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Sony has long been on par with Samsung, especially with speakers and earbuds—whether wireless or not. The company adds yet another contender in the market by releasing the Sony HT A7000, sweeping a good number of consumers off of their feet. When looking for a soundbar or two for your homes, there are always two choices: something cheap or pricy with tons of features? Sony HT A7000 stands in between. 

Sony HT A7000: DESIGN

Sony HT A7000 is a single unit soundbar, measuring 8cm x 130cm x 14cm (HWD) and weighs 8.7kg. The soundbar fits perfectly under the TV or anywhere on the TV stand. You can even mount the Sony HT A7000 on the wall if you wish so. Covering the soundbar’s front is a metal grille with a fabric covering the drivers pointing upwards. On the top surface is a glass-like material that most likely gets your fingerprints on it when you reach out for the controls. Don’t expect the soundbar to be as slick as its competitors in the market. 

The Sony HT A7000 comes with a remote for easier toggling around the controls. You can play/pause, rewind/forward, and control the volume. Of course, you can do the same from your phone through Bluetooth connectivity. Still, the remote is there to give you that retro feel.

On the back portion of the soundbar is where you’ll find the sockets for HDMI 2.1 that can handle 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz. You can also find sockets for optical audio inputs, power, analog output, and USB Type-A. Note that the Sony HT A7000 doesn’t support ALLM or VRR. 


Sony HT A7000 can connect to several streaming services such as Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, multi-room system integration, and Google Chromecast. The soundbar also boasts its own Amazon Alexa that you can command with your voice—whether it’s about updates on the weather or finding good music to chill with. With 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity, the soundbar promises seamless connection without audio delay with Android and iOS devices. Although an app is present for Sony wireless speakers, you can’t expect to adjust the EQ settings. You can’t completely customize every part of its equalizer, but there are three volume levels for the bass. And that’s about the only thing you can play around with. 

The Sony HT A7000 supports many audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, LPCM, DTS:X, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and wireless high-resolution audio. The Sony 360 Reality Audio is impressive. Its spatial technology gives the effect that the audio surrounds the entire room, making for a better viewing experience, especially for movie enthusiasts.

Sony HT A7000: SOUND

Sony’s done a pretty good job with this soundbar, attaching psychoacoustic techniques, enhancing the width and height of the soundbar’s soundstage. Its effect makes you feel like the audio exceeds the soundbar’s size. The Vertical Surround Engine, also known as VSE, is also present in Sony HT A7000. It mixes the standard content, making use of the height channels. 

With those in mind, it is easy to tell that the Sony HT A7000 does a great job in delivering high-quality sound, whether you’re passively playing music or binge-watching shows on Netflix. 

The sound is formidable, especially with its spatial effect. The bass volume controls give you the freedom to choose whether you want your house to shake from the vibration or chill and let the music flow. The audio is solid and thick, the treble and bass have good balance while enhancing the right features in the audio to give you the best experience possible. It’s even a good idea to use the soundbar when throwing a party. Not only will it blow the roof off, but it will also most certainly excite everyone in the room. The same goes when you’re letting slow music playing.

Sony HT A7000: PRICE and VERDICT

The Sony HT A7000’s price is on the premium side. It costs $1,298 on Newegg and $1,598 on Amazon. You’d have to spend a little bit more if you want a subwoofer along with the soundbar. Considering all the features and the design of the soundbar, one can say it’s worth the price—especially since it has that spatial technology that’ll give you the complete 360 surround sound experience that you get in cinemas.



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