We’re halfway through 2022 and brands are spoiling us with their latest models. Binge-watching movies in your living room have never been better with the addition of the Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker. While it has the typical design of a Tribit speaker, the model packs more power and upgraded features,

If you’re curious enough about Tribit’s latest model, hopefully, this review of ours will satisfy that curiosity.

Tribit SoundBar TV Speaker: DESIGN

The Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker measures 38 inches long. It stretches so far out that it’d sound amazing when mounted on the wall. Or you can place it underneath your TV–either way works. The speaker has a white front panel adorned with the speaker’s icons that defines the product. These icons indicate Superior Sound, HDMI, Game Mode, Movie Mode, Bluetooth Connectivity version, News Mode, Music Mode, and Optical.

On the right end of the speaker are the buttons for the volume, play/pause, power button, and Connectivity Mode. You can also locate the button to access the speaker’s EQ Settings on that same side.

On the lower back part of the Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker are the ports for the charger. There’s also HDMI, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a power button. It’s where the speaker’s model number and all other information are. By the way, this part doesn’t hide behind a metallic grille like the rest of its body.

The Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker’s full measurements are 37.2 inches x 4.5 inches x 2.7 inches. It weighs 11.03 pounds. It has four full-range powerful drivers and a subwoofer measuring 2×3 inches. Looking at the measurements and the weight, you can already picture how it will look in your living room. It’s classy and powerful but with a presence that doesn’t try too hard to stand out.

Tribit SoundBar TV Speaker: FEATURES

The Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker comes with a remote. The remote is pretty useful when you’re watching a movie. Unless you’re streaming music from your phone or streaming a game, then the remote is almost unnecessary.

The Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker proudly features its Bluetooth Connectivity of 5.0. While it’s not as upgraded as some speakers, the device can still offer you seamless pairing. Because of the speaker’s capability of multiple connections, the device is only for your phone and your TV. You can use the Tribit Soundbar with your PC, Laptop, and iPads, and make use of the HDMI port.

The Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker also offers different modes to give you the best experience possible. It features Game Mode, Music Mode, Movie Mode, News Mode, and Superior Sound. From the name of the modes, it’s already a given about when we should use them.

Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker: SOUND QUALITY

The Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker’s sound quality is impressive. There’s a great balance between the bass and the treble–you’ll feel the reverberations, especially with an adequately high volume.

For the Game Mode, it’s impressive how the speaker can bring out the gaming vibe and excite you, even. You can hear the noises clearly that your team just might come out the victor when you stream games such as PUBG, Call of Duty 4, Valorant, and other Co-Op games that require you to pay attention to the noise.

Music Mode does pretty well when you stream music. The vocals don’t drown, and the main instruments’ enhancements feel like you’re standing in front of the band. The bass is thick enough and perfectly blends with the treble.

News Mode is good because it enhances the news anchor’s voice and blocks distracting noise.

If you’re looking for a set of movie speakers to binge-watch, you should get the Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker. The speaker’s Movie Mode does its best to provide everything a set of speakers can. Movie Mode is great–especially since the speaker supports 3D Surround Sound technology.

Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker: PRICE

The Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker will cost you $120 on Amazon. Though, as of the moment, it’s currently out of stock. You can try BestBuy or other online shops to buy the Tribit Soundbar.

Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker: VERDICT

The Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker’s features are amazing, and the design is, too. While it’s not that different from other speakers, it still looks pleasing to the eyes. It’s best to keep your interests in mind when testing out the Tribit Soundbar TV Speaker. Considering its price, it’s already good enough, especially with how much power it holds.