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Roku is quite a well-known brand for its great devices for streaming, such as the Roku Express 4K Plus. Of course, the company has realized that they can do more than just streaming music–which brings us to other devices that can connect to our TVs and speakers even. Although we think that having completely wireless TV speakers could be somewhat limiting unless you can use the speakers while they’re charging. But more often, you can’t.

One thing you should know, and this is very important–this TCL Roku Wireless Soundbar only works on Roku TV. It will not work on Samsung, Sony, Apple TV, and any other brands that are not Roku TV. It would be better to purchase a Roku TV to buy the TCL wireless soundbar along with it.

TCL Roku Wireless TV Soundbar: The Design

The TCL Roku Wireless TV Soundbar is long and sleek, sitting comfortably beneath the Roku TV if you were to mount it on your wall. The soundbar is still pleasant to look at without mounting your television to the wall. The TCL Roku has a faux-brushed finish and edges cut in a diamond shape. Upon purchase, the soundbar comes with a wall-mount–if you prefer to mount it instead of the TV or both.

The soundbar’s measurements are 31.5W x 2.5H inches. It pretty much stretched out enough to be able to cover the entire living room with its sound. There’s no subwoofer present on this soundbar, so that could be a potential flipside to consumers who prefer soundbars/speakers with subwoofers for much powerful sound quality. Still, the soundbar can provide more options for its equalizer. The EQ settings include boosting the bass and the night mode. Night mode tends to soften the sound, so it isn’t too loud or quiet, especially when watching late at night. It is perhaps another work of art in consideration to the people living with you. Unless you live alone, then there’s no need for this night mode at all.

You might wonder why the soundbar is completely wireless. When we say “completely,” this means that the TCL Roku Wireless TV Soundbar doesn’t even have HDMI and audio ports. TCL, the manufacturer, has an answer to that. They aim for a clutter-free environment, especially for consumers who dislike too many cords tangling around each other. However, the only cord you’ll possibly find attached to this soundbar is its power cable. You’ll find the port to the power cable at the back of the soundbar, and next to it is the rest button. Apart from that, there’s nothing else you’ll find at the back.

TCL Roku Wireless TV Soundbar: Features and Sound

The TCL Roku Wireless TV Soundbar has a total of 120 watts of power output. It is a 2.0 channel, producing “studio quality” audio that may or may not be to your tastes, especially if you’re a big fan of feeling the loud thump of the bass. The thing about this soundbar is that it is highly dependent on the Roku TV. But rest assured that there are specific settings on the TV for you to adjust the EQ settings to your preferences. You’ll also find that the soundbar has software updates capable of producing better sound quality to your liking.

Of course, if you want to perhaps listen to music instead of watching movies, there’s always the option to connect to the soundbar via Bluetooth. TCL Roku Wireless TV Soundbar’s Bluetooth is 5.0, so rest assured you’ll be able to pair your devices with the soundbar seamlessly.

It is also possible to expand your soundbar by getting subwoofers with wires attached and a 2.1 audio capability. The downside to this, though, is the fact that the soundbar, itself, won’t play alongside the subwoofers. So you got yourself a subwoofer, but the soundbar won’t work. Which, we think, defeats the purpose of attaching subwoofers.

As for the sound quality of the soundbar, it is quite good even though it is solely dependent on the Roku TV for its EQ settings. The bass is thick enough, so the sound doesn’t feel too distorted, and the voices in movies are clear enough to understand. There’s nothing distinct about the quality, although it does give you that cinematic feel. The TCL Roku Wireless TV Soundbar is your standard speaker for televisions suitable for movies and casual listening to music.

TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar: Price

The TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar, considering its convenience with how wireless it is and the fact that it is only compatible with a Roku TV, is quite a good choice. It’s always better to know upon purchasing a TV that it has its speaker. It saves you the trouble of going around looking for a good one or scrolling through the internet for better options. The soundbar costs about $179.99 and is fairly cheaper and more affordable compared to other soundbars. Then again, this one doesn’t have that many features compared to others and solely relies on the Roku TV’s settings. The soundbar isn’t water-resistant, either, as its main function is to amplify audio from the Roku TV.

If you prefer to use the TCL Roku Soundbar with subwoofers that work together, there’s the Alto 6+, which is for $129.99 with quite a challenging setup process. Still, you can always find a budget-friendly pair for your Roku TV set with the soundbar altogether–the price ranging from $129.99 to $179.99.

TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar: Conclusion

Although it’s a little sad that you can’t pair the soundbar with another TV set other than the Roku TV, it’s still convenient to know that there’s a TV set out there with its soundbar. It could save you so much time from brainstorming about different wireless speakers for the TV. After all, binge-watching movies is a lot better when accompanied by speakers with rock-solid sound quality.

That said, if you want TV speakers that are wireless and water-resistant at the same time, the TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar is not for you. It is best to note that this soundbar will only work on Roku TVs.


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