Ultimate Ears Speakers Now Use Alexa Voice Command

Ultimate Ears

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, has been exploring out of her box by working with non-Amazon devices. It worked with Anker’s Dot Clone and HTC’s U11 phone. This time, it’s making its amazing way to Ultimate Ears!

Yes, you’ve read it right. Ultimate Ears speakers now use the Alexa voice command. Alexa was first used in Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot wired speakers. This is made possible through a firmware update to Ultimate Ears’ Boom 2 and Megaboom Bluetooth speakers. After installing the update, you’ll find yourself conveniently requesting Alexa to play songs, get sports scores, and more! Alexa can take your commands at any time of the day, wherever you go.

The Ultimate Ears aims to give music lovers the convenience of playing their favorite or music or calling someone while doing something.

With Alexa, even if you’re busy, you can switch from Greenday to Linkin’ Park without picking up your phone.

However, you should take note that Alexa in non-Amazon devices may have limited features. The Alexa voice command update is only available for Android users. Why? Alexa can only be accessed once you install the application “Just Tap and Ask” on your Android device. It’s not available on iOS or Windows devices. There are also certain Android devices that won’t work with this application due to “known experience reasons,” just like Pixel and OnePlus phones. Even the Huawei Mate 9 isn’t compatible with this application.

But that’s not a total bummer, right? If you have UE speakers on hand, this is still surely a comfortable added feature. You can still use Alexa’s basic features which allow you to command the Amazon digital assistant and make it do incredible things for you.

To activate the digital assistant Alexa, just open the application on your Android device. Then press the Bluetooth button on and say your requests to Alexa as you want it.

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