Thiel Audio to Open Nashville Retail Store and will Customize Wireless Speakers

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Nashville, TN – Thiel Audio opens their first retail store at The Pinnacle at Symphony Place. Their retail showroom displays custom-designed AURORA wireless speakers along with their sample components. From earthy to contemporary, the Aurora Home and the Aurora LifeStream Tour’s interchangeable faceplate designs can accommodate various home decor styles. These customized faceplate designs are open for pre-order this month of October.

In addition to the available trim kits, customers can download 3D files from Thiel Audio’s website. Users can create a personalized 3D design for their AURORA wireless speaker.

Thiel Audio’s first wireless speakers, the AURORA Home and the battery-powered AURORA LifeStream Tour, benefit from Thiel Audio’s high-performance wireless audio streaming.

With the company’s 40-year heritage of outstanding sound and design, users are assured of a remarkable music experience.

These wireless speakers also have incredible wireless connectivity features. Users can connect seamlessly from their devices to up to 16 speakers simultaneously through DTS Play-Fi®, Apple Airplay®, and Bluetooth technologies. Soon, these high-performing wireless speakers will have an Alexa® compatibility upgrade upon the release of the DTS Play-Fi® software update.

Thiel Audio’s 3,000-square-foot studio space isn’t only a showroom for their incredible wireless speakers and accessories. The retail store includes a Thiel Audio demo room, entertainment area, meeting space, and performance stage. With the store location’s proximity to other musical venues, the company hopes to fascinate passers-by to witness their speaker’s notable audio performance.

“I think really it’s an experience space,” Thiel Audio’s CEO Grant Halloran said. “I think what makes our space unique is the fact that we built in a performance stage.”

Music enthusiasts can now directly purchase these high-performing wireless speakers at 150 Third Avenue South of the Pinnacle at Symphony, Nashville. Thiel Audio’s AURORA Home is priced at 899, while the battery-powered AURORA LifeStream Tour costs $599.

Everyone can now witness exceptional sound quality of Thiel Audio speakers. And if you’re lucky, hear them along with your favorite musical performers. The retail store opens Tuesdays till Fridays from 10 am to 5 pm. But, Thiel Audio’s retail store continues to operate for events happening at night.


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