonos brand on them with water resistance levels at a high rate to give the best experience possible for those who like outdoor activities. Sonos Roam is one of those speakers—it suits as a house appliance and, at the same time, the best companion for your travels.

Sonos Roam is available on Amazon, Newegg, and other shopping apps. There’s also an option to order two of the Sonos Roam in one go, but that’s something worth pondering about. Before we get to talking about the price and deciding if it’s worth the price, let’s examine the speaker in its entirety piece by piece.

Sonos Roam: DESIGN

Compact and easy to fit in your hands, Sonos Roam measures 3.94L x 0.79W x 1.06H in inches. It has a triangular shape that extends slightly (think of Toblerone but is thicker and shorter). The shape makes it convenient to place without worrying about the speaker rolling off. Covering the Sonos Roam’s body is a metal grille with either black or white finishes. The color, of course, depends on which one you choose as you purchase one.

On the top of the Sonos Roam, presumably when you put it down and make it stand, is where you’ll find the power button along with the volume and the pause/play controls. You’ll also find the brand name written neatly by the edge of the speaker.

Sonos Roam: FEATURES

Sonos Roam has Bluetooth connectivity of 5.0, ensuring seamless pairing without audio delay regardless of the device you’re using—iOS or Android. The speaker can also connect to Wi-Fi if you wish to access Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Yes, the speaker has a built-in Amazon Alexa that allows you to use voice commands, giving more freedom to use the speaker.

Sonos has always had an app for their speaker for convenience, fulfilling its purpose. With the Sonos App, you can toggle between its EQ settings and pair your speaker with another Sonos speaker—as long as the app detects it. You can have two Sonos speakers playing simultaneously to give you double the fun when out partying with friends, and you have the most important role—music.

The Sonos Roam has a total of 10 hours of battery time, which may not be much to someone who likes streaming music 24/7. Therefore, it’s more for a short travel or casual use where people chatter over the music. Still, that shouldn’t be something to worry about since you can still use the speaker while it charges. You might even want to take it with you when you go for a swim. The speaker’s water resistance level of IP67 will protect it from any harm water may cause. Note that you can only submerge the speaker under one-meter level for 30 minutes. Any longer than that, and you’ll risk damaging the speaker.

Sonos Roam: SOUND 

Despite its miniature size, Sonos Roam can be quite loud. The speaker can blast such powerful music that will surely blow you away. There’s enough bass and treble quality that resonates throughout the songs, along with a clear voice from the vocalist. When streaming movies, the dialogues are easy to listen to despite the background sound in the movie. Amping the volume up to a higher level than usual doesn’t damage the quality of the sound, instead, it makes it twice as powerful.

Sonos Roam: PRICE and VERDICT

If you buy one Sonos Roam on Amazon, whether it’s black or white, it’ll cost you $179. Of course, the speaker comes with its sleeve, so you won’t have to worry about where to keep it. Considering the features of Sonos’ speakers, you can pair two simultaneously. Hence, Amazon and other shops have the option to buy a pair in one go. A pair of Sonos Roam speakers will cost you $358.


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