Sony has been releasing one portable speaker after another–each one an upgrade of its predecessor. This year, they have surprised us with their SRS-NS7 model, one that you won’t find people wearing outdoors but is comfortable to use at home. The SRS-NS7 model has a horseshoe shape and is within the bounds of neckbands. Neckbands are known in the market for users who like staying at home and chilling with their music. While neckbands aren’t exactly popular, they’re still with a good number of people–from those who want leisurely moments to gamers, even.

Although neckbands don’t go into your ear or cover your whole ears, they still offer Surround Sound technology–which the Sony SRS-NS7 has. In this Review, we hope any questions you have about the device will be answered and perhaps help you decide on whether to buy it or not.


Sony SRS-NS7’s design takes the shape of a horseshoe that you can comfortably wear around your neck over your shoulders. The NS7 is made entirely of plastic, with the exposed areas covered by silicon with a rubber feel. The areas with rubber and silicon are where you’ll mostly touch when toggling with the speaker. A cloth mesh covers the speakers that face upward when you wear the Sony SRS-NS7, while the part that connects both of the speakers (as in their bridge that settles on the back of your neck) feels more like flexible silicon. No need to worry about whether it’ll break or snap because even though that part is flexible, there’s still a stiff core beneath that makes it feel firm and durable.

You can find the NS7’s volume buttons on the left side, along with the pause/play controls. On the right speaker is where you’ll locate the power button and the mute button, as well. The mute button is for when you’re using the speakers as a mic when answering a call.


The Sony SRS-NS7 packs 12 hours of battery life for you to enjoy. If you want to use Sony’s neckband for exercise, you don’t have to worry about sweat damaging the device. The Sony SRS-NS7 has a waterproof and dustproof rating of IPX4, protecting it from sweat and water. It’s not recommended that you let the device submerge underwater as that will damage the speakers. Aside from pairing your phone with the SRS-NS7 through Bluetooth Connectivity 5.0, you can also connect to your TV.

The Sony SRS-NS7 has a wireless TV adapter for a better movie-watching experience. The adapter minimizes any audio delay from the movie and enhances the right elements in the movie you’re watching.

The Sony SRS-NS7 also has built-in microphones to enable you to make and answer calls using the neckband speaker. You can also adjust the audio Settings through the Sony Headphones app once your pair successfully with the device.


The Sony SRS-NS7 gives such impressive sound quality, especially when watching a movie. When the character is right in front of you, the audio lets you feel that they truly are. If someone is speaking on your left or right, the speaker smoothly delivers. If someone is coming from behind in the movie, that’s exactly how you’ll hear it when using Sony’s neckband speaker.

For gamers, we can confidently say that the SRS-NS7 will make you a victor in games such as Player UnknownBattlegrounds (PUBG) or Call of Duty (COD). The SRS-NS7 can tell you which direction the footsteps are coming from, therefore letting you prepare or hide on time.

As for listening to music, it’s also great, especially with the speaker’s fair balance between treble and bass. It also feels ticklish on the shoulders when the device vibrates due to the volume you’re going with.

When answering calls, the Sony SRS-NS7 does pretty decent work letting you hear your caller perfectly and vice versa. All-in-all, Sony SRS-NS7 has pretty satisfactory results.


The Sony SRS-NS7 is available on Amazon for $205.71. Although it’s a little pricy, it’s worth it with how impressive Sony SRS-NS7’s features and sound quality are.


The Sony SRS-NS7 is great in all aspects. You can use it for passive music streaming, watching movies, and gaming, too! It isn’t lacking in its sound quality as the speaker makes sure that you get the right dose of instruments and vocals. The NS7 also observes spatial technology and surround sound, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of a movie. These technologies and features are also helpful in Co-Op games. All in all, the Sony SRS-NS7 is a pretty good deal!